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Miracle Windows And Sunrooms has a 0-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 4 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 57th position out of 170 companies.


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(904) 395-2724

8933 Western Way, Suite 11, Jacksonville, Florida, 32256, United States

Miracle Windows And Sunrooms Reviews


Review in Building Products category from Jacksonville, Florida

Too bad they think women can't make a decision. They wouldn't come out to do an estimate unless both spouses were present. Plus I made a previous appt and they never showed. So I called and they stated both had to be there. Oh well, LOST my business !!


Paid 1000.00 for one window that leaks everytime it rains!

Got convinced by high pressure salesman into purchasing 3 windows for my home (my fault for falling for the spiel). I have vinyl siding and the first installers didnt bother to pull back siding and seal the window to the frame. Water leaks from the top screw holes everytime it rains. Had them out to fix it but unfortunately I couldn't be there to oversee their work. Looked like they just added more caulk over the siding. Long story short, it still leaks from the screwhole and is getting worse as time goes by. I'm going to try one more time to get them to fix the problem or refund some money, but I am not optimistic. Would not recommend this company to anyone.


Miracle Windows Consumer Fraud

We spent several thousand dollars on windows for our home in two installations within six months. Not being professional window installers, we didn't know until the second installation that the first installation was not done correctly. No foam wrap around the windows, no caulking around the outside of the windows, and the caulk at the window wrap joints doesn't match in color. On the second installation, they gouged the trimwork on the inside and left the foamwrap sticking out, then caulked over it, leaving an unsightly mess all around the window. Instead of adding value to our home, they have devalued it. Company President Steve Wetherford in Kansas City refuses to fix it. Don't buy from Miracle Windows!


Miracle Windows NO/ Window World Yes

We just had a quote on our windows. Our choices were for almost the same windows from Miracle Windows for 10 windows installed including tax and installation 18,000.00 or from Window World for the same thing all 10 windows installed including tax and installation 2330.00 both lifetime unlimited transferable warranty. I feel bad that some people do not shop around but i am not an *** why pay more for the same thing. Anyone can bring 2 windows into your home and make the one they have look better. Spider-man does not live near me no one will be walking on my windows. Also with Window world they make them local so if one breaks i have a new one next day reinstalled by them for free not 7-10 days with a broken window for someone to gain access to my home while i wait and then have to instal it myself.

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