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NapsGear has a 2.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 118 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 17th position out of 351 companies.


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Chisinau, Chisinau, Moldova

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Meatheads lament I can’t order anything

They will not accept my email address They say l have no account But will not let me start a new on because I already have one I cant get help because they wont accept my emails I love their products There service is outstanding Once you can get through to them I dont want to use anyone else Can you help Thanks


Naps is the best! Long time customer

Naps always hooks it up! Fast shipping with quality product. Ive ordered with them many times. Discreet packaging. Can save a lot of money going international but they also offer domestic! Ive had domestic orders arrive within 10 days. Customer support is always on top of it as well. Any time Ive ever had a question Ive heard back very quickly!



Original price was 182 I sent 200 the next day it said 207 the day after that it said 214 I sent an additional 20 To make sure thats covered I would like for someone to text me or email me So I can get my delivery taken care of



I got a sale price That was 182.00 I sent 200 The next day it said 207 And today it said 214 I cannot find a phone number to rectify the situation, and I cannot seem to get an answer from any of them on how to do so


We are forced to spend money on different websites to send money I’m still lost with bitcoin and I cannot pay Western Union no more because Naps Won’t let me

Every single time they come up with a new way of how they want money sent to them naps. Then the customer has to figure out how to use these new Waze for sending money always a problem it should be our choice


6 weeks of waiting and no tracking number or a solid update

Updated by user May 29, 2021
All right, today is 05.29.2921 and one of my tracking start working. Even though they promised to ship from the US warehouses they fu***ed it and shipped from Ukraine which means another 3-4 waiting.

Looks like it’s gonna be close to 5 months. Any recommendation on how...

Updated by user May 17, 2021
Today is 5/17/2021 and a nothing has been resolved yet.It took the more than a week to get back to me saying that they do not refund the money even though this was completely their mess. Eventually they said the only way to get the money back is Bitcoin for which I...

Original review Apr 08, 2021
Horrible experience, avoid them as much as you can. It has been 6 weeks and I cannot even get a valid tracking number. Support Team does not help at all, they have no details and cannot provide anything except we are sorry for the delay but...... It has been 9 days they king of send a new package but no updates. Nobody knows a *** They do not want to provide a discount neither return the money. Imagine when you get everything ready and spent a solid amount of money for your trainer, program, analyses and so on and this guys just ruin all your motivation, schedule and planning.


Product not received

I have made an order several weeks ago & have only received half of it. I am becoming more concerned every day that it doesnt arrive. ??? P


No information on order over a month

Still waiting on tracking or info of order from 0ct 6th


Still havent received order

Order shipped oct 6th still no tracking on package where abouts


7 weeks no product 2K USD worth

Updated by user Dec 14, 2020
Naps processed a reship of the products. I ordered 2x 10 vials of GP test Enth 250, 10x Deca GP, 10x tren Enth GP, and 3x GP Dbols.I received 2x 10 vials of Dragon Pharma 250 Enth A CHEAPER BRAND to GP. I received 10x Deca GP, 3x GP Dbol packs, and ZERO TREN GP.Missing...

Original review Dec 03, 2020
I have been waiting for my order now for 7 weeks to be turned into USPS still awaiting the item. Contact naps they said they would reship. I hope these recent comments on Naps are just a few bad events... I have pictures to post of my order, chats, emails with dates and timestamp, if the re-shipment does get delivered I will post for future customers. Edit: Naps contacted me in an attempt to resolve this issue. They told me once everything is back in stock they will provide me with a reshipment 1-2 weeks along with its tracking number. Depending on which patch it is I will be forced to order a testing kit as precaution measures. EDIT: Since the creation of this post I have received a tracking number to a reshipment. The tracking number itself was created as of two days ago and awaiting to receive the package before providing an ETA (sort of like the first time around).


Went from good to terrible

Napsgear had a solid track record for customer service until recently when things changed dramatically. They failed to ship some products, promised a new timeline that was also missed. Following this, all further attempts at contacting customer service were either replied to with vague delays like putting through to upper management to outright ignoring messages and deleting support tickets. Yesterday, without warning or contacting me, they cancelled the order, gave no refund and deleted my support tickets. Something has changed there. Proceed with caution.


Order did not come

Been ordering for years from. Them with few problems till now. Placed two orders two months ago. Nothing came. They said wait two months shipping was slow. There shipping said items were shipped. Month ago then six weeks. Nothing but a run around. Now they want to know if I want a store credit. Really for what, just ship what was ordered or refund my 600 dollars. Never again for me. Dont order here. Or take a chance. Up to you. But for myself I have sent countless hours trying to get my merchandise. Excuse after excuse. *** them. No more.stay away from them.stay away and save your headache


They stole my money

Sent them money as instructed, was notified the money was picked up and now naps is not responding to any emails or inquiries. So I guess they are thieves now!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!


Customer service no work turned emails

Customer service no work turned emails I placed an order three weeks ago the money was picked up I have not received nothing no emails no nothing went on there and my site has been deleted but I do have pictures of everything of my receipt my money gram that had been picked up Ive got it all documented


Payment info

Please provide me with your phone number or email address for a Zelle payment


Missing my order since May of 2020

I would like the products I paid for Wu said money was picked up months ago by oksana tymofeeva 181.00 I have been very patient but this is out of hand I would like a refund or my order thank you courymccully

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