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Navien has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 118 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 8th position out of 200 companies.


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Boiler overheating heat exchanger

Called Tech Support and they walked me though the issue and sent replacement parts overnight. Could not be happier with their product and service.


I'm getting a really bad hum on my tankless water heater my model number is NR 240 A NG

I had my tankless water heater looked at by a professional and he says the hum is coming from my recirculation pump, but he also informed me that my system is probably going to just shut down because of the age of it. The model number is NR 240 A NG Ive had no problems with this machine. Its been perfect for a long time, I even just had it descaled a month ago now theyre telling me also that there is probably no way of getting a recirculation pump for that model.



1. The unit has failed time and time again 2.. Hot water never stays hot!! 3. A Financial Burden 4. Can not talk to anyone without a high priced hard to get plumber is side by side holding your hand at $250 an hour 5. Can not figure out how to design a 3-Way Switch That Works 6. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE INDUSTRY!! Look at images below these parts keep going bad and now 3 plumbers later at $250 a hour I am out thousands!! do not try and call them for help they don't want to talk to home owner. Their main go to line "We need to have plumber in front of unit" WHAT A DAM JOKE!!


No Customer Service

We've had a Navien NR-240 for 10 years. Other than an initial glitch, it has worked fine until recently. Navien service WILL NOT TALK WITH HOME OWNERS. Regardless, I ordered & replaced some parts, with no change. Eventually I did speak with a tech who was impressed that I did what they would tell a service tech to do, but that he could not give me further advice. However, I did finally solve the problem, FOR FREE ! Then I could not get back to a tech to let them know the simple solution. There is also a problem with their manual that the operator didn't care about. Despite requests, I was not allowed to speak with a supervisor. Due to their lack of assistance, I will not buy another Navien product.


Poor Quality

I've had numerous problems with the Navien Combi Boiler and recommend not to be this unreliable boiler. The boiler only lasted 5 years and totally corroded where the contractor and the gas company had to tag it for being unsafe and leaking gas!! During the 5 years i had numerous problems with the operation and maintaining water temperature for heat and daily activities. Navien has failed to respond to my inquiries and does not seem to care about the customer!!


Poor and bad product - NCB-240 combi boiler

Updated by user Jan 03, 2023
No info from Navien-certified plumber.

Original review Jan 03, 2023
I installed our unit NCB-240 combi boiler (Sr # 7966 20****18 1288) in the middle of 2015. Right from the installation day, I have been getting different kinds of issues. After rectifying the initial issues it was always running with fewer issues sometimes. But, from the beginning of the last 2 weeks, I am getting multiple series issues like carbon monoxide and natural gas build up in my house and all my alarms started sounding multiple times in a day as well as during the mid-nights. I called my regular plumber and he simply does not want to work on this unit because he was totally frustrated with this unit and its issues. Then I called the Navien certified plumber and he could not identify the root causes for the current problems(?). He told me that he would contact Navien tech support to find the actual causes of these issues and will let me know about the next step. So far no info from him. Also, to my surprise, the last month's gas bill from my natural gas provider Elizabeth Gas, NJ is around $400 which is 3 times higher than what I used to pay before the last month. Even past monthly gas bills were 15 to 25% higher than the average home and 30 to 35% higher than the efficient home in our area in NJ (based on my gas provider analysis report). I replaced the old furnace with a tank and installed this new Navien unit based on the bogus info from the Navien advertisement which said I can save 30% or more if I use their product but I end up paying the gas bill every month more than 25% for an average home in our area. Right now I'm having the following very series issues with this unit. 1. Frequent alarm goes off because of 'carbon monoxide' build-up while using this unit. 2. Getting a heavy Natural gas smell almost every time I'm using this unit within my home and it triggers the fire alarm. 3. We are very much afraid to take showers because we are getting hot and then suddenly very cold water comes in a cyclic manner. 4. We could not sleep during the night because of the 'carbon monoxide' gas build-up within my home which is very lethal and life-threatening. 5. This unit is making a lot of noise than earlier (we're able to hear this noise on the 2nd floor and the unit is in the basement) 6. Received 3 times more bill amount from the gas supply company for the last month. I do not know how much amount bill I'm going to get for this month. Since we are very much afraid about the frequent gas building up within our house and etc, I stopped using this unit for my heating now but using it only for hot water. I'm using my A/C inverter for my heating. Even if it is being used for hot water only, I'm still having these issues. After seeing these issues, my friend changed his plan and decided to go with another company's tankless heater for his new installation. I'm also seriously considering replacing this unit with another company. I'm strongly NOT recommending this unit to any person because they may have to go through the sufferings I'm having right now with this unit and also end up paying more money every month as a gas bill than the ordinary furnace + tank system. I realized now that it is a total waste of $8500 and also paying extra gas bill amounts every month for the last 6 to 7 years. Do not buy this product from Navien. I try to attach my last month's gas bill and the gas provider analysis and warnings about my gas usage here.


Poor technical support

I am a NSS service person. Why do we have to wait 84 minutes on hold... Then get a tech who knows less than me. I can read through the service manual myself, I don't need to do it again with a support tech.


Error code E.O16

Tech support at 800# referred me to Navien website to find contractor nearby to fix overheating problem.


Poor customer service and defective units 2 OF THEM!!!

