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1.8/5 - based on 367 reviews

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Nikola Valenti Jewelry has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 367 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 13th position out of 657 companies.


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1400 Preston Rd. Suite 400, Plano, Texas, 75093, United States

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Nikola Valenti Jewelry Reviews


Cancel my membership please

Not a pleasant at all I dont recommend this very disappointed big scam keeps charging me they dont respond to customer service



Can you cancel my membership immediately, the link you sent wont let me cancel the membership so please just sort this out and refund the £4.71 you took from my card because I dont want to want this membership and no more jewlerry. Ive been trying to cancel this membership for a month now.!


I didn’t know that you were going to send me more cheap junk

You are sending me stuff that I do not want nor do I need you Do you want 100 characters I dont know 100 characters it should be this damn hard to talk to somebody ill come and kiss me more and more words and symbols do you think Rob smart how long does it take you guys to come up with this trap work I wish there was a law against people like you and if so publish the phone number so we can call and make a complaint against your company and your company that you work for what do you want my life history to get 100 symbols on this thing arent you tell me your lifetime and then I will see what we can to get that going here this is BS and here you are youre going to get upset with me because I use two letters


Had to cancel due to medical

Osteo-arthritis and surgery after surgery after surgery. Need money for medical costs. Cutting out unnecessay costs.


I keep getting notices that I have not paid and my PayPal account was deducted $49.98. Now they are charging me $79.00???? I have snapshot my PayPal account twice. I sent it to them. I have bought not

I keep getting urgent notices that I have not paid and I did through my PayPal account. It was charged $49.98 now they claim I owe $79.00??? I have bought nothing else.


I got a necklace delivered from you today it was...

I got a necklace delivered from you today it was supposed to be the Austrian blue jewel necklace but wasn't it was a silver necklace


Stop subscription

Turned out to be a big mess of a company. They dont want to cancel subscriptions that you didnt even know you was starting when you were supposed to only be purchasing one single piece of jewelry the jewelry is cheap. Its a messy *** company.


Make sure my subscription has been and some refunds have been applied

I was billed again in May!!! I replied by email in JANUARY or FEBRUARY to cancel my subscription. But I have been billed in May!!n


Cancellation and return item

It wasn't the lady at customer service fault my phone ran out of credit so she wasn't continue but I still wish to cancel subscription and return items but need a return label/address


Such a Delightful Subscription!

I am absolutely delighted with the enchanting experience provided by Nikola Valenti's jewelry subscription service. The jewelry pieces are crafted with such exquisite beauty that they instantly captured my heart. The best part? The free trial period allowed me to explore and embrace the magical allure of each piece. It also gave me a chance to imagine the joy it would bring to my niece. Thank you, Nikola Valenti, for sprinkling a touch of sweetness and elegance into my life!


A Very Charming Gift...

I must express my utmost satisfaction with Nikola Valenti's jewelry subscription service. The meticulous details in their jewelry pieces are truly commendable. Especially for the price. The inclusion of a complimentary trial period allows for a thorough assessment of the items' quality and suitability. In my case, my subscription was a gracious gift from a loved-one. I extend my sincere appreciation to Nikola Valenti for their commitment to delivering refined and accessible jewelry options. I will be a subscriber for a while to come!


Subscribed for my Sister, and it's Great! :)

Updated by user Jun 27, 2023
Fantastic Experience! Thanks so much!

Original review Jun 27, 2023
Hey there, gotta say something about Nikola Valenti's jewelry subscription service. I am seriously impressed by their stunning jewelry pieces, and the fact that they let you try 'em out for free. I mean, it gave me a chance to see if my sister would be into it, which was pretty cool. She was! Props to Nikola Valenti for keeping it real, and making the whole jewelry game a whole lot more accessible. Much appreciated, guys!


Sooo Addicted to Nikola Valenti, right now!

Original review Jun 26, 2023
Wow, like... I am totally stoked about Nikola Valenti's jewelry subscription service, you know? The jewelry they send is, like, seriously on-point with its craftsmanship. And get this, they let you try it out for free! I mean, it's, like, something I thought would be a fun gift for someone else, but I feel a bit guilty, now, because I'm in love! (lol!) Definitely worth subscribing to... I like getting presents! (haha) Thanks a bunch, Nikola Valenti! You totally rock!


Really Fun Gift For My Niece!

I am delighted with the exceptional experience provided by Nikola Valenti's jewelry subscription service. The meticulously crafted jewelry pieces are a testament to their commitment to quality. The added benefit of a free trial period allowed me to personally experience the beauty and elegance of their collection, making it a perfect opportunity to find the ideal gift for my niece. Such a great experience! Thank-You, guys! :)


Cancellation policy

Ive tried to cancel this subscription, and they are still taking payment from my account. Its very difficult to contact them or to get through to a customer service representative.


Awful customer service and fraudulent business practices

I ordered once. Received the cheap looking costume jewelry. Canceled the service. About a month and half later I got an email that said they shipped another order. I called and again canceled the order and told them I didn't receive a 2nd shipment. They offered to ship it again. I declined and told them I didn't want a shipment that's why I canceled it. Well a month after that they charged me again! And some other random 10 dollar charge in between. I called today and the woman who said she was the shift supervisor was extremely rude and said I have to paid it because she has confirmation of delivery. I know that's not true because they offered to ship again! She said I can call back on Monday. What a scam!!

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