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Napa Auto Parts has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 428 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 16th position out of 513 companies.


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2999 Wildwood Pkwy, Atlanta, Georgia, 30339-3050, United States

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Worst customer service ever

Updated by user May 22, 2023
Contacted the 1-800 customer service number three times sent the general manager and email contacted the store via telephone twice in person three times - I still have not been contacted back by anyone!!

Original review May 22, 2023
Bought a battery it was leaking battery acids store manager said she would not return it & and then she refused to offer any customer service or to make any eye contact or to even address any questions she acted like a kindergartener but gave me a brand new battery I do not want a brand new battery it ate through my husband's shirt I should have been able to return a defective product why am i not allow to return a defective product even though the policy says I can?


Napa crash

Napa guy crashed into me at Sault mi. Have video and pictures *** attitude having sheriff come after me


Ive mislaid my credit card

The people that spoke to were very hard to hear and hard to understand. The girl asked the same question twice...the whole call was very annoying but I guess they understood why I was calling and I hope they solved my issue ..


Did not receive my overnight delivery

Paid $81.99 for overnight delivery, item ordered on Thursday arrived on Monday guaranteed overnight delivery mean nothing


Complaint about services and attitude

Your assistant manager George @your Bessemer Alabama 35020 has No people skills.. He's very disrespectful.. I called in on Monday for brake pads CSR order for me. I called this morning to make sure they were in ask them to hold for me. When I got there to pick up assistant manager became aggressive telling me they were in with hold on them but they wasn't mine, that perhaps I had ordered on line. I said No they are mine.and he continue going back and forth with me. I told to forget, as I was approaching


I lost over $6000.00 in one purchase of a engine that went bad in 3000 mi , less than 3 mos and no warranty from the store , the manufacturer or even a call back from the manager of the store.

Absolutely no warranty on engine purchased by professional shop in business for over 30 years. Not so much as a returned phone call after talking to manager of two local stores including the one where engine was purchased.


Charge 3 times amount for one gallon of paint

They called and gave my money back. Tried to tell me a gallon of basecoat car paint is $1100.00 . I have been painting cars all of my life.


Prepaid delay

The card I bought hasnt come through and I need the card to load it please do something about it thanks


Lawnmower battery bad

Battery bought in April goes bad in August of same year. 4 month warranty. Couldnt even get a prorated battery. Full price. A call to Customer service got me a new battery no charge.


Bad parts

Had parts for 5 months they went bad then had to go through double hockey sticks to get my money back shouldn't have to argue or call corporate office to have that done will not buy Napa product from this store again in Union City Tennessee


Online order

I needed to cancel 2739**** order Need to pick up at store. When ordering made error on delivery address not to ship to my house pick up at napa


Terrible service employee did not know prices Manager seemed not wanting to help him..

Customer service prices on items not correct 1 qt of oil was quoted 63dollars what a joke other customers upset at store.


Lack of Customer Service or Reasonable Return Policy

I ordered parts on NAPA ONLINE and they were delivered to my house. One of the parts was not the right part and the other I did not end up needing. I tried to return it via NAPA ONLINE and customer service spent two weeks and several attempts before telling me that my order had to be returned to the local NAPA PARTS store. I tried returning it to them, but they said if I ordered it online I couldn't return it to the store. So I went back online to talk to NAPA ONLINE and the customer service said I couldn't return it because it was past 30 days since I ordered it when they had initially arrived late! THEN I tried contacting NAPA HEADQUARTERS and their email us box on their website just kept resetting itself so I couldn't send anything. I'm sitting on over $300 in parts that I can't use. Living on a fixed income as a retired veteran, I could really use that money. I used to recommend NAPA PARTS for their quality, but after this debacle, I will start using another company.


Brenham NAPA

Original review Jun 18, 2022
On Friday, June 17, 2022, I put in an order for a headlight bulb for a 2013 Impala. The online price was $17.34. I then applied for the NAPA rewards discount and it brought it down $5 for a total of $12.63. When I arrived to purchase the headlight bulb, I was informed that the Brenham store was not a corporate store and that I would be charged the full $17.34. I am very disappointed that I was misled to believe that if I signed up for the NAPA rewards program that I would receive this discount in-store.


Serious struggle to remove oil filter with your cap oil filter wrench.

I bought a cap oil filter wrench ( 776-****) from napa. I was able to either put the cap on the filter OR insert the 3/8 extention on the cap...but NOT AT THE SAME TIME! This was a struggle to remove the filter when using the extention because It would push the cap away from the filter. Pure crap! I looked at the maker and discovered it was made in China. If I wanted to buy china *** I would have gone to walmart. I have lost all confidence in NAPA and compare you now to sorry *** trash peddling O'Reileys. So sad. Nascar #15 and Waltrip can, from now on, kiss my *** I'm returning this trash tomorrow. So sad that from now on I have to ask if products are made in U.S.A.


Napa Store issues

755 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910. This store is absolutely ridiculous. The front counter people are absolutely useless, one talks on the phone the entire time he was checking me out, the entire time I was in there on Thursday I wasnt asked if I could be helped, I was treated like an inconvenience for them. Absolutely disgusted by them.

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