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Norton AntiVirus has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 640 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 9th position out of 1129 companies.


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Norton AntiVirus Reviews


Norton does not let me use google chrome

Whenever I try to surf using Google chrome Norton blocks it with a message that it is a malicious site. Even if I try Norton website the message appears. Help me resolve this ASAP.


Trying to cancel my accounts

I was charged a yearly Norton cost which I do not have any longer and I have updated my laptop to a different system


Unknown charges

Charged me 349 dollars for something I know nothing about and Im pissed off about it and Im reporting them to the BBB


Pse help me thx

pe help me thx i am having trouble downloading the antivirus plus software can someone help me please i have been trying very hard and no body is willing to help me pse thx i am trying to download your Aniti virus software which i had purchased yesterday and then i have been trying to, help me pse thx


Not satisfied with results I can’t sign in to my account.

I pay about a hundred dollars a year for the internet protection for my devices. I spoke with a customer service rep who said he would send 2 emails to fix the problem. They never arrived. Also when I called for service an announcement said that they were very busy because of a data breach by a third party


Can't do anything when they booby-trap all their links and logins

I may be forced to leave Norton for only one reason: THEY MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTACT THEM, TO USE THE LINKS THAT THEY SEND, AND TO COMMUNICATE IN ANY WAY OTHER THAN TO LEAVE THEM!!! Norton sent me an email with a link about making a payment, but of course, it led me to a site marked as risky. All their emails are sent from no-reply addresses, so forget about contacting them. Even when I do manage to get past the first step, they have all the places for signing up and paying all rely on an Authenticator that is not working for me, and the craziest logins are what they post to use! I truly wonder what drug they are on. I am seeing that it's not working with them because they are hell-bent on repelling customers in every way possible! No, don't blame me; any company that uses only no-reply emails and makes no option for making contact is a company with obviously some HUGE things to hide!!!


Receive emails with links that go to unsafe sites

I am about to unsubscribe from Norton because 1) every time I have to log in, they have a convoluted system that relies on an authenticator that doesn't work. 2) they send emails with links that go to unsafe sites 3) there's no way to contact anybody if there's a problem without being exposed to these other problems 4) any company that uses only no-reply emails has something MAJOR to hide!!! Norton does that consistently, and as I am seeing, my attempts to update my billing information are being blocked and there's no way I can permeate their barriers to communication. I see no way I can continue with a company that puts up roadblocks to keep me away!


Locked up email

Bait and switch near enough cloud, memory for any system you guys give out Blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah too many requirements for issues blah blah blah Maria


To let you know that I was satisfied with my conversation and the way it was handled

You charged money to my credit card that I didn't authorize and I want it put back on my credit card


A series of no-reply email addresses and a login booby-trapped to keep people out

From the outset, I have been fighting a losing battle with Norton to obtain some way to log into my account without jumping through fiery hoops, but they apparently like to smell burning flesh. If I want to log into my account, every time it expects me to enter a code from the Authenticator -- only no code ever appears there. No code means no entry. All their emails come from no-reply email addresses, a sure sign that a company has plenty to hide. As much as I fought with them just to be given a way to log into my account that was not going to send me to my grave, nothing has changed for me. I said it before: clearly they do not want me as a customer if the are hell-bent on denying me any possibility of logging into my account. How many times do I have to repeat the same thing over and over again, only to be met with stony silence? If that is how they want to run their business, I guess I have to look elsewhere. They certainly aren't showing any desire to keep me.