Worst company ever. I had 2 units back to back that were defective. We paid out $3500 to deal with the stupid issues and now they don't want to reimburse us for the costs of labor for their defective units. Their list of "recommended plumbers" that they give you is a complete joke. FOUR plumbers came to our house costing us over $1100 and never resolved the problem. Navien refuses to pay us what it cost to have them out to fix their defective crap...these are THEIR recommended plumbers! Our installer finally had to come and replace the unit (A SECOND TIME), after Navien approved it, and STILL they don't want to pay the amount we are owed for Labor. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAMMMMM! DON'T BUY THESE UNITS! If you want an on-demand water heater, go with another brand. They are rude, argumentative and will not work with you on costs.I had a "MANAGER" Amanda Montiel tell me she was the decision maker on the refund costs, but refused to help beyond what she told me she would. That tells me, SHE DOES NOT MAKE THE DECISIONS!! Decision makers resolve problems, not cause more by arguing with customers. Amanda, you need a new profession, customer service is not your cup of tea. You have been warned people!!


Disappointed/pissed off

I purchased 2 naviant burners in January 2015, one for my house and one for an in-law appartment attached to my house. The unit for the in-law had to be repaired in March 2022 after only having it for seven years. The cost to repair the unit $4600.00. I just observed the newly repaired unit is leaking water on the cellar floor. I called the plumbing contractor that repaired the unit. I can only imagine how much this is going to cost me. I'm retired on a fixed income. Over the past seven years I have spent thousands of dollars repairing both units.


Exhaust blockage

I didnt get any help they want me to call a technician at my own I just installed navian nbc 250 at my house having so much trouble with it .


Navien's Crap Product

This company is IMPOSSIBLE to deal with!! We have had MULTIPLE issues with this unit since installation on 2/6/2017. The water flashes from hot to cold often. The local technicians wait HOURS on the phone for tech support from Navien for MANY months now, only for Navien to guess at solutions every time.


Heat exchanger replaced twice in less than 6 years

The heat exchanger corroded and then floods my the basement. The first time was about 2 1/2 years after it was installed and then again about 2 1/2 years later. We have spent almost as much on the repairs to the water heater in the past 6 years as we paid for the water heater. If I add in the cost of the water damage to replace the floors I have spent more on repairs than I paid for the water heater. We were without hot water for almost 2 weeks. Navien wouldn't send the part until the repairman called them while in front of the unit. If it happens again we will be taking out the Navien and replacing it with a tanked water heater. My last tanked water heater in this home lasted 20 years no repair costs.


Terrible or no customer service

Just installed navien water heater NPE series that was missing O ring at condensate water cleanout and water is leaking all over the place. Rep telling us to order from Amazon and install it ourselves which is costing us more money while it should have came installed in the unit. I really also don't think navien has a REAL customer service, the number on the site listed is for tech support.


Resolved: Navien NBC-210 (NG) flooded basement

Updated by user Mar 10, 2022

Each customer/case is treated independently, so I don't want to imply our solution is what you can expect. As such, I am not disclosing the solution that resolved this issue. We presented the facts to Navien and we were able to keep an open and respectful dialogue about coming to a mutually beneficial solution, which we did..

Updated by user Mar 10, 2022
I am pleased to report that after the detailing of our story to Navien, we were able to arrive at a solution that my family and I are very pleased with and one that will allow us to continue our relationship with Navien. Any worries I had about Navien not standing with...

Updated by user Feb 05, 2022
I was contacted by Navien, very quickly, I might add, after posting here. They were very accommodating in listening to the issues and updates as the situation evolved. We are in discussions about a solution to our issues.

Original review Jan 04, 2022
Hi. Hope everyone is well. The unit flooded my mom's basement. The cap on the flow sensor valve developed *** (see picture) allowing water to flow out of the valve into the unit and onto the floor. The corrosion seen indicates something dripping onto the cap from within the unit. Seeing some condensation/oily film within the unit and no water leaks leads me to believe it was that. The cap seems to have had some type of liquid sitting on it eroding it from the outside. That hole doesn't look like it happened from the inside. This needs to be verified but what else could it be? The cap is not mentioned in any maintenance guidelines and should not fail. Besides, I don't know of any regular home owner who would be able to look at that piece and see an issue developing. This issue is well documented throughout the internet. Wish I had known about this issue before recommending this unit to my father (since passed on). As this occurred over the holidays, mom has been without heat and hot water for 3 days. All due to a little piece of plastic that doesn't stand up to the environment it is used in. The technician, in his preliminary estimate says that the control board and front panel may also be compromised due to the water leak, His quote is in excess of $1,700 to repair, which is another issue, in and of itself. I hope that Navien will take the necessary steps to solve this issue, but, more importantly, take the steps to stem the negative feelings about the Navien name. I would find it very hard to put Navien in my home, as things stand now and more hesitant recommending same to family, friends and clients.


NPE-240A nothing but problems since installation

My unit was installed in 2015 and has been nothing but problems. I've already spent $1000.00 in maintenance and repairs, including the replacement of the PCB board. The latest problem is condensation in the unit producing brown liquid, likely due to heat exhaust leaking into the unit. My plumber literally spent hours on hold trying to talk with Navien Tech assistance. Unfortunately, I think there is a potential safety issue here that Navien refuses t acknowledge, as I've seen multiple posts with the same issue of plastic melting inside the unit.

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