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Moneygram has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 2500 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 9th position out of 165 companies.


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My transaction is hold



Refund /investigation

My grandmother Brenda Russell paid for 2 money orders to pay her rent . The apartment manager stated that he never received them .attached to the message is the receipts for those transactions . Can someone look into it to find out who cashed them if they were cashed . If they were not we would like to know how we can get them again so the rent can be paid.The serial numbers are R109047****00 in the amount of 473.00 R104362****60 in amount of 473.00


Need Assistance on my blocked passport

My passport is blocked from receiving money by Money gram. I kindly request you to please help unblock it. I was just sent these receipts but I couldn't received it.


I can't contact with money gram

أنا غير قادر ريكيف المال لتستطيع تلقي اشعار لاسترداد المبلغ المرسل للاخ الرجاء الاهتمام بموضوع الشكاوي للاهمية و ذلك لثقتنا في شركتكم الموقرة ،و شكرا جزيلا


Invasion of privacy

To whom it may concern, I support my adopted family in Mexico financially. Although I usually send a bank to bank e-transfer from my bank in Canada, where I reside, several times a year I send a smaller amount in mxn to the family, especially when the transfer and need is time sensitive. As such the recipient is always the same as is the sender, myself. None of these transfers have ever been shared with anyone, nor by a social media platform. On Friday, July 21, 2023 I sent a larger amount of 25,000 Mexican pesos ($2000 cad) to the family to cover a medical emergency with a family member in the hospital in dire need of special medication needed to stop further infection and start treatment. My usual post office in Canada told me Moneygrams monthly limit = $6000 cad = almost $77,000 mxn, 3 times more than what I sent. Moneygram withheld the funds from my daughter, Gabriela Juarez Salazar pending a very lengthy, intrusive detailed series of questions that I was required to respond to. Your questions were very invasive of my and my daughters privacy, including the age of my daughter, place of residence, why the money was needed, who was the family member in need, what the medical condition was, questions about myself, phone # where the Moneygram is cashed etc. I find it most unprofessional, inappropriate, and a serious breach of my and my daughters privacy for how I am to use my own money. To hold my money hostage at ransom, conditional to answering your questions is very unethical and inappropriate. What right does Moneygram have to do this? Moneygrams caller stated that Mexico is known for money laundering and misuse of monies sent. Yet, ironically the call originated from El Salvador, a country where may Salvadorans are escaping to Mexico seeking safer, less corrupt asylum. There are few countries more corrupt and criminal infested than El Salvador. What hypocrisy that your employee from El Salvador should question the security of much safer Mexico, and myself in Canada, known for being the worlds most trusted banking system! Im informing you that under no circumstances will I ever do business with your firm again. Furthermore, I will file a complaint with BBB and blog my contacts to best avoid business with Moneygram. An apology and response would be appreciated. Oscar Raasveldt o.raasveldt@***.com 1-77*-***-****


Not received money

Original review Jul 21, 2023
I have not received money, it's sent 17 jul 2023, that was sent form uk, plz tell me what's issue, Reference number 5707****


Not recive monye

I am leaving in saudia I am farward Monye to Pakistan in monygaram but pakistan Bank not show monyee


Resolved: Miney ordrr refund

Updated by user Jul 10, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Jul 10, 2023
I bouht 2 money orders which I purchased in December of 2020. They were for 1000 each and I put them away for a rainy day. Low and behold 3 years later Ive had nothing but problems trying to cash in my money orders. Basically I havent been able to cash them. I drove around from the bank they were drawn out from Wells Fargo to zeal Mart to the place I bought them Ace Cash Express with everyone telling g me to cash them somewhere else. Finally realized I would not be able to cash them and its impossible to get a real human to talk to over the phone. Being its 2000 dollars were talking about I didnt exactly feel comfortable just sending them in to maybe have them refunded. Its very frustrating and Im still waiting for an email from Moneygram saying how to cash in my money orders. Man this has been stressful especially since my car broke down and I desperately need the money to fix my car so I can get to work everyday.


