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NewSouth Window Solutions has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 7 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 49th position out of 170 companies.


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10741 Crossroads Commerce Blvd.,, Tampa, Florida, 33610, United States

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Bad installation, horrid service

Paid 50K for all my windows and doors. The materials seem to be ok. Installation is EXTREMELY subpar (I have pics to prove it). They sent the same person over and over, to solve the issues they themselves created. Failed inspection due to wrong installation procedure, non compliance with county code, doors with handles scratched, installed non-square, not closing properly, parts missing (i.e: plugs to cover screws). Broken seams, stucco used improperly (Came off at first pressure cleaning) Crew showed up at least 4 times, not counting scheduled inspection. Last time I had to threaten with a lawsuit to have them come and fix inspection failing issues. I do not recommend at all


Hardwood Floor Removal reimbursement due to risers not installed on alow e sliders

New South Windows on Okeechobee Blvd W p b Florida installed 4 low e impact sliders and an Impact Front Door, unfortunately the risers were never installed on the sliding glass doors. I had water intrusion on my pecan hardwood floors glue down tonge and groove. Philp Perotti from New South came over an acknowledged the error and we made an agreement that I would have the damaged portions of flooring removed by my workers and that New South would reimburse me for services. Receipts were e mailed and reciepts were sent certified mail. I was told by your man from New South that i would be sent a check for the tear up, clean up and disposal of the hardwood floors in 4 to 5 weeks in the amount of $4723.39. Phil Perotti from New South said it would take your corporate office that time frame to resolve the matter. Please contact me with due diligence. Anastasia Held Abraham Cc Thomas & Thompson Esq...Attorney Charles Thomas


Bridge in contact

We agree to install., but nex day we cancel with at selling person and he said that they now going forward to job bu what he didnt say that we had to censer in righting and honest sail person should tell us that, but he didnt do that because they want to kee are deposit money. Than we said ok lets do it they measure .And the same person call us and said that they cant make 2 big windows so I said cancel. They kept ate diposit1200 saying we bridge contract, but they one who bridge buy now be able to provide right products.


Very Upset And Disappointed Customer

I was told from the Beginning that the entire presentation was 75 minutes to 90 Minutes and he took up 4 hours of my Saturday and he refused to give me a price after 45 mins of his presentation and he was extremely unprofessional


Extremely poor customer service

Original review Jul 11, 2022
We have had terrible issues with this company. They do not perform when and as promised, even though every dime has been paid. The company requires you to pay in full before they finish the job. Now I know why. We had two projects with this company. The first project is in Pinellas County, FL. We signed the contract for 13 windows in November 2020. They came to measure on 8 different occasions. They did not order the windows for five months. Why? They don't know (or aren't saying) and in the words of upper management, they don't have time or any desire to figure out why they did not place the order for five months. The windows were finally installed 13 1/2 months after we signed the contract. They dropped the first window they tried to install from the second story and had to reorder the frame. When they came to do the "caps and trim" after the city inspection, they dropped a tool onto my just refinished hardwood floors and damaged the wood, right as you come in the front door. I had to get my floor refinishers to fix the damage. We signed the contract for the second project in Charlotte County, FL for 35 new windows and doors in March 2021. This is before we realized how awful this company is. They promised an installation date of 16-20 weeks. They finally installed the windows and doors in January 2022 - about ten months after signing the contract. They cut through the outside vinyl siding and the tar paper underneath (about 4 feet long on each cut) and "fixed" it by putting a thick bead of caulk over part of the cut. I had to hire an outside contractor to replace the damaged siding to insure water could not intrude. One window did not lock. After waiting another 4-5 months for the new sash, they arrived with the completely wrong size window, which they did not install. At the time they realized the window did not fit, their installer said the window as installed can be locked, so he did not order a new one. It can only be locked if someone really strong pushes the window down and toward the upper sash- I cannot lock it. They have no plans to replace the window as they say it locks. The downstairs sliding doors have to be slammed shut so that they lock. New South will not replace those doors either, saying that they lock okay. The tracks for the sliders hold water and have to be cleaned and drained frequently to avoid algae from growing inside and outside the door. It is now July 2022, and they still have not finished with the "caps and trim", even though the county inspection was months ago. These windows and doors are quite expensive and one would expect customer service to match the expensive price. Nope. Stay away from this company. They are not responsive and the installation and follow up are abysmal.


Poor customer service

Communication and customer service extremely poor. Was supposed to be 2 day install. Day one, his assistant didnt show up. Installer did what he could alone. Day 2, only one person showed up again and they pulled him from another job. After giving them an ear full, they sent him back, he spent more time complaining than working and got one window installed. Today, no one showed. I had a virtual class so didnt want them here today but told them to go ahead. My husband had talked to manager before me and told them not to come. Office rep was supposed to call me back yesterday afternoon and did not. Had she called back like she was supposed to, we could have settled that miscommunication. Today, no one shows. Have a big hole where brick is being removed with brick layer coming this weekend to lay brick but no window in. And finally, they left all the windows laying up next to house outside. Guaranteed in FL panhandle it will rain over the weekend. They said it wont hurt them to get wet. I say after paying $66,000 on windows, I really dont want them dirty and going into into my home because Im sure the guys WILL NOT clean them. Oh, and lastly yesterday the guy that spent more time complaining, spit chewing gum on our driveway next to my husbands work truck which he stepped in. Garbage can was 10 feet away.


Before you sign, see the work for yourself! Messenger App me at- Philicia NewSouth

I have signed the contract with NewSouth Window on 9-20-2017. I am still in a ongoing discussion with this company to get them to repair damages. I invite you to see the work that this company has done. Send me a message on the Messanger App. My name is Philicia NewSouth. I would love for you to view the quality of this companies work and decide for yourself if this is a company that you would like to do business with.

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