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Minwax has a 2.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 55 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 14th position out of 211 companies.


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They quit making puritan pine, i need the closest stain to puritan pine

Just what i stated above. Puritan pine stain was discontinued so i have to find a stain that is real close in color to the puritan pine stain. Do you hsve any suggestions



I think I purchased an older can, I thinned it with mineral spirits about 15% and it payed down beautifully. Thanks for the support, John Prendergast


Polyurethane application

Application techniques of the minwax polyurethane oil base product to avoid streaks. The customer service rep was attentive and helpful.


Let people know the company sucks

Customer service sucks You have a defective product and I had issues with it and you dont want to do anything about it


The company in my opinion did not appear to be concerned about the safety issue of the spray can continually to keep spraying

Ok I was spraying a project we were working on and the spray can all of a sudden continued to spray after I released my finger off the spray button and then the spray cap came off and the spray can continued to spray which the product hot all over my hand and shirt and prescription eye glasses and face They wanted me to mail them my receipt for the product which I could not fine and I would of had to drive 25 miles back to town where the Menards is and get a duplicate copy of the purchase. And as fracas that goes I could of possibly got a refund from Menards but thought the manufacturer company should know about this issue They wanted me to send them a photo of the can and the information stamped on the bottom and I could get a refund for the purchase price There is a safety issue here that they apparently did not seem to give a rats *** about what happened I emailed them and said I expected something more than just a refund for the product Well they wanted to know what i thought would make it right in my eyes to me Well my eye glasses were the big concern getting them cleaned up from the spray can and more concerned about getting the crap in my eyes without damage to them Could care less about the shirt or cleaning the crap off my hands They wanted a photo or video of the issue and how in the *** would I be able to have a video of what happened Im not doing a Woodworking TV program got people to watch And I can not find the receipt yet


Horrible Product

MINWAX stains and finishes are horrible to the point of being unusable. Stains are made of very fine, microscopic particles that provide color suspended in a solution. The particles in their stains are too large to be absorbed by soft woods, even poplar. You can use their stain to stain paper towels and some fabrics, but not most woods. It might work on balsa wood. Maybe that is what they test with. They claim their finish is fast drying. That is a lie. What is does do very quickly is become gooey and rubbery so that you cannot feather into what you already applied as you apply the finish to the rest of your work. Their polyurethane finish also sags and globs even with the thinnest possible application, and their most durable polyurethane can be scratched off with your fingernail after drying for a week. Their instructions say to use 220 grit sandpaper between coats. With very light sanding this results in removing the finish in various places, and the stain comes off with it because the stain does not penetrate the wood. If you try to restrain and refinish you get the same results.


Complaint about Dark Walnut

I used Minwax Dark walnut and it stained my floor black. I sanded floor and stained properly. I stirred like directions said to do. Its almost a pure black color.


Product concern

I applied two coats of Minwax polyurethane to oak vernir plywood to seal the wood before applying coats of Custom Coat 2 part bed liner resin to weatherproof the surface. I sanded between coats and allowed weeks of dry time before applying the Custom Coat (A TCP Global product). The two products appear to have bonded well but I am flinging micrograms in the bed lining material which are allowing moisture penetration and bonding failure. TCP Global recommended that I contact you to help determine comparability. Can you help? Regards, Bob


Cans labeled incorrectly

We bought two cans of the floor professional polyurethane satin finish. Applied the second can to part of the floor to find out it is gloss finish. It has ruined the floor as I will either have to resend everything g and start over or put up with a g


Questioned how to remove polycrylic from brick

they responded to use a stripper....which I did and it did work. Next time however I would choose a stiff wire brush which would make the same result Helpful site found the service helpful....


Horrible Products since Min Wax was bought out by Sherwin-Williams

I have used hundreds of gallons of Min-Wax Special Walnut, Golden Oak, and Cherry stain over the years. Over the past few years, I have noticed the quality going downhill. The floor varnish is so thinned out it is worthless as a finish; the stains are little more than tainted mineral spirits, and what they call sanding sealer is so watered down that it is useless. They now call the stains translucent; I call them crap! I will never buy a Min Wax product again. This is another example of corporate America buying out a good old American product and ruining it. '


Help with a color nightmare

The woman I spoke with was very helpful and supportive.


Cost of product

I have 9 cans of minwax spray can poly, and every single can is the same . One third of the cans you cant use cause it doesnt spray out in a fan position . Sprays a strait stream or not at all vigorously shaken and turned upside down to clean nozzle makes no difference this stuff is nine dollars a can and you only get two thirds use seem not right even the cheapest krypton spray paint sprays out all thats in the can. ANY Suggestions very expensive for what you actually get in this product Donaldjsmith5260@***.com


Poor product

had a new 6 oz tube of wood filler. unable to get the product out. customer service recommended vegetable oil to soften it. What? This is a new tube.


Mixing products

Other hobby painters gave me Sketchy answers that I questioned. I'm Happy I went directly to min wax Co. With my problem. I knew I'd get the correct answers. THANK YOU!!



What weren't you thinking when you changed your stain formula!!!! Imagine my surprise and disdain when I went to purchase stain to match existing wood only to find out that your 'semi transparent' with the same color name does NOT match! and the original formula is not available! Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!! I no longer have a use for your products!!!!!!!!!!! I do NOT want to be contacted, you cannot help. You have screwed up beyonf reolutionStain Complaint

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