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1.6/5 - based on 340 reviews

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National Tire and Battery has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 340 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 20th position out of 513 companies.


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National Tire and Battery Reviews


Very upset customer

I had my NIssian serviced there. I gave NTB my business, bought many sets of tires there and then I needed a wheel bearing replaced. When I got my car back they did not tighten my lug nuts on the tire and my tire was loose. My car had lots of vibration and didn't feel right when I was driving it so I took it to another service shop. It cost me 30 dollars to have my lug nuts tighten. I called the Store Manager at NTB and Diane was very rude and wouldn't let me speak. I am pregnant and this was very upsetting to me and terrible customer service.


Quoted oil change price vs actual price

I booked my appointment for an oil change after seeing they were offering a $30/any oil service. This was a VALID OFFER until 12/31/23!! I unfortunately was unable to go myself so sent my trusted neighbor. My appt wasn't the right time, none of the add ons I chose were listed and it ended up costing over $90!!! I even VERIFIED TWICE the coupon offer!! Both when I first spoke with someone AND at the end!! I KNEW I should have taken a screenshot. I'm now kicking my own *** for not doing so.


Service, vehicle being held hostage

I was visiting SC from Maryland and was getting ready to head back to Maryland but wanted to have my truck checked before I left, so I took it to NTB store #454 and had it checked out on Friday June 30th. I was told I need to have the boot removed from my axle, replaced and packed which would take a hour and cost almost $700.00. My appt. was at 10am, I was told 2 hours later they received the wrong part, which made me have to sit longer. Then they sent the wrong part again, so I waited some more. Then it was they needed a torch to get the old part off because they were having difficulty getting it off, so I waited some more. I then finally had enough of waiting and asked could they just put my car back together so I could leave since they were having so much difficulty and was told no. So finally after 7 hours of sitting I was told by the manager Richard that he was calling me an Uber because they needed to keep my truck. This was totally an inconvenience because I was supposed to leave to go home to Maryland for the holiday. So now I have to wait for an Uber and go stay at someone's house. I called back to the NTB shop where my truck is on Saturday July 1st and was told they still have not fixed my vehicle. I'm now really frustrated behind all the plan changes I've had to make. I want to be compensated for my troubles by receiving at least half if not all of the money I had to spend for the service that is supposed to being performed on my truck. I do not want to receive any coupons for something off of services that you offer because this will be the last time I use any NTB stores. This is a lasting experience for me, one that I don't ever want to experience again. My name is Leslie M. Pryor, phone number is 301-275-****, I would like for someone to please reach out to me asap. Thank you, Leslie M Pryor


Technician left car dirty inside and out

It took almost 2 hours for an oil change. The technician left his greasy handprints on my hood fender door and inside on my door post. He apologized for the time, stating he was new and learning how to change oil in a car. I won't go back to NTB. There was no value in paying 129.98 for a synthetic oil change that took almost 2 hours


Credit card

I was told by Community Bank that the credit Bureau put a stop on my application for a Credit card , I am trying to find out what the problem is,


Bad quality of service

I had my axle fall off twice after being charged $1400 to have it fixed was told they would replace the whole back end, car is at the shop now and I am still waiting for it to be fixed meanwhile I am spending hundreds of dollars on uber to get to work.


Warranty issue

Bought my tires 37 month and change ago with road hazard coverage for $167 extra, lifetime repair, rebalance,and rotation also extra fee. TBC sold the stores and moved out of Atlanta a year later leaving me holding the service bag. During installation they used an impact gun and stripped a lock leaving me stranded for a day when they couldn't get the wheel on or off. I returned the next day with OE lugs while they finally completed the job. No compensation for the damage or replacement lugs. Just blew a tire 18000 miles later and less than 2 months after the road Hazzard warranty expired (36 month) . Called TBC and spoke to 2 people who took information but couldn't help. Said I would get a call back in 3 days. They called and started with I'm sorry but unfortunately... tough ...I requested a Supervisor but they were all busy said they'd call me back. I said I expected a call in an hour. That was 24 hours ago... crickets. BTW I was a 35 year employee and retiree from TBC/NTW.


