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1.5/5 - based on 508 reviews

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Monster Transmission has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 508 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 14th position out of 513 companies.


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17109 Old Ayers Rd, Brooksville, Florida, 34604, United States

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Monster Transmission Reviews


They don’t care about their customers

Refund for faulty transmission from them is a scam. I understand the need to make money but not at customers expense. Sell a better product


Weeks behind and getting the run around

I was promised when I ordered it I would have it in 10 days. It has now been four weeks. Customer service more than less does not even exist. ( there is none ) Do not respond to emails and the phone calls are just a waste of time going in circles nothing but lies. I was told its in shipping should have it in a few days. I called a week later they said its in quality control for testing all a bunch of *** Ask for phone numbers and emails for management and no one will even respond or answer me by phone with a answer to the question.


Bad tranny

I left 2 messages for monster to get a hold of me and 1 month later nothing yet no nothing. They don't care of their customers. I got a bad tranny from them, and they just will not respond.


Junk transmission

Transmission lasted 800 miles.they will not talk to you about issues.they only email back and forth.1 month now and not contacted me.stay away from crooks.they are nice as can be until they get your money.i tried numerous times to talk to someone and still nothing.when they do email you they try to blame issues on you.


Save your hard earned money , use a local shop!

James Collins My 6L80 didnt shift from day 1. Contacted them and was immediately told it would have to go thru warranty. Now if i buy a TV at Wal Mart and get it home and it doesnt turn on i will not be going thru warranty. I live 30 miles from their "shop" in Brookesville FL and offered to drop it in their parking lot. Their "shop" is basically a call center, my transmission was a quick ship that came from a place in Ft Worth TX with similar bad reviews. They said if have to talk to them BUT i didnt buy the tranny from them i bought it from Monster! After a few weeks of run around with them i refused to return my original core that worked better than the one they sent me. I had mine rebuilt locally and it worked beautifully. They refused to refund my purchase but unfortunately for them i purchased the transmisson with my business AMEX so I disputed the charge , at which time they said they could no longer speak to me due to the dispute, I received my purchase total back in full from AMEX and the monster trash team has never contacted me back for the junk tranny or crate it came in. I did have to pay my local shop to R&R 2 transmissions tho so they still got a little out of me. Read this local article. The guy couldnt even build a website to sell to any customers so he decides to become a transmission builder? Buyer beware...but use AMEX if you do!


Failed transmission from delivery.

Don't buy anything from Monster Transmissions!!! I purchased an AOD transmission and it was failing from the first time I installed it. Leaks from the shift shaft and soft shifts. I contacted them and they made me rebuild my governor then told me to take it to a transmission shop, which confirmed it was a faulty valve body. The delay in their responses and actions they made me do caused it to go past the 30 day warranty and now told me to deal with my bank for the refund. They are masters at hiding from their faults and putting the blame and cost on the customer. A total waste of money and time. Go somewhere else for your transmission.



Monster recently updated their warranty and Tech Support. They now give a 6-year warranty and Life Time Tech Support. We paid them for a 3-year warranty, and they will not honor it. They offered to ship us a part free. But we have to pay to install it. They do not say it will fix the problem we are having with the transmission. But it should help. We want it fixed, not a possibility. I guess the warranty twice as long is, so they can mouse people a long for a longer period of time.


Purchased a transmission that leaks. Was told that the warranty dept. would review. Well its been 6 weeks and they still have not contacted me .Left several messages. Still no return call.

They won't return my calls. There warranty seems to be non- existent. I don't appreciate a business that doesn't stand behind their products. All I'm asking for is an exchange for a trans that doesn't leak and they will have to cover the cost of the mechanic this time. At this point the longer they put off dealing with me the less I trust this company...


Revoked Warranty

We purchased a car from a gentleman with a "Monster" transmission (200R4 MCP). The car had 3,200 miles on the new transmission. We started having problems with it shifting excessively hard.We realize that it has a level 2 shift kit, but it never shifted like this when we purchased the car. The seller told us at the tme of the purchase that he paid for a 3 year warranty. We called Monster to figure out what to do. They asked all the normal questions and then they said that there is no warranty. We asked why the builder of the car said it has a 3 year warranty. Their response was "to the original owner only". I said this car has approximately 3,500 miles on it now. Their response was "oh well" it is not warranted. I have since taken the car to a performance transmission shop that works on streetmod cars. When I told them the story about Monster, they said that is typical with them. They will try anything to have to pay for warranty items. It is going to cost me between $1,000 to $1,200 to fix their deficiency in a relatively new transmission. Monster's moto is " We build relationships". Funny if this is building relationships, their idea of a relationship is different than what most peoples definition would be. I even called 4 of the suggested shops that they list on their website. Everyone of them said bring it in and we will work on it, but it isvon a cash bases. Monster never pays their warranty bills. I have since been surfing the net about Monster. You will see a lot of unhappy customers. If you are considering Monster. I woyld reconsider. What a joke they are. BUYER BEWAREDo not deal with them


Currently trying to get a claim on the 3rd trans.