Support for police complaint

Good day sir, I got involved in an online cheating. I sent money to it through Money Gram transfer. 2200 Euro to EDVARD Dublin, Ireland. phone 00353******** from swarzedz, Poland Transaction Reference number. 8496****.Can CC camera be used to trace the person who received the money?Is it possible to collect the address of the person who received the money? Your cooperation is requested to file a police complaint. Sincerely Mohamed Mustafa Abdullatheef


MoneyGram was not received from 13 dicembre 2002 till now

Hello I sent 250 euro to my parent in jail in Paris-France , I sent this money in 13 of dicembre 2022 till today was not received by my parent and still in bank. Here I put this recipient of MoneyGram I sent in 13 of dicembre 2022: Grazie per aver utilizzato MoneyGram! Il tuo trasferimento di denaro è stato inviato con successo e sarà depositato come indicato sul conto o sul portafoglio elettronico del beneficiario. MoneyGram International Limited SRL, Rue Joseph Stevens 7, BE-1000 Bruxelles, Belgio 80008**** INVIO MONEYGRAM Questa transazione è soggetta ai termini e alle condizioni MoneyGram. Data: dic 13, 2022 17:45:00 PM CET Informazioni sul mittente MoneyGram Plus:205704****97 Nome:Sadok Harrabi Telefono:389 495 **** Indirizzo:6 Via San Rocco Calolziocorte, LC 23801 Italy Informazioni destinatario Nome:Soufien Abdellaoui Destinazione prevista:Francia Opzione di ricezione:Conto deposito Conto del beneficiario #:****7929 Informazioni sulla transazione Numero di riferimento:6405**** (Usato da MoneyGram per il tracciamento) Data disponibilità presso la destinazione prevista:19-Dec-22 (possono essere disponibili anche prima) Debito su carta:Visa **** **** **** 0916 04/2026 Tasso di cambio:1 EUR = 1,0000 EUR Importo trasferito:250,00 EUR Commissione di trasferimento:+ 0,00 EUR Tasse di trasferimento:0,00 EUR Costo totale:250,00 EUR Importo ricevuto:250,00 EUR Altre commissioni:0,00 EUR Altre tasse:0,00 EUR Importo totale ricevuto:250,00 EUR Il destinatario può ricevere un importo inferiore a causa delle commissioni o degli offset applicati dallistituzione finanziaria del destinatario o di qualsiasi tassa estera che possa essere applicabile. Inoltre, le restrizioni imposte dal governo sul territorio o sullo stato destinatario previsto possono avere ripercussioni sul trasferimento. In aggiunta alla commissione applicabile alla transazione, possono altrettanto essere applicabili le differenze dei tassi di cambio. La valuta viene convertita a un tasso di cambio impostato da MoneyGram o dai propri agenti. Consulta i termini e le condizioni, oppure chiama MoneyGram al 80008**** per ulteriori informazioni sul cambio di valute Le tempistiche relative alla disponibilità del denaro sono soggette al Paese di destinazione, agli orari delle banche e alla conformità ai requisiti normativi. Se utilizzi i nostri servizi per indirizzare il trasferimento a un conto bancario o a un altro conto analogo, accertati che le informazioni del destinatario, incluso lindirizzo e-mail de del destinatario, il numero del conto bancario, lidentificatore dell'istituzione bancaria, altri dettagli su conto o banca siano accurate e corrette prima di effettuare linvio. MoneyGram non è responsabile per perdite derivanti da errori di inserimento di numeri di conti bancari, identificatori di istituzioni bancarie, indirizzi e-mail, altre informazioni necessarie per i conti correnti. Puoi annullare questa transazione online salvo che i fondi siano stati prelevati, depositati o inviati. Se annulli l'operazione entro 30 minuti dal pagamento otterrai il rimborso dell'intero importo. Per gli annullamenti effettuati oltre 30 minuti dal pagamento ed entro 180 giorni ti verrà rimborsato soltanto l'importo inviato, escluse le commissioni. 2020 MoneyGram. MoneyGram International SRL, Rue Joseph Stevens 7, BE-1000 Bruxelles, Belgio. MoneyGram International SRL è un istituto di pagamento autorizzato e regolato dalla Banca nazionale del belgio. Registrazione presso la Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises numero 0671.690.653.


