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Mr Appliance has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 245 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 9th position out of 499 companies.


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Need to return parts

I was told to sign a work order for parts and to pay for them. I did that then before they came back i had unplugged the fridg when i plugged it back in everything worked fine. I called told them this they told me i couldn't send the parts back. The parts were over 8 hundred dollars. I can't afford to pay for parts i don't need.make sure therem


If they can't fix your appliance, they still charge you 100%!

Original review Aug 14, 2023
1. Dishwasher is not working. 2.They came and diagnosed the problem (door latch doesn't work, so sensor doesn't get triggered), but cannot fix it. 3.They charged me $137.8 for "coming and finding the problem". time when you have a problem with your appliances, think twice before you hire this company, as you could be just like me, paying them only for finding the problem, not for fixing it. Buyer Be Aware. P.S.: One more thing before you decide to hire them - check them out at BBB site (search for Mr. Appliance BBB review) and get ready to be amazed by how many negative reviews they got - spoiler alert: their average review is one-star.)


Mr. Appliance Youngstown, Ohio

Terrible experience. I have a refrigerator which was not working well. Rather than going through the entire saga, Mr. Appliance has been out more than 5 times to fix this issue. Each time they have never ran a diagnostic, tested circuits or reviewed connections. What they have done each time is called the manufacturer, described the issue, and then waited for the manufacturer to diagnose the problem. The second to the last time, the technician decided it was a defrost coil. He replaced this part. Once he did both icemakers stopped working. The last time a technician came out, he decided the unit was in demonstration mode. He did something, called it a day. The icemakers still don't work. During this process, Mr. Appliances corporate office sent me a questionnaire. I responded accurately. I received a communication from the office manager, Vicki. Vicki began to berate me for the review. At no time did she say "sorry or seem to accept any responsibility in any way. She just spoke down to me and was extremely rude and disrespectful suggesting I did something wrong. At this point I will buy a new appliance before I use these people again.


Zero professional courtesy

Beware, avoid Mr.Appliance, Riverdale Bronx, New York. 191*-***-**** unreliable service. Yogi is a combative crook. 7/21/23 set up the appointment for the 25th gave him the authorization # from Bosch. Call 7/ 24/23 and told him I was calling to confirm everything was in good working order. He said yes. I called on the 25th at 11am he said I never got the authorization. I said I gave it to you, and I called you on the 24th, and you said everything was good to go.. Yogi is trying to collect double billing from Bosch and the customer. He stated he'll come out if I pay him with cash. At this point I have no faith in Mr.Appliance of riverdale. Time I will never get back. Unreliable!!! Zero professional curtesy.


We were very pleased with our serviceman

Jonathon had a nice appearance, was very understanding of our senior age. He had the patience to review the problem with my husband and how to handle it. No complaints at all. Only positive review.


Other people know how horrible they are

Original review Mar 01, 2023
Horrible experience w them .lack of expertise, lying ,deceive customers .the only thing that matters to them is diagnosis fee .in fact they,d better change their name to diagnosis fee company.they lied to me that they accept warranty and played games w me and at last didn't accept to replace the part that was under warranty. Now they are bombarding me w emails asking for diagnosis fee . They wanted 1250$ for a part .I bought the whole brand new refrigerator for 650$ after one month that they were playing w me waiting my time and money and my nerve . Don't give job to them


Terrible service...incompetent !!

I had a freezer which died...called them and they came and said they found the problem...repairs would cost $500 and they wanted payment a fool I trusted them and paid...2 hours after they left it was obvious still not fixed...called them and sent a Different technician who now said it was a different part which was no longer available and couldn't be fixed...they don't have a clue what they are doing, and now I'm lout $500 and still had to buy a new freezer !! Do not use them or you will regret...they are like a car mechanic who has no idea what is the problem and just start replacing parts randomly and charging you for all of them !!


This company is out to scam you.