DONT GO HERE‼ They put wrong *** on my car

So NTB - National Tire & Battery I dont ever make reviews of bad service, but this one here is so that the locals can KNOW! I went to the location on Central Avenue on yesterday at 11:20AM! I had an appointment scheduled for Noon. I decided to arrive early to be sure to be able to complete what is needed and get out. Not only that, but I only went to get two new rear tires on my car. Based on my car when I arrived, the guy pulled all my information up and scheduled me as arrived. Well well well I sat from 11:20 Am to 4:00pm and NOTHING was done to my car. They had originally put the wrong size tires on my car, they had placed front tires on my rear tires which are wayyyy smaller for the rim, so not even sure how that happened! With that being said. I got to the counter to check out and determined they had the wrong tires. At this point my appt was from 12-1 and my car wasnt pulled in until 1pm. I had waited and waited, I said I need rear I will pay the difference in coat can you just have my rear tires replaced correctly well they said okay and my tires came off again. These people put my old tired back on the rim and put them back on my car and then called me to discuss the new back tires price after I had already confirmed new tires. So then after being there until 4, they had my tires and to get the service o had already sat for from 11:20AM, was done wrong nobody apologized or anything! Then he told me another 2 hr wait for the correct tires to be placed on my car! I just said all that to say SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE Service is a major issue here and no way after a 4 hr wait for the wrong tires, you tell me its another 2 hr wait for yall *** up Dont use this location people, its a sad case and if your not paying attention you will have incorrect products on your car!



I make an appointment on feb 02 2023 To get an oil change at 1:00 pm for 92/03/2023 I have 5 cars that I always take there, not anymore due to a poor service not only from the location but from the manager so disrespectful, I call at 5:00 pm my car not ready yet, Talk to him about the bad service and didnt get my oil change manager kick me out and told me hi somewhere else ! Because he said that I was talking ti him with my frustration!


Job not complete

My name is stuart kolhoff I own a 2002 Nissan xterra I had some problems with my axle and I took it to NTB on at 4901 Eldorado Pkwy McKinney TX to have it fixed they charged me on 11-4-22 $1437.83 and said it was fixed 2 months later on 1-1-23 on my way home from work the tire and axle fell off while coming up to a stoplight i had it towed to a local NTB in Wylie TX they had it towed to the McKinney TX NTB and when I went to pick it up they told me they can't fix it I need another differential and axle because they didn't fix it properly I want a full refund so i can get it fixed properly.


Work not be performend as paid fo

DEAR STATE ATTORNEY OFFICE AND CHANEL 7 ON YOUR SIDE I have been a customer of NTB for many years through some ownership. I notice since the pandemic, the quality of work has diminished. Furthermore, I have brought all my tires and long with alignment packages and balance and rotation packages on my vehicles and kid's vehicles total of 7 cars. I noticed that tires were not rotated or balance because I would start marking tires with chalk. I have bought the location knowledge, and they say that they are short-handed we can't watch everything. I have had tires come back over pressure and under pressure. I have all my tires and rotated and balance along with alignment at every oil change. I have a truck that I have new tires on it with, 70000-mile rating and I have taken the truck there for rotation and balance at every oil change. Recently I need a flat repair and the gentlemen acting as the manager said my tires are completely worn out. The wear is from over inflation, which has been check and filled by the NTB. When I said if they were worn out, that is telling me that NTB is not doing the work correctly for what I pay for, ripping off the customer. When I said that, the manager started making threats and said get out, I am not working on your truck leave now, or I will call the police. I have called NTB escalation department and never received any call back from executive board or any District or regional managers. I will be sending this letter to them and give them 10 days to respond before I forward this to my attorney and the state attorney office for possible investigation of fraud to the consumer. Douglas Osterman r


Negligent Service Technicians

NTB will never accept accountability if they damage your vehicle. They will use a company named Sedgwick for the sole purpose of denying your claim, their service technician improperly installed an oil filter on my vehicle's engine and my vehicle's engine is damaged and will cost $7,500 to replace. Sedgwick works solely to protect NTB.


Bought 2 brand new tires the last week of June 2022. Had a blowout yesterday. They said my warranty wouldn’t cover it, I must have hit something. I was just getting off ramp to interstate. Didn’t hit

a thing & thank God I was going slow as I was entering the Interstate. But believe the tire was defective. I have used NTB for years & have been very happy with them. This happened to me before & I believed I did because there was a lot of debris on the highway from a tornado but this time there was nothing. Not even a pothole. I believe they use these excuses not to pay. The way it blew I believe it was a defective tire as it blew very differently than Ive ever witnessed. I will post all over Sicial media if I dont get this taken care of. Why do we have warranties if nothing is covered???


Incompetent Service Technicians

Service technician damaged my engine and now refuses to pay for it through their insurance Sedgwick claims.


Complaint about a charge

I had an alignment done on my car and I was happy with everything except for a $13.00 charge for shop fees. I am not happy about the charge since there should not have been any fees for a wheel alignment. All costs should have been included in the cost of the alignment. I was not informed of shop fees until I was given the invoice showing amount due. I think I was ripped off at the tune of $13.00.


My tire fell off on hwy

I was driving and lost my tire I just had them put on 5/25/2022 and now 6/18/2022 came off. I just had procedure done to leg and now sitting in hot sun. Hate it hate it

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