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NordVPN has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 134 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 51th position out of 1129 companies.


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NordVPN Reviews


Deducted money

Tells you it's free for trail and deduct $106 from your account tried to contact them but can't find a number to contact them I'm really pissed...


Fraudulent charge to my bank account

Yes y'all took out $99.48 of my bank and I don't even know what this is or ever heard of it so y'all need to put my money back in my account NOW.


Resolved: Refund my money

Updated by user Jul 07, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund.

Original review Jul 07, 2023
It said to call customer service I called customer service and this is where the phone number they gave me so I called you guys but they told me to call David Monroe sugardaddy4456@***.com please put money back on to my$12.96 I cancelled it and said that I was canceled but they keep taking money out of my account if not cancel it


Not able to complete my sign in to join Locanto

Would not take any name at the beginning of sign so had to abort the the sign. I wanted to receive personal ads for massage, sexual pleasure ads from women and lady boys like I had before. I will try again and join and get them back can you give me a phone number in Australia to call if I have troubles again thank you. You are a great service hope to hear from you. John Behsman - email -nJoi jcbjcb51@***.com


Please refund me back 131:10 to my credit card because double payments

I make a mistake with the payment it should only be 1 account so please refund me back 1 of the payment


New customer

I purchased your product due to AT&T throttling my super box streaming service. So far after a week of use on my super box I hav not noticed any throttling at this point. Hopefully this will continue.


You have been asked numerous times to fix my account issues and you haven’t done it. Cancel my account NOW

I havent been able to log into my account for months. And you still cant get in my fixed cancel my account


Somebody is threatening me online

I need someone to help me I am being threatened online I have been trying To contact nord vpn And I have been unsuccessful in doing so I use an online streaming service called. Live me and my I p address has been breached and I am being threatened By a hacker and I need help


You took my money and did not actvate

I charged the $11.95 payment through my debit card, the bank accepted the charge, but your company is stating that the charge has not been paid. I have a couple of pics from my bank's app that shows that the charge has been accepted and paid for. You've said that the charge was blocked, but you may be looking in the wrong area because, like I said, my bank has paid the $11.95 fee and I have pictures from my bank's app and website showing that it has.


Unauthorized charge

I have canceled my account 3 times now with NordVPN, turned off auto-renew, and contacted them politely all 3 times and insisted they refunded my money which was done eventually. Today I had a pending charge from them on my credit card and when I opened their website my account was reactivated and auto renew was turned back on. I had enough and cussed them out, I called Discover Card and filed a fraud claim against them as well as contacted my local district attorney and will be seeking to sue them. There is no way to remove my payment method from their system and I know they will attempt to charge me 4, 5, 6, maybe even 10 more times if I didn't file a lawsuit. Avoid this company at all costs! There is no working phone number to reach anyone and when trying to do a live chat 6 different reps connected and immediately left the chat when they seen that I was being fraudulently charged! Look at my attached pictures at the numerous charges and refunds they put on my card and they are still trying to charge me all the time!


Vpn is not working on my phone

vpn is not working on my phone, i tried to contact you on phone, but there is no phone number could you please help with that.


Nord not working

The Spam emails are not stopping in fact Now there are more. I need this to be fixed oral just cancel it. I don't see anything that it's doing to help the problem.


I did not ok this charge

I have been using this Nord vpn but I did not renew it because it would jam a lot. Like I couldnt get phone call and never get service from cellular unless I turned it off so I didnt renew. I am trying another company. I need my money back


I’m trying to change my *** email.

I have a new email, Im trying to change it, and it wont let me. What kind of *** service is that? I no longer have frankdv@***.net. Every time I have a question, every thing going to the wrong email. Ill no longer want to use your service. I have till December.


Need help to log in with authenticator

Call customer service number and it was restricted. Only got a recording and Noone answered the phone.


I can’t Yes call Nic to the Internet

On February 13, 2023 I paid $87.70 to you pan for two years subscription for NORD VPN I CHANGED MY PASSWORD IV BEEN UNABLE TO GET my internet protechtion it keeps trying to sell me a subscrip and wont go to internet

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