Why do you hold my transaction

It's me mr Yaw please I need your help it has been a long time since when I'm trying to get in touch with you. I have a problem with my MoneyGram transaction and I want you to help me receive it. Sender: Name, Norman James weaver Receive name: Apolala yaw Amount: $600 Reference number: 3958**** Date: 03/04/2022. Please I need your assistance


Replacement money order

Still haven't received my replacement money order.use someone you can trust to be your attorney not Elizabeth Miller or Gary haddock or don't ever trust the Illinois goverment to be ritouus and uphold civil rights or the oaths doctors and police and army and the federal government take to protect the American citizens of our USA we aren't a communist nation we all need to remember that or go back to your countries and out of america jaa and ansari and valalia and takishia and Kim science you aren't us citizens and don't have any right using my degrees and licenses from niu.and Cornell universitys and Chicago university I'm sueing all of them since the statutes changed on every law in 1999 that why you are pissed cause can't get any more of my Carol Kevin or Mom's or gege or Ralphs money where are they mark and van and and Pablo aka Paul petty and Parnell aka Paul petty Paul was a mentality handicap child I taught 1984 he was 4 then that is when this *** griggsville school no statutes when police and government officials and attorneys are involved. See you in court I am getting my money from you jaa,sand lindell and Kim and Diane and buckshot and Ted and melody and Kelli and Kentucky and lindelland Dorothy and Earl and his wife and all other thieves I didn't give permission for anyone to have power of attorney and I didn't go to court so if the judge orders this I will file for a judge panel on them wether bidon likes it or not.or I mean bidenon he's a Russian dictator not for our people.


I didn’t received my money

The employees did not have sufficient information. They did not adhere to the instructions of the transfer. What should I receive in dollars? They dont know how transfer the money back and they wast my time for two days and when I check the website said I did received the money but I dont


Account issue

Updated by user May 25, 2023
I can’t receive or send money by my name , I don’t know why ?

Original review May 25, 2023
*** I try to send money by MoneyGram but I dont know why Im not aloud even I cant receive money, I think that I have blocked name or I dont know what the problem? Please can you help me to fix the issue? Thank you in advance. Kind regards Ahmad Aldiry


Resolved: I cant claim my remit in money gram through gcash

Updated by user May 12, 2023

please send it to my gcash account 0927892****.

Original review May 12, 2023
SIR/MA Good day van you help me for my problem in money gram i send money here abroad but i didnt claim it in my gcash ill already put the 8digits reference number but not recieve in my gcash


Trouble logging in

First MoneyGram cancels my transaction to Turkey to support my family due to terrible earthquake, and cancellation happens two days after I've sent the money. Next it states my money will be returned to me on 10 business days! REALLY???!!! No response for my email except an automatic one that says about refund - absolutely beeep awesome customer service! Then I'm trying to log into my account on the app with the password and face recognition that I've had for about five years, consisting of upper case, lower case, symbols and numbers, and the app won't let me in saying the pass must contain and blah blah blah... What the beeeeppp!!!???.. sorry fort my beeping here, but that's not the end of the story. Now I've tried to call all the phone numbers I got googling to fix the problem and none, NONE lets me into system for any reason: I've tried fraud, send, whatever else options this awful robotic system offers, and every time the beeeping robotic system would hang up on me!!! What the beep again and again???!!! That was the last drop! Enough is enough!!! What the *** did they do or are doing??? They left me no choice but posting reviews everywhere I can because to say I'm pissed is to say nothing! I've been a loyal customer of MoneyGram for at least 10 years yet when the disaster hits turkey I can't support my family - instead of shortening transfers time to this country!!!???... Wish I could face managers of this company,- lucky tho I can't or I'd end up in jale.

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