I have called 10 times now. The representatives take my credit card number and personal information but, will not help me. This is a selling scam. Run as fast as you can away from this company. They finally blocked my number and gave me a fictitious number to call to resolve my problem. Hang up now


Recent service

Fantastic company. Very responsible and very competent. They have diagnosed and worked on multiple appliances for us and did a fantastic job. Even given supply chain challenges and paying their employees fair wages they are reasonable. Others complain about prices and waiting on parts. Mr appliance seems to do all they possibly can to get parts. If you think about it, it would not be to their advantage to drag their feet on purpose they want their money. I am very pleased with their service. I could not disagree more with the negative commenters.


Failure to repair fridge and failure to contact me

This company has failed to properly repair my refrigerator unit after three visits to my home in over a month. They charged my landlord about $1,200, and I'm not certain if that included the new compressor that they installed on the first visit. It has been two weeks since the repairman was last here, and he told me that he didn't know why my refrigerator still wasn't working. He told me that he had a direct line to the manufacturer and that he should be back that day to finish the job. That was October 11th. I haven't heard from him, or anyone else at Mr Appliance, since then, despite leaving numerous messages for them to call me. They literally NEVER answer the phone! My landlord can't tell me much because he hasn't really heard anything from them, either. I can't even replace the food that was ruined until they properly repair my refrigerator, so I have been eating mostly just canned soup for about a month. Furthermore, I had to cancel several appointments, just waiting around for them to call me back, all for naught. They have several negative reviews stating similar issues. To make matters worse, the repairman burned several holes into my linoleum floor with his hot equipment.



Called company to repair refrigerator that was not cooling. Tim came out and misdiagnosed problem. He said it was the start device which I ordered for $50 and he charged $99 for service call which will not be refunded. Called another company and they fixed the problem.


Did not repair the problem.

Its not often I leave a poor review in fact Ive only left two negative reviews in my entire life. Im sharing my experience with Mr. Appliance so that the community is aware. I called them out and paid their $119 fee, which was more than the other companies I looked into. I figured since their fee is higher Ill get better service and results. Well, so far thats not the case. Ive had to call them out a total of three times and I still have the same issueyet they have been paid AND tipped. I will document if the fourth time is a charm soon. But as of right now, paying more for Mr. Appliance is not worth it. Stay tuned for part two.


Had .y dryer vent cleaned friday while I was at work and inspected work today Sunday, they were here technician left a piece of dryer vent on my dryer $172

Had my dryer vent cleaned friday while I was at work and I inspected today Sunday it was never cleaned $172


Charged for repair, did not repair,...then disappeared

On 12/27/21, we discovered that our two Edgestar refrigerators were not working. We called Edgestar, They recommended Mr. Appliance, evidently a nationwide repair service. Mr. Appliance sub-contracted the job to Puls. Puls repair tech was Fuad Rahimov. The tech was not able to repair the units. He suggested that new parts were needed and that he would see how quickly he could get them. He was also very persistent, before the service call was even finished, in asking me to give him a good review on Google. He gave me his cell no. and said I could call him directly. That was all she wrote, my friend!! Since his one and only visit, I have made well over a dozen calls to Fuad, Puls, and Mr. Appliance. Thats two months worth of calls!! No responses, no service, no call backs, and zero results!! Puls is quick to send follow up emails trying to sell even further services. Really?? Puls,where is the service you promise?? I have now asked for my $90 service call fee to be refunded. Of course, no response. DONT USE THESE COMPANIES!! Why are they not responding? Maybe they cant get the parts. Well, then, get out of the business instead of collecting wasted service fees. Their promises and fancy follow ups are no substitute for results. AS TO THESE SCAMMERS, A BIG THUMBS DOWN!!! Spread the word.Don't use themD


Wont honor written warranty

Don't walk, Run from this company! I called them out to repair a 1.5 year old oven and they made an appointment for soonest which was 3-days out, then when the appointment day arrived and went I had to call and reschedule for a week later. They finally arrived and identified the problem, which was the igniter. I paid them $460 for the part installed (which is nearly the price of the oven brand new) and the part they installed failed 9-months later. They advertise a "Neighborly done right promise" which has a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor for residential homes, yet when I called them and they told me they don't participate in that..... So they don't participate in their written guarantee, WHAT A JOKE! This company is a SCAM, DONT USE!


You repaired for me.

Technicians were professional and pleasant. They fixed our problem quickly. We would recommend them. I don't think it is very professional to try to dictate how many characters a customer must type.

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