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Microworkers has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 23 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 18th position out of 279 companies.


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Phone number activate problem

We send a text Message ( Activate ) on your given number But still my account cannot activate. Please Activate my account than we submitted task. Thanks microworkers team...


Task related issue

Many tasks are not opening coming as file get content and internal server error and after completing some task they are coming as revised job and rejected .please help in this regard .


Email verification problem

sir make new microworkers account but my frist step is information is complete but the email verification is not comming . plz sir help me .


When Setting up an account I typed my email...

When Setting up an account I typed my email incorrectly and it sent an email to an account that does not exist so i could not access my account I tried making an account with the correct email and it says I cant because of my IP address Can you please reset this so I can make an account


This place is a scam. They pick and choose how they legitimately pay.

I started working for Microworkers in December 2022. I made around $12. When it came time to withdraw, they requested I send personal information for their KYC (Know Your Customer and sometimes Know Your Client) to withdraw my pay. I sent pics of the front and back of my driver's license, as well as a pic of me holding my driver's license. Some time went by, then I was sent a message from support that my KYC was rejected. The message included, "Your KYC request is rejected. Reviewer's Feedback: Please provide a utility bill scan from your ISP dated from the last 3 months." This feedback was vague, as it wasn't specific about why my KYC failed and the instructions weren't clear. Was I to send a scan of each of my ISP Utility bills for the last 3 months, or the last utility bill from my ISP I've been with for the last 3 months? Where was I to send this documentation? The re-submit KYC was taking me back through the process I already completed with submitting pics of my ID and me holding my ID. I replied to the support agent. I sent a scan of my ISP utility bill of the provider I've been serviced with for the last 3 months, they haven't approved my withdrawal even though I've provided them with all the ID verification they requested, and I never heard back from them to this day. For a few cents on a dollar for mundane requests and confusion when it comes time for payout isn't worth the time or hassle.


Accesss Denied Errorr

Dear Microworker Team, I am writing to inform you that I am currently experiencing an "Access Denied" error when attempting to access the website. I have tried multiple times to access the website, but I keep encountering this error message. I am not sure what the cause of this issue might be, but I wanted to bring it to your attention as soon as possible. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue so that I can access the website as soon as possible. Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Rehana Begum


Basic job not submitted

From 15 th December I can't submitted basic job on micro workers. Basically list email is not submitted by me. When I complete the job and want to submit, then a white security page is coming on my screen. After that my account is automatically log out. 2nd problem is I can't get data entry work to my micro workers job page. Kindly solve this problem. Thanks& regards Sujata sen saha


Incorrect email id has been entered

Verification court is not coming due to account creation or wrong email input I need to change email id ahsanullahhassanzai@***.com This is my ID I entered a word incorrectly so I am not receiving the verification code Send me the verification code on this id ahsanullahassanzai@***.com


Transaction failed for putting wrong account number

Original review Dec 14, 2022
I want my refund..Please add $ to my account..By mistake I put my wrong bank account number in 7th december at 11.30pm when I fill the form for money withdrawal..But in 8th december I called transafast and they told the transaction is cancelled..After contacting by mail no reply is there..Please pay attention to my problem please..Showing paid but credited


My account banned for 1 day

My account banned for 1 day but i Don't use auto refresh when u ban my account i just refresh the browser. Its really disappointed i Don't hope like from you


Unexpected ban for two weeks

Respected sir/madam, Today I did got any warning mail also i didn't submitted any wrong proof for any task. But suddenly i ban for two weeks it's very big problem for me. Please remove my ban please help me. My Microworkers member Id : 597821****


Banned me when i asked for withdrawal

Original review Aug 29, 2022
Don't waste your time with these scammers. I worked honestly on their platform. Once i decided to cash out my earnings, i submitted the correct info for KYC verification and asked for a withdrawal. After 3 weeks waiting KYC verification got rejected and i got banned for "using vpn". Never used VPN in my life. This is just so they have a reason not to pay out. It's really shocking to see that a company located in the US is allowed to operate in such a manner.


Can not create template

After creating a new template, I click save and preview.I get a message saying No question found. Template must have at least one input question. I do t know what this means. Can you help?


How can i change my date of birth microwokrs account

Hello respected Mam/ Sir My problem is that I first opened an account on the microwokr website and I entered the birth details wrongly, my date of birth in place of month and month in place of date. Is it possible to fix it? Please sir / mam reply Very fast as soon as possible it's very urgent. Please


Date of birth change

Hello respected Mam/ sir How can i change my date of birth microwokrs account... My problem is that I first opened an account on the microwokr website and I entered the birth details wrongly, my date of birth in place of month and month in place of date. Is it possible to fix it? Please sir / mam help me please its very urgent and reply as soon as possible

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