Norton antivirüsden uzak durun

Bundan 2 ay önce Norton antivirüs vardım ancak sürekli güvenli sitelerde bağlantı ve virüs içermeyen yerlerde virüs tespit edildi deyip gittiklerinden dolayı programı sildim 10 gün önce Norton destek ekibine ulaşmak istedim ancak bağlantılarını buldukları bugün bulduk ancak bana yapamayacaklarını söylediler ancak geri ödeme yapamayacaklarını söylediler


No safe option made available for paying

Norton sent me an email asking for payment. The email contained a link to click allegedly to make payment. However, when I clicked on it, a page appeared with a warning that continuing with it would pose a risk to my computer. I looked for a while and saw another option, but that option required using a code sent through the Authenticator app and no code appeared there. I tried to see if there was an alternative method of payment, but that required me to enter a code that I had never received, so it was obvious that Norton did not want my business. I have to add that they only use no-reply email addresses when they make contact, a sign that I have come to regard as a negative sign from the company in question. I had no idea what to do and still don't; the problem needs a solution, but Norton does not make it possible to pay as required.


Poor customer service. I think some are scamming the consumers.

Spent 4 hours on the phone with 5 different technicians from India. I paid for Norton in April and received a notice in June that said. Internal error, no record of your subscription. You need to purchase anitvirus software, very important. It was working fine in June and 2 hrs later the message popped up. One tech said sometimes Norton gets a glick in it and needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled. They also remotely accessed by computer and not one helped me when they said they could fix this. Still no Norton and I paid automatically each year. I noticed the cursor kept going to sites it should not have been in and I mentioned it and took a photo of the online conversation with all of them. After 4 hours each one hung up and never called back and failed to resolve the problem. My computer works fine and it is them on their end that has the problem. Each one had the same attitude just let it run-it will take time-and don't worry we will fix it. Well, they are in India and obviously they don't. I will not or ever recommend them for any software support so beware if you wish to resolve any issues with them. They will hang up on you if it takes too long to work on it and you have to call back and get another technician each time. Five times I did this and I still get the same message and no Norton coverage. They owe me money and I will take this up with billing and try to get a refund but probably no luck as they don't answer. It worked 2 months fine after renewal and just stopped and I paid for one year like I always have. I have each ones names as I have the photo of the conversations and they need to be held accountable for their poor technical and customer service skills.



Original review May 31, 2023
They wouldnt give me a refund after explaining to them my iPhone says it was cancelled. Rep who I could barely understand said all he could do is turn off auto pay . This is billion dollar company and I was so offended when a person from a third world tells me I cant have my money back


Resolved: Notifications wont stop

Updated by user May 02, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product or service ordered. The tec did already job in assisting me to resolve the issues.

Original review May 02, 2023
Tech was very helpful a d supportive. They were understanding and patient. I have been a user of all of my time in computers for a long time and would tell others about the support and services I have received from you.


Have been dealing with a Norton AV issue for 11 days now and case has been escalated to level 2 but no follow-up from them and they refuse to connect me with Level 2 support team.

Updated by user May 23, 2023
2023-05-22It’s been over 40 days since I first reported this issue and still nothing done to resolve it. Issue has been with level 3 (top level) since May 7th with no update to case since then. Called them again today and got the same story as many other times that...

Original review Apr 19, 2023
I have spent 3 hours with support on April 8th when I first reported my issue. Since then spent 4 hours 2 days ago with level 2 person online (i had to be there while they were connected remotely to my PC) Tech did a few things then vanished with the session open, then another tech came on, left and transferred to another tech (who did nothing) then that tech transferred me back to the same guy again in the chat box who did nothing, then transferred me to another tech (female this time). We went through a couple of steps then because a scan was taking a long time, we agreed I would let the scan finish, (in safe mode) then, when completed, would reboot and run the full scan again. Did this and issue still present. Since then, i called twice yesterday ... more time on the phone with tech who refused to connect me back with level 2 again, and today have called 4 times twice being placed on infinite hold while they "check with their team" and read case notes. I find this level of customer service to be totally unacceptable, especially when dealing with a system security issue for which Norton claims to be the best. I have been a loyal customer of their for many, many years so I think that I deserve better from them. My next stop will be a review on Trust Pilot. Email address entered here here is not same as email associated with my account issue but is valid to get to me for any follow-up Norton wants to make.

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