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MSD Ignition has a 3.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 62 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 69th position out of 513 companies.


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Distributor does not fit and poor resolution of issue

AI Purchased a MSD billet ready to run distributor for $650 through summit racing. The distributor was .003 inches too big and would not fit into the block of the small block Ford it was made for. I am an automotive engineer with 34 years experience. Rather than just return the distributor to summit racing I decided to do the right thing and contact MSD. After three hours of explaining the issue to them on the phone, and sending the distributor to them with my own paid shipping via an RMA, and after daily calls for a week with it sitting on their bench in Texas, they tell me its still has to be evaluated. Now I need to buy another distributor to get the car running for a car show next week. I guess I should have just returned it to summit racing and not try to do the right thing and help MSD solve a problem that I am sure is not only my problem. I have three other cheap Chinese distributors and an old Mallory and a new perteonix in my shop that are all perfectly sized and fit the engine. No matter who I call at MSD, they just tell me they cant do anything, and I will just have to wait up to 20 days for some kind of response. Ive never seen a company with poor customer service. And one would have to question why Chinese companies can make a $65 billet distributor that fits perfectly but MSD Kent reliably make a distributor thats the right size for the engine hole.



No answer no help makes no sense to have a help center when I spend 1000s of dollars and still no help thanks ryanpesh3414 send me a bonus


Problem with msd 2 step

Red light on box is on but I havent even connected it to negative or positive. Just plugged in the coils and that it


Do not use MSD!

Buyers beware of MSD ignition which is owned by holly, they are terrible they will take your money they will not fix your stuff and they also will not respond to any emails and when you call them they will hang the phone up on you do not use these people!! Avoid it all costs!


Problem with MSD6 box

My car has fire to the distributor from coil. It has a MSD steal billed with crank trigger MSD7 AL 2 box. I took cab and rotor all off see nothing wrong. I had a new crank sensor put it on didn't change anything. It has a MSD starter saver so I wired around it. A friend had a 7AL2 box put it on same *** Will the reluctor wheel go bad? Sometimes when I let off the start button it will fire thru the cap to the plug. Any suggestions?


Issues with MSD box

I'm sending my box in to get fixed.. we will see how it does when i get it back from msd. Customer service was outstanding!


Engine stalling when put in gear.

Didn't get any help. Just needed to get pointed in the right direction of what might be the problem. Either carb.,choke, or timing. Just needed help. Thanks anyway.


Msd 2 step digital help

Can not get programs installed on computer mode telling me to try again. I at geek squad and they are having trouble


New mad and does not work

Ordered the mad kit distributor coil and box install it does not work no spark to the coil did all the steps to check the mad does not work


I need an rma number for 7al3 repair

Anything I know is I raced on Friday night everything was fine I went back down Sunday couldn't get my car to start put a 6al box in it and it fired right up need to get my 7al3 looked at please


Defective product

Talked to Ray, one of the managers. He stated that it was out of the 12 month warranty and there was nothing that he could do. Examined that the MSD starter went bad on a car that is undergoing a restoration, and the car has never been driven. He said he couldn't help, but said he gets guys all the time saying people call and say their products went bad and they only drive their car 100 miles a year. Well if those individuals are calling for similar reasons, there is an issue with quality control. Not pleased, and will never buy another MSD starter. When I get bored, I will post a video of an almost new starter that is defective with hastag MSD. What a joke.



Box stopped working after breaking ground strap. Went through the diagnostic steps. Bought a new one. Hope it solves the problem.


Bougt a product and did not work

I bought a msd digital 2 step and it did not work ive been trying to contact customer service and no answer i have been wanting to send it back to get it replaced please get back at me


My account is disabled for some reason

I haven't been able to speak to anyone in a month would like to get this resolved. I chatted back and forth thru text but never spoken to a customer service rep


To return a msd box for repairs

Not giving good spark to start the car. Car shut off and would not restart. Field tested the ignition system and found no spark.


Failed coil pack after 10k miles

After my Ford coil packs failed after 60k miles the usual for the 3.5 ecoboost. I decided to replace them with msd high performance. As I am a master tech and do a lot of builds with their product. My coil pack failed at 10k miles. They now want me to pay for shipping, sent my coil pack out, wait for them to receive it and then they will send me a new one. About 1 1/2-2 weeks later. So my work truck will be without a coil pack, or Ill have to go buy another 80$ coil pack to put in my truck while I wait for their broken product to be replaced.

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