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Milgard has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 77 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 15th position out of 170 companies.


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Window Shattered for no apparent reason

We have a four year old three pane pocket door that cost us over $25K installed. Several days ago one of the panes shattered for no apparent reason while we were standing in the kitchen. It just sounded like it was raining but all these cracks were appearing. The only thing I can think that could have caused it besides an inherent defect is the extreme sunlight in the afternoon may have fatigued the glass. Milgard has said it is not covered. Please watch the video.


Door locking problem

We have not heard from Milguard regarding our recent request for service. Standing by for communication.


I need to talk to someone

I was told my windows were a lifetime guarantee. Someone came out and fixed a couple of them in the last five years now I am told they arent guaranteed. I dont get this. I need to know if they are guaranteed or not.


Milgard will not stand behind their warranty for defective coatings

I bought a home from a builder - It included two newly installed Milgard sliding glass doors. They are the same size/model number of Milgard. One of the sliding glass doors has a Guardian etched logo in the corner. The other has no logo. The Guardian etched logo slider is terrible. Absolute junk with a mottled internal coating that failed long ago. It is a known issue by Milgard. I sent photos to Milgard as part of their warranty process. The MiIgard warranty person blamed me - literally telling me I failed to report it sooner and that the builder that I purchased the home from was not a builder (He added 500 sqft to the house somehow without being a builder?) I had reported it long ago but they conveniently have no record of it.


Damaged windows

Called company to report damage to windows and got message that I had to submit request on line only. Got kicked off the website as I was completing my service request.


Chip in window

Chip in window getting foggy I have a life time warranty.need to talk to a person about replacing it



Windows installed in 1994 by a Builder, Terhune Homes Builder. Some window panels are rusting after 30 years. Two windows in the kitchen also went bad about 7 years ago and were replaced promptly under warranty by Milgard. thank you.


Milgard does not stand behind their windows.

I had a full house of Milgard windows installed and the frame on one of them started cracking. I filed a warranty claim based on the fact that the warranty for the windows said this was clearly covered: "fiberglass frames: 10 years for excessive peeling, checking, cracking, chalking, fading, or color change." After waiting a month for Milgard to respond to the claim, I ended up having to call them. After a couple hours on hold and getting hung up on by the first person that picked up, I finally got to someone. The entire conversation was the company trying to get out of paying for a warranty claim. First they claimed it was shipping damage. After I mentioned it had been installed for quite some time and there hadn't been damage the entire time, they decided to go away and then claim it was still not covered because it was a 'nonmanufacturing defect' and that the person I was speaking to was denying my claim. If their warranty claims cracks in the frame are covered, I'm confused how a crack in the frame of my window couldn't be covered. So, now I guess I have to pay for a new window to get installed. In any case, if you're looking for new windows, I'd avoid Milgard in the future. They clearly don't stand behind their products.


Inept service

I contacted Milgard in August regarding window condensation under warranty. Repair was scheduled for September 28,over a month wait . Received a phone call on September 27, advising window class was not received and rescheduled for October 12. Got a call advising window glass was again not received. Rescheduled for November 9. This is terrible service for a company as large as Milgard. I live in a Robson senior community with many homes with Milgard windows. I am sure they will be interested in the service I got and your reply to his email


No Response on Case 0485****

Back in March or April, I submitted a warranty-related service request and haven't heard back from you. I was in the hospital with cancer for a while in April, so maybe I just missed your call or email. I included everything you asked for, although the pictures were not too clear due to the location of the 3 windows on the South Side of the house. I have all the original paperwork plus the warranty certficate. The windows were installed by V&W in Berkeley. One looks like the seal is broken and, I'm not sure what's causing the foggy-looking sections on the other two. I asked that someone come and look at all 3 as well as our 20 or so other Milgard windows installed at the same time in 2000. Can you please have someone contact me about an onsite evaluation of the window problems. I have the installation agreement from V&W dated 9/20/2000.


Need a repair

I have an outside kitchen door, a lock of the door doesnt work properly. I talked to a person from Milgard and sent her pictures, there is still no answer from her


Windows have "stuff" in between the glass

A year or so you were out to replace a few bad windows in my house. I just had the windows cleaned and found that two windows, that I thought were just dirty from birds, etc, are flawed . They will need to be replaced also. Not sure what happened in a year... I tried to look up an old email from you and paperwork, but can't seem to find any. I am sure you have me in your system. Thanks, Kate Wels I live at 4570 Christine Loomis drive in arroyo grande ca 93420


Warranty service

We scheduled warranty service for three clouded windows. Appointment was scheduled for seven weeks out. Ten days before the scheduled appointment, Milgard postponed the service call by an additional 4 weeks. Assuming they make this appointment without another reschedule, it will be almost 3 months from time we placed initial service request.


Windows and doors

DMy new (1 year old) windows fog up so heavily that there is water running down them. Reported it last year and was told it is common, give it some time. It's been a year and it's worse. Cannot get through to Milgard, I have an account, cannot remember my password and it doesn't let me retrieve it. Milgard customer service sucks and yes. I'm pissed


Windows and doors fogging up

My windows are fogging up so much there is water running down them. These windows were just installed last year. I called Milgard this time last year and I was told that this is typical. It's not, and the windows downstairs aren't doing this. I wish someone would contact me. I bought 34 windows and 4 doors from you.


Insanely frustrating

I went on a mission to try and find a Milgard Trinsic slider that I could both see and touch (I need 4 of them) and couldn't find any despite using Milgard's online finder tools and calling 3 of their Milgard vendors. Called Milgard customer service so that they could advise me. The guy there couldn't answer my question (Where can I see and feel one of your Trinisic sliders?) and after he told me he had no idea, he refused to help me find someone who could answer that question. I then asked for his manager and he hung up on me! UNREAL! I don't know how a company stays in business when they won't even lead you to their products! I'm just trying my best to be their respectful bread and butter! I live in the SF Bay Area, extremely populated, so a showroom that carries their sliders should be nearby!! Who at Milgard knows where though? Hopefully the President/CEO is listening and is aware that (s)he needs to make some major changes.

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