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Olympic Paint And Stain has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 86 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 7th position out of 211 companies.


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Olympic Paint And Stain Reviews


Warranty info Oympic Elite Advanced

In 2015, we purchased, from Lowe's, Olympic Elite Solid Stain for both our log siding and decks surrounding our home/two different shades of brown. Our reason for choosing Olympic Elite was based on positive reviews and recommendations from painting professionals. We employed a professional paint contractor, and due to the LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY clearly explained on the label, we expected that the stain would provide us with a lovely exterior for many years to come. However, over the last year, the stain on the siding has blistered and pealed in many areas. The decking has especially cracked and pealed all around the house. Unfortunately, the receipt from 2015, has been destroyed along with other receipts used for expenses required by the IRS. All of the information from the purchase, date, Lowe's location, type of paint, etc. is still on 2.5 gallons left over from the work done. I am asking for the paint costs and the labor costs be refunded to me at the original amount paid for both as I want to be fair since I know prices have increased. I have not contacted Lowe's as yet. I wanted to give you the opportunity to reply first. Thank you for reading this and look forward to your reply. Elaine Honeycutt, 582 Deerwood Road, Piney Creek, N. C. 28663


My deck is ruined

May 2022 I did research for a solid stain for our 16 x 24 deck. I read hundreds of reviews and it lead me to your website Olympic paints and stains. After researching your site and knowing the difference between stain and a solid stain I decided to go with Mystic a black solid stain. Also purchased a paint sprayer as reviews said so much easier and better to apply.. for me not sure about the sprayer, probably wouldve been better to roll it out instead. Went to Lowes, spoke with the painting department, explained to them what our plans were and they assured us that Olympic solid stain was the best for what I wanted. We purchased 4 gallons of Olympic Summit Mystic Black in a solid stain. A week later so excited to start. Deck was ready cleaned and dried. Just unbelievable really as Its now April 14 2023 and not even a year later this is what we now have to do as the satin has actually lifted across the whole deck. You literally can peel it off with your fingers. Have no idea why this solid stain is like this. It held up over the rest of last summer with no problems. Did the deck June of last year in perfect weather of course, unfortunately now for the last week we are picking the stain off with our fingers. Cant imagine ow what my water bill will be for using the power washer for hours end a day. I had sent this email off and still havent heard back and its now May 12, and sill scraping the deck and buying products to get the small pcs off.


Stain went funny

We had a problem with a deck stain toner. But a lady named Gisele was out standing for her service. Thanks for your help.


Caramei semi transparent stain

Cant talk to anyone concerning restraining my wood fence. Cant find replacement product at either Home Depot or Walmart. The local PPG store was not helpful.


Something to stop the paint odor of your stain

Our enclosed sunroof was painted with an exterior paint. And the odor will not go away. The contractor repaint the room with a floor sealer. The odor is still there. I am afraid that this is making me sick. This was painted approx Nov 1 2021. The contractor said it was safe to use. So I called your company and ask your rep. He said it was not safe.


I give this company a poor review, not satisfied at all and if anyone asks me I will tell them to buy another product

Their paint sample that I picked was a slight shade of cedar, what I got was a very dark brown, unfortunately I had my son paint it while I was out when I returned I was really mad. It took us two weeks to pressure wash and then slightly sand then wait for the proper weather condition Not a happy customer. When I complained to Home Depot they washed their hands of it and asked me to call the Olympic Paint. I did get an email where they asked me a lot of questions and a bill receipt, but that was two weeks ago, still waiting


Can't find the product!

Can't find this product anywhere. Picture attached do they still make it? Where can I buy it? Please advise.


Failed deck stain

Deck was stained last summer this spring the deck looks as though it went through a war zone, stain peeled and chipped all over.


Great Customer Service!

I am amazed! After months of dead ends, one phone call to these experts and I found exactly what I wanted! It was 2017, when I stained my fence. It has been needing a new coat, but Lowes stopped carrying Olympic Products (because they obviously hate money.) (Side note: they hired the man that ran Sears into the ground, then Lowes has gone downhill since.) So, long story short, Home Depot likes money, because they carry what I have been searching for (although their website had it under a different kind of name). I am very satisfied with the level of knowledge. Thanks!!!


Can't reach anybody to cover warranty issues

No one ever in the office trying to match my stain that only been on it for 4 years looks like *** where ever the sun has hit it like it never had anything on it


No response from Olympic paint and stain

No response for a complaint regarding their product . Product did not do what it advertised . I was inquiring if it was a faulty batch of stain and provided batch number . Ive been using this product a number of times before and didnt have a issue


The worst ever ,,it peeled in one year

did our deck and couldnt believe how it peeled.....the worst ever ,,,now is see other people had problems to....it was exterior and any where the sun hit is the worstnt buy this stain do


Color match

The first employee had absolutely NO CLUE! I called back and got a lady who was absolutely the best! She should be required to test the other people BEFORE they are allowed to answer the phone. Someone also needs to train the robots at Home Depot about your product. The guy told me They didnt need to shake the can and I didnt need to mix it! The color was all sitting on the bottom!! So sad..


To acknowledge your employee Mike Werkmeister

I called because the product I bought failed me. I spent $9,000 on a fence and used Olympic stain only to have a horrible discoloration a few months later. I spoke to your representative who was absolutely amazing. He was extremely educated on the matter and enlightened me to things I had no idea about. He was very helpful and patient (because to be honest I was not happy), however after speaking with him I realized that although I dont have the best options to fix the issue, there are options. Just wanted to take time to say Thank you for having such a great employee! Ps.... still not thrilled about what the stain did to my fence but its not the end of the world.


Usind deck rescue it and blistering and peeling

Worked a whole week when it was not raining prepping and painting as directed. Raining this week and seeing blistering and peeling already. Wish I had known about closed class action suit instead of using Home Depot reviews. Home Depot should not be selling it.


Multicolored fence

240 8 new fence planks used Olympic acorn brown 5 gallon. Stirred and stirred this stain to mix it up. Stayed up all night over 8 hours of rolling this stain. When looking at the fence planks it looks like a color wheel! It looks horrible like nothing mixed up first boards are so blonde and last boards are red. $600.00 in limb and $89.00 in stain and all the hours to apply and now I am faced with fence that looks like we bought 1 gallon of different colors and just stained away. Most ridiculous looking fence I have ever seen! Wish I would had spent more money instead of buying Olympic cheap look crap

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