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Mopar has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 53 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 76th position out of 513 companies.


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Transfer warranty

We are unable to get any acknowledgment that our warranty has transferred. We have sent two copys one via usps stamped mail and a second time certified. Its a po box so limited options. Car needs some work and its been almost 90 days without any assistance and we have called multiple times.


Flat Oct 31st

All comments here are true, steer clear of this ripoff company. Agin flat in Oct 31st waiting over 120 days to be told by email that my claim was denied because I didnt have a service contract but in fact after such poor service I let it cancel in march of this 2023. I can say from all the reads, they dont care just pay them and they wont pay you!!! Trash company and reps


Resolved: Shipping

Updated by user May 06, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Updated by user Apr 07, 2023
Wrong part illustration is backwards I need #4 so that's what I order. I received #2

Updated by user Apr 07, 2023
Wrong part

Original review Apr 07, 2023
I ordered parts online, paid extra for overnight shipping, and it took 6 days for me to get my parts and missed 3 days of work. They sent me the wrong part they have there diagram backwards.


About rent car

I needed rent car during repair my car. I paid $50 by myself for the rent car. I need money back for it. Please check my receipt. Thank you.


Problem while driving car shuts off and then say shift to P

Car shut off while driving and ask to shift to park. Car takes a long time before it will restart. You can add a Jumpstarter to the car and it will start back. The battery has been replaced since it started and it still does the same thing. I see others are having the same problem and no one knows what the problem is. I have taken it to two different dodge dealerships and they cannot find the problem. 2016 Dodge Charger Rallye! 3.6 engine


Heated steering wheel not working

This is an issue that is all over google searches and Mopar has done nothing to correct it!! Although my one year old jeep is over the warranty miles the heated steering wheel has been used very few times and that should be considered! It is not used year round and should be a recall. They told me it would cost $500 to replace it.


Warranty issue

My 2020 jeep truck has a crack starting up in the side of the seat facing the door! has only 13900 miles on it! I treat the seats with Mothers moister inhibitor! Wash and wax it several times a month! Had a bumper to bumper to warranty, GUESS NOT!!!


Air ride suspension 1500 Ram

After four years of dealing with Rams auto suspension, it finally failed completely. The Ram dealership states its a manufacturer design flaw that the air suspension fails in cold weather. Called mopar for a solution since the dealership gave up. Its been almost two weeks and my complaint has not been forwarded to a case manager. So my truck sits outside the dealership not even being worked on.


Tried to get a third oil change and contract expired by 3 months. oil change was not needed for an additional 4000 miles. refused to change oil on contract due to being expired by 3 months

dealer refused the oil change, contacted customer service and heard the same story being expired. only received two or the three oil changes completed.. told to contact dealer and attempt to have them contact customer service. its like begging the dealer for something they sold and now refused to honor what was sold . what's 3 months during covid,dont buy an the vehicle was stored. this is a 2017 dodge ram 3500 diesel. with 20000 miles . customer service and the dealer is just a joke


Mopar Vehicle Protection

I brought my 2011 Town&Country to the dealership 1/2022. It was repaired. I took it back 7/2022 and found out the contract had been bought out. NO ONE EVER NOTIFIED ME. I have found out the repair was ACTUALLY UNDER ACV. This contract should have never been cancelled. I am trying to get the contract reinstated and have not been able to speak with anyone that can do this. I have been given the run around. All I want is someone to reinstate a contract that was WRONGFULLY cancelled. I need a call back from someone that can do this request.


Not honoring warranty

Purchased lifetime warranty with brand new Dodge Durango in 2012. Any time it had repair that needed to be made, we took it to a dealership - per warranty instruction. At the end of June 2022, the vehicle shut down on the highway and had to be towed to the dealership where they diagnosed it as a blown head gaskets. Engine and engine gaskets are covered per warranty. Mopar sent a inspector (not a mechanic) to look at it and he "denied" the claim. Im not really sure how you deny a part that is stated as covered in the warranty that you purchased. I have been fighting with Mopar and they have been giving me the run around for a couple of weeks now!


Had two claims denied; but clearly was in black and white in my service contract.

First time was replacing tires at my Banner tire guy. He said my upper ball joints had play in them. So being he was not an authorized dealer I went to the dealer for a couple of minor things and told them about the upper balljoints. I paid over $9,500 for this great plan. They denied the claim, because it was normal for age and milage. this contract supposedly in black and white was covered. Then one day the light came on and message said see dealer service DEF. It gave me 150 miles before I would only be able to drive 5 MPH. This is a 2014 Laramie Longhorn with 166,000 miles on it; contract was good till 192,000 miles. It was denied because some of the bolts were really rusty. why weren't the blots stainless steel? This was a 9 year old truck well taking care of; but you would expect rust on the underneath. Again in service contract the DEF was covered. I requested a dispute, and that was denied too. The service provider at the dealer told me( I not telling you to do this, but I know some guys that take all that stuff off. and have never had problems anymore.)

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