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Mr Tire has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 394 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 11th position out of 1094 companies.


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200 Holleder Parkway, Rochester, New York, 14615, United States

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Very upset customer

On 7/13/2023, i paid the balance of the work done on my car $185.78. On 7/14/2023 they forgot to charge me my deductible. But instead of charging me $100, they charged me $285.78. They charged me again the $185.78. I am getting nowhere to get my refund. I had enough frustration with getting my car fixed and now they are holding money back due me. Do I have to get legal help? Dorothy Hoffman. Now it has been 1 month, 3 days since I filed a complaint about the above and no money yet. It is really sad how Mr. Tire treats seniors. I guess other action has to be taken. Dorothy Hoffman


Bad set of tires . Travel Trailer

I purchased 4 tires 4 years ago. and 1 tire 3 years ago as a matched spare . 2 weeks ago I had a blowout which took out the drivers side skirt and wheel well . 2 days ago I had another blowout taking out the passenger side skirt and wheel well . After inspecting all other tires I found bulges in every tire meaning all tires were about to blow out at any time . If I dont get a response from Mr Tire . I guess its time to talk to lawyer .


Mr tire sold me a BAD SET OF TIRES .

Travel Trailer Tires . Mr tire sold me 5 tires for My travel trailer 4 years ago . 2 weeks ago I had a blowout which took out my drivers side fender skirt and wheel well . 2 days ago I had ANOTHER blowout which took out the passenger side fender skirt and wheel well. After further inspection of the other 3 tires I had no choice but to remove all tires and replace . All the remaining tires had big bulges in meaning they were about to blow at any time . I would expect to hear from Mr Tire about this . Before I contact my lawyer .


Car repair

Oil change tire rotation and I got the car back with engine light on also they never finished serving the defrost


Bad work Preformed

I brought my first car in for new tires had them installed when I left my first car was not balanced, and I had to bring it back made an appointment and when I got there for the appointment, they said it would take about two hours to even bring the car in second car I brought in for new tires also had them balanced and was not balanced at all. Used same weights on tire took it to another mister tire. And they said the first store never even balance the tires they did *** work. I will never bring my cars or fleet cars back to the store or company.


Your Store Manager Is Not The Right Person For His Job

Ive Been A Customer For Over 15 Years And Never Been Treated Like This Before The Store Manager Is Not Good For Business And I Will Never Go There Again And I Wish I Had Another MrTire To Go To Because Headquarters Let The Real Person Go For A Person That Has A Problem With Certain people ( Ps ) Bring Back Mr Hardy Please


*** poor services

I will never bring a personal vehicle or work vehicle to this place EVER AGAIN. Service reps are rude and arrogant. Its more ignorance then anything... they claim to do jobs they never even happened.


Unprofessional manager at 2101 N. Howard St. (Baltimore, MD)

Last Saturday I went to the 2101 N. Howard Street location in Baltimore, Md. The manager was extremely rude, hostile and unprofessional. He kept yelling to his mechanic dont beg him to get the service, hes a grown man. After he yelled this service times I told him it was inappropriate to which he stated Im talking to my employee . Today, I called to schedule an oil change but the manager left me on hold more than 5 minutes and when I called back another employee answered. I could hear the manager casually talking in the background. The manager is rude, childish and unprofessional.


Poor service

Delmar DE location Closest Mr Tire to my current location with a flat tire said they cannot access my road hazard info therefore could not honor my tire repair/ prorated replacement. My vehicle has no spare so had to have towed to Salisbury MD location( my usual service center) As I understand from the Mr Tire service center I normally go to, the Delmar DE could find my info but takes a bit of work due to different systems. They wouldnt even try to find it online or by calling their corporate!!!


Better business practices

We took my friends car to me tire where they told us it needed new wheel bearing rotors and brakes which we had no problem with the price and had the work done After work was completed the front driver side ball joint nut stripped off the ball joint bolt that they admitted they tried to retap the bolt and nut that they unnecessarily took off and couldnt thread it back on so they tried to retap nut and bolt this caused the complete control arm assembly and tire to turn 45 degrees and slam into the front quarter panel of the car causing body damage I agreed to pay for the original driver side control arm assembly only on labor Your office filed a insurance claim to get the car repair due to your negligence now your store is tying to charge over $400 for a $125 part and said they were giving it to us at cost I priced the part at several local venders and the $125 was full retail price I only agreed to pay for the part that was needed in an effort to be fair If they would have said it needed that part we would have paid for it instead of almost causing a terrible accident Please respond trying to resolve this and get the car back


I paid 2000 for a repair and the problem still remains; the company has cancelled three appts to review.

Updated by user Jun 07, 2023
Mr. Tire does not care about the customer that they’re veterans, disabled or senior; they take advantage and increase service fees and are aggressive when the customer tries to clarify changes that were not discussed and hidden fees at check out.They have no integrity and they’re not a good place to do any business.

Original review Jun 07, 2023
I have attached the receipt and the appt by Mr. Tire which they have canceled theee times delays getting the car repaired and holding them accountable. The check engine light has come on after paying over 2500 and they manipulated their work and the bills - now we get no recourse and theyre not nice about it.


Screwed over by customer service people

Called mr tire and told them I had a coupon for oil change $39.99. Told them my vehicle take synthetic blend oil. Price then $53.78. Told me I could bring It in. They did not have my oil in stock. Price was confirmed at $53.78. Went in this morning. Price $99.00. I was told the $53.78 would be in the computer. Not there. Wont go back. Counter person was very rude. Customer service sucks. My husband wont come back with his car either.


Disabled Veterans Senior Citizens Sammed by Cambridge Mr. Tire

You Mr. Tire Cambridge Maryland is literally robbing customers. I am a disabled veterans and senior citizen who trusted Jason, the manager after purchasing four new tires to repair my truck. Jason is not honest and repeatedly lied in the two weeks address a truck that I knew had was closed shut on the left lower runner - we knew that and he charged my 993 for that and a tune up - I told him I already had a tune up and he was to check to see if it was completed for repairs - he said it was - After repeated Ed modifying the cost not the repair, I sat for two hours and they called me in to see what they claimed was another 1400 and I argued that we knew that was the issue and I picked up the truck yesterday and had a PTSD meltdown because Jason continued to lie about why he was charging me an additional thousand and he did not want to give me the parts as I requested. Jason is a liar and a cheat and a con man who takes advantage of women customers. I observed everybody woman customer to enter to have a complaint of similar circumstances in. A poor quality of repair or excess in billing. I want a review and the adjusted cost to get my truck be appropriate and a refund given. I intend to file a police report and to make a consumer complaint for abuse against veterans and senior citizens.


XCar sat there for four days service manager made an excuse he need to order parts when all the parts were in the vehicle I was told it wouldn’t cost that much it was a quick easy fix

When I went to pick the truck up when it was finally done he was told it was $350 I asked him how long it took he said three hours all the parts were supplied thats $116 an hour he said they normally get 150 an hour this is crazy and observe I was not told that I was forced to pay the $350 to get my truck back I highly recommend that you do not bring your vehicle here for the bait and switch that goes on I will go on every website possible I will stand in front of the store and tell people to turn around and not to go there this is incredible Ive never been so dissatisfied with Mechanic in my life


Poor Everything

Will be taking my car to another shop to fix the issues customer service was the worst ever (at the shop) the lady on the phone was nice but never called back

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