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Nova Development has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 296 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 24th position out of 1129 companies.


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Nova Development Reviews


Checksoft Personal Deluxe - "Entry Point Not Found" on PC

Newest version of Checksoft Personal Deluxe was installed on my PC (Windows 10) but I was unable to access Check Design & Print. Error message: "Entry Point Not Found." Geek Squad tech & Nova tech unable to fix problem. Still waiting for refund applied for 08/09/2023.


Resolved: Trimmer problem

Updated by user Aug 03, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Aug 03, 2023
Automatically shuts off and more issue and charging problem. I hope you understand my problem, so please solve my problem


Trimmer problem

Automatically shuts off and more issue and charging problem. I hope you understand my problem , so please solve my problem


Nova trimmer not working

Nova trimmer is not working & slow plz halp mee Nova customer care trimmer is not working plz help m


Products issue

Not provided required services requested for refund of product but they said we don't provide feedback


I want to repair my trimmer

I purchased my trimmer previous year in november . Very soon its ON OFF button is not working . When i ON for using it continue i cant OFF


Refund wanted

Purchase calendar software. It wasn't what I expected. Attempted to call them. Phones aren't accurate. Emails are bogus. Filed complaint with BBB. I removed software from computer. Not sure the fax on the form is legit. Next step will be to notify FBI fraud unit and the FTC. This company has committed fraud.


Sir i want to know about my travel cooker

Sir in india what voltage I should use travel cooker cooker having voltage button in bottom where should I manage this


Over purchase

My intentions were to purchase one Greetings Card Factory Deluxe. Purchase a new computer I didn't know that it had a security setting which only allowed application that are available via Microsoft's app store. Though it was something I was doing wrong when I was purchasing a program and I did not know when I was purchasing the program over and over. I did download two of them on my desktop and finally my new computer. I am asking you if you could reimburse me for any others that may have purchased by a mistake. My invoice #108717**** dated, 3/14/2023. Total bill is $63.95.


Nova hair dryer products problem

Battery back-up low. Please change my products battery. If you are change my products battery I really thanku .


Did not get the program i paid for on Order # 108660****

I did not get the program I paid for on order # 108660****. Ordered the Virtual Architect Professional Home Design on Jan 10, 23. When I downloaded from the web site I got another copy of the Ultimate Home Design. I also ordered the Professional backup CD. I got in the mail a CD for Instant Makeover. Plus I paid for extended Download. I assumed that I could go back in and download the Professional Home Design program but when I tried I didn't find where to download it but was told to repurchase it. I want what I paid for.


Office essentials lost from my computer

I lost my Office printing Essentials when My computer crashed. I recovered my files but they wont open since I dont have the program


No star for nova hair dryer product which I have received.

1. After delivered the product was not working at all. 2. Checking the product the plate was damaged.( Means broken)


My nova hair dryer is not working

Nova company 1045 model machine is not working .my machine warranty is one year please repair my machine and please contact my mobile number 890135****

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