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Nucot has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 20 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 16th position out of 72 companies.


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11th Cross, Jeevan Bhimanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560 075, India

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Nucot is scam 0% placements

NUCOT will call...NUCOT will collect fees...NUCOT will do some bakwas-waste- training...Reading PPT's is training...inbetween they will collect 5 star reviews promising job...wasted 45000/- and 6 months...Nucot is a scam...NUCOT is fooling job seekers... ONTD


Fooling in the name os placements

Collecting money in the name of training and placements. Bad Training. No Placements. Nobody from our batch got placed


Yes it's a fake company, cheaters ,don't waste your money

You will constantly get calls untill you join, after you joined they will change their words, don't trust them .


Admission Scam

Scam Service, To enroll the Admission, Wrong Date was stated. They Said course will be starting in 2 weeks, and the Actual Date was after 5 Weeks, after getting my admission money they stated the right date, So I asked for my Money to be returned, They Kept giving me Wrong and non Working Email I'd, and contact number so I won't be able to contact for help. I Requested my admission fee Rs 5000/- on 10th March, which was 5 days after the admission, and their lie of the Course Starting Date. Wast of Money, Totally not Okay, Stating wrong dates of Course to enroll the admissions and in my opinion it a Admission enrollment scamming Service.



Hi people, I got a call from this company regarding job. A month of training and a placement at their company. Is this true or fake.


Worst experience and waste of time and waste of money,i never prefer to anyone for joining into this Institute.

worst experience and waste of time and waste of money,i never prefer to anyone for joining into this Institute.


Professional Company

Good company and management Trainee is very professional.


Fraud company

Updated by user Mar 25, 2019
I have done a great mistake without understanding the fact I have written something wrong. Guys please don't take it seriously what I have written previously, I apologize for what I have written sorry Sandeep Sir and Rashmi mam. Please forgive me I have realized what I have done .

Original review Mar 03, 2019
I worked for this company sometime ago as employee we came to know what the exact process and everything, they invite the candidates and they force them to pay around 16k and undergo the training but they won't train you. It's completely nonsense they don't even pay salary for employees. Rashmi and Sandeep start to scream when you question them. Candidates who have joined already please come forward and do something that this people should learn what students are..


I hate to speak about this company but why I'm writing my ex is no one should be a fool like us that's the main reason.

This company is completely a fraud company where they call for interview and force you to join the training and placements bla bla they tell but nothing happens. They die to pay for employees as well. Rashmi and Sandeep are born criminal they know how to convince people or candidates very easily don't ever trust this company.


No placement till now..only fake promises.

I believed these guys and joined for course but till date I didn't get placed. At the beginning they said Im shortlisted for 3 companies but after training they are not at all talking about that companies. Fed-up with their fake promises and believe friends. It's around 6 months I didn't get job and not even a single person got placed in my batch. Still we are searching not believing them.


Fake company

Guys it's not a company they will call for an interview and tell you to join ITIL course (₹15000 fee)with in 1month you will get job and all Please don't trust these guys they are cheaters Above 5 star review are fake all are created by Sandeep and Rashmi specially if u have less percentage in your PU or any stream they will say they will place you but they wont,they just make money and after 15 days of training, they will ask you to pay remaining balance they will not leave untill you pay fee and make you come every day but its waste of time no Placements nothing friends if u want proof i am the one and all google reviews are fake they only create While joining just contact me if you want more details and even I have audio recording my mail id:-satishmeaglepati11993@***.com My humble request please don't join NUCOT


Worst experience

Am Damm sure it's a 101% fake institute. Even I got cheated. At the time of taking money as they speak they are gonna arrange placement for us but when they take money after that they don't even remember who r u... They just say placement or else money back... So guys beware of these kind of institute either they will spoil your life or they will loot u instead that money utilize somewhere else that will b useful and in bangalore there are 1000s of institute who r faking around so before joining think 1000 times They are saying that only pissed student are writing or posting such type of comment but truth are that many they doesnot know Wr to write the comment so because of that they r not writing and many are wasted time in nucot institute so don't want waste another time for writing comment.



Friends dont join this institution. Its waste of joining . They just need money. Dnt waste ur valuable 1 nd half month. Better join som other institutions ...


Waste company

Asks money.. fake promises. They say no money to come to their office.


Fake institution

Nucot is the worst training institute at bangalore they just say guarantee placement they don't even give certificate after the course they just say certificate is very costly so u have to pay this much so guys it my request please dont ever join this institute they will spoil your life in 1 month



Dear All, Nucot is not totally fake as many people claim. People who are disappointed with NUCOT are the people are the people who have failed in bagging jobs even after being sent for countless interviews by NUCOT. These people want to hide their shortcomings and lack of knowledge in their discipline, and cry out that NUCOT is fake and people in NUCOT are cunning. Some people who come to NUCOT are looking to getting into Jobs without interviews. There are instances when candidates have come up asking NUCOT to bribe the interviewer and allow the candidate entry without any Technical and HR interview. Dear Guys and Girls, please don't expect NUCOT to bribe any interviewer. NUCOT does not do anything to help people get in through the BACK DOOR, PERIOD! Let's make things clear here. If you come to us for a training, we will provide you with the training and then send you to interviews. Bagging the job depends on your performance during the interview. We have successfully placed many people in many companies big and small. You can walk into our office at Bangalore and peruse through the documented evidence of numerous placements. It's very easy to sit anonymously in some corner of the "world wide web" and spew venom about everyone when the actual reason for failure is one lack of knowledge!!!!! Rumour Mongers, please introspect!!!! Try and gain Knowledge, before you point and accusing finger at a person or an entity!!!!

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