Supposed to be a built transmission. It will not hold up to a stock 5.3 with 236000 mile on it I do not pull anything besides a 6×8 lawn mower trailer. This is the 2nd one. Waited 3+ months on this build and I wouldn't purchase a t-shirt from these people. Do not purchase anything from this company.


Don’t do it

Follow up: I had an independent transmission company look at the transmission purchased from Monster Transmission because I did not trust Monster Transmission any longer. They did say I could send it back but since charges for uninstalling and reinstalling still would cost me I chose not to send it back but to have a local transmission shop check it out. The results were that none,did I say none of the clutches were new/replaced. In fact the 3rd gear clutch was totally burnt out. They did have a new shift kit installed. So this transmission build has now cost me over 6 grand not include the time the truck has been out of service time and the anguish I have suffered. Previous review below Since I'm not a celebrity I guess I fall to the bottom of the list. 6-8 week delivery as promised took 15 weeks. The mechanic shop installed the monster transmission only to find that the transmission was slipping. Monster told me to fill a form out for a claim. There should be no claim. There should be some knowledgeable person to talk to in order to have an actionable path forward. My truck has now been out of service going on 6 months. Poor service and not what was promised.


Complete sham. What a rip off. They lie.

They sent me a transmission that did not work in my vehicle. It did not shift into gear, it did not work. The service rep at monster lied to me about theres nothing wrong with the transmission that did not work. Lets just stay Thank God I was able to order an outstanding Transmission from Summit , installed it in the vehicle and runs great. The rudeness, The lies, and lack of customer service are not what I expected. But then I finally looked up monster Transmition complaints and there are hundreds and hundreds of complaints and it sounds like I couldve written the letters because I have the same problem as so many. We would call this a *** show in our business. When I call the federal trade commission and they looked up their name, The lady slightly laughed and said oh my God all of these complaints are horrible. With a Better Business Bureau, The lady helping me was reading the complaints and talking of the hundreds of complaints filed against this business. Monster transmission I believe you owe me a bit more than $2000. I have now started the process to file with the federal trade commission, State department of agriculture, better business bureau, and I will be filing with small claims court as I understand I can do a virtual. And I expect to be *** on again as you have done that to so many.


I was ripped Off and Found I had Been Hit By A Real Crooked Set Up 6000.00 Plus!

I have Never seen a Company so Complete in Routing Consumer Calls for their Complete Cover-Up As a Total Scam, Period. My Family was thinking we had run by a Real Nice Corporation, but found a Call Center with More Games than The Mafia. They had no Customer Satisfaction, and they LOCK YOU AND YOUR MONEY AND TIME UP AS A HOSTAGE. I have not the time yet to File Against this So-Called Company. If Brought in Front Of A Real Court Not Connected To Its Cover-Up Scam, Monster Transmission would have to PAY FOR THEIR CORPORATE CRIMES. There is a SET-UP that is Amazing for the Amazing SCAM This Corporation is Bringing into the INDUSTRY. I have companies that are dealing with the MONSTER TRANSMISSION SCAM that they have figured out prior to Their Closure, and It Will Be Closed, They Prey Off Of The Community During This TIME OF ILLNESS AND US HARDSHIP From Monetary Destruction And The Terrible SHORTAGE OF VEHICLES and NOW today Shortage Of BABY FORMULA. The Manager is Evil and The Owner Must Know he is ruining a Part Of AMERICA and He Is Living HIGH ON THE HOG! I want my Full REFUND and My Time Remembered by BOTH. I could not tell you what this has done to so many people in the USA and Other Companies In The USA. I hope I get some time off of my Farm Work to File Against this Weird Crook. JB Lumpkin, Georgia


Transmission failure

700R4 transmission I installed in my 1980 corvette failed after 800 miles oil pan completely full of metal and because I opened it up monster says warranty is void . A junk transmission from a fly by night crap company



So I have a 2000 Chevy Tahoe limited 2wd with the 5.7 vortec with the 4l60e my original transmission started whining/grinding everytime I put it in gear so I went ahead and paid 2800 on a supposed brand new upgraded high performance race transmission and got it fairly fast had a local shop in town do the swap and I've put about 250 miles on it so far driving easy it feels fine but when I put my foot into the pedal and get into the higher rpms it shifts really hard and makes a whining noise for about a half a second during the shift it definitely doesn't feel like a good firm shift it feels like a hard bad shift like it's about to break like a tranny that's been hot and running all day and starts to shift hard and slip I am definitely not happy with it at all I spent over 3k purchasing and installing it for my factory one to honestly feel and shift the way it is supposed to I'm pretty much already knowing that I'm burnt on the money but if I can get in on the class action lawsuit sign me up


Complete SCAM! Total FRAUD!

it's a complete SCAM, there is no performance transmission, no master builders, no performance parts, no rigorous testing. Complete garbage, didn't get 100 miles out of this junk. They spray paint trash and tie it to a shipping palette. Save your money and save aggravation, go to a local transmission shop. Monster is based in Florida, which is second only to Nigeria when it comes to internet scams, avoid any merchant doing business out of Florida you will get nothing! Check out the facebook page dedicated to all the complaints as well as the BBB website with over 600 cases filed. Run away don't look back you will regret doing business with these criminals. AVOID AT ALL COST

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