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Mylan has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 196 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 14th position out of 351 companies.


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Issue with medicine running out early

What do I do when 1of the 4 Clonidine .2mg patches come off or wont stick even after the area. Is cleaned.


Questions about ingredients in Rosuvastatin

I have Alpha gal and Im very allergic to gelatin. Need to know if theres any other substitute for this medication no gelatin but vegan



I received a empty box of Beupronorphine from Walgreens in Faraway Missouri on 5-26 the pharmacy told me to contact the manufacturer to get it replaced


Looking for Verapamil 240mg SR

I can't find this medicine anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area and I need this medicine daily


Questions on medication

Denied my application because I reported tgat they send me some bad about 2 expired in a couple of months when it supposed 2 have a year and half two up 2 2 years lifespan all my other relpax 40mg had a 1 and a half 2 two years expiration date on them...they did offer 2 send me another 90 days supply of relpax 40mg or nothing the customer reps of viatris was so rude and unprofessional the company need 2 be shut down if they gonna treat they customers like they did me..denied my application just because am reporting this incident so petty I need more medications because am out And my enrollment of the viatris patient assistance program don't end 2 after may..and send them a new application and they denied it cause am reporting about the relpax they send .me wasn't no good they need 2 be fired this is unacceptable I want something do e about this


The Mylan 5% lidocane patches, are unusable and extremely inferior, the poorest quality manufacturer of this product.

I depend on the pain relief that the 5% lidocaine provide. I have used Activs brand they worked okay in relieving pain. Then my pharmacy Rite Aide switched to Mylan brand which as everyone has already said is a waste of money, doesn't relieve pain and doesn't stay on. It was suggested I switch to a pharmacy that doesn't distribute Mylan. I switched to Costco over 10 yrs ago, never was given Mylan, I figured Mylan went out of business because their product is laughable with no return customers, customers try it once and done. Well, I went to pick up my prescription at Costco today, they tried to give me Mylan. I told the associate don't ring it up I was not accepting that brand. I talked to the Pharmacist, he said they have an extreme amount of complaints on Mylan, and they just started using that brand. I told him I needed these patches for severe pain relief, and Mylan does not relieve pain. He gave me another brand that was more like the activis brand in presentation but the jury is still out as to how well they work. If u go to the pharmacy and they try to give u a little skinny box that says Mylan do not take it. Ask for another brand if they can't provide one go to another pharmacy. The one that works the best is the Rhodes brand they are amazing. My question though is why isn't something being done about the Mylan brand? What they are doing is not only misleading, but more importantly stealing from the consumer, and insurance Companies. They are committing fraud, in distributing they pharmacyquestion does not work, does. not relieve pain, and does not stick. Which is frauding customers!


Questions on medication diazepam Mylan 5 mg pills

I dont know if theyre being changed for some law or whatever but these they dont work like they used to and its like taking a placebo youre lucky if you get a good one that works for you and thats not fair Im paying good money to go to the doctor , I suffer from anxiety. disorder.. I knowmylan have combined with Teva and one other company. I remember I used to take one and it would work within 10 or 15 minutes and I could relax. Now I take one and its like I didnt take anything at all and this is not the first time this is happened either the pharmacies arent closing the bottles correctly. Or something is being removed from the pills out of the medicine and Im not immune to the medicine because I dont take it all the time, so somethings not right I feel like bringing them to a lab to have them tested . By the way, do you have quality control for these substances or they just go out the door like that? and to clarify, Im not a pissed off customer Im a very discouraged, customer. If this continues, I will bring them back to the pharmacy and let them keep them and Ill get my money back. Thats all its unfair. I suffered a nervous breakdown and its not helping me concerned customer. Make them the way you did before and I see other people that are saying the same thing you guys did something maybe a 5 mg is really a 1 mg now that doesnt work my book thats why I feel like having them tested at the lab


*** product

These are the worst patches i have ever used, i have had pealed off water bottle labels that stuck better. they do not stick to anything. they are not flexible at all as soon as you move its peeling itself off. DO NOT BUY, DO NOT WAIT YOUR MONEY!


Lidocaine Patch Doesn't stick at all. Useless and expensive!

This is criminal. These patches do not stick at all and cost more than every other drug i am taking for chronic illness. They are impossible to separate from the film. There is still a hard film on the top of the patch so after you apply it it is too rigid to stick anywhere on your body. Cleaning doesn't help. Tape doesn't help. They don't stick so the medicine doesn't get into your body. so taping the edges to your skin does little to nothing.



Referred to you by pharmacist. I was prescribed transdermal system ,usp continuous delivery (once weekly) estradiol 0.1 mg/day. Did not adhere to my skin. Where the instruction had said to do so. I lost 2 patches within a day or two. Actually didnt know it fell off until I found my puppy chewing in it. Thank God she was fine. Shes not the one that needs it. I do. Please can you send replacements. This prescription is not inexpensive. Thank you for your quick response.


Upset at product

I am in real pain. I depend on my patches to get me through the day Sams sunshine night. Ill just put these on for the first time they dont even stay on for 10 minutes. This is not a good product. They do not stay on I cannot feel the medicine. Pain is no joke. I dont know why this is on the market


The patches are a waste of money

Cant believe how awful how awful these patches are Its a waste of money!!!! My doctor prescribed the patches to help with my but Instead it caused more stress than which of increased my pain level !!!! This is the outcome of two patches are wearing them for about two hurts on my back .. So, disappointing!!!!!!


Inquiry to find out what can be done with expired ALBUTEROL sULFATE iN HALATION sOLUTION

Recently moved and found meds in back of closet so not to get into wrong hands. I have one box expired Dec. 2019 Three boxes expired September 2020 Five boxes expired August 2020.. Rather than losing this medication I was hoping to replace it with current up to date meds. Your Customer Service Person, Taylor, flat no, program for exchange or discount, my loss. Asked to speak to her manager, he is probably not able to speak to you, comes back on line and tells me exactly that. I asked for his boss: Ashley, Director of Customer Relations, refused to give last name or transfer me to her. All of a sudden her boss was availablel, I declined stating we are past that already.


Lidocaine patches 5%

Junk. If I would've spent my own money on this , I would've returned them to the store. However I will be letting my insurance company know that they need to get reimbursed because these patches won't even stick on my body with medical tape or a wrap. My pain is unreal and I was excited to try these, but I'm more frustrated than ever before. You should be ashamed to sell something this ***


False advertising

The patch contains a total of 140 Mg of lidocaine, meaning it contains 1/5 the amount of adhesive it should. It does not stick and does not work. A 5% patch contains 5 Mg per gram of adhesive. If the total dose is not the same, you are not getting enough adhesive or drug. It should contain 700 Mg per patch, as in the brand Lidoderm, Qualitest/Par or Actavis.


Mylan Lidocaine patches suck

If I could give 0 stars for this product I would. These patches do NOT stick!! I want my $94.40 back!!! Ive used lido patches before from this company that were made of cloth that worked perfectly but as every big pharma company does they cheap out and change the product to save a buck!! They went with a cheap plastic patch that doesnt stick and is useless!! I will be calling your customer service on Monday expecting a better product or a refund!!! This product is complete trash!!! I am having to tape something that is made to stick in its own Why must companies screw the customer just to get richer???

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