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Microsoft Online Store has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 123 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 59th position out of 1129 companies.


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Microsoft Online Store Reviews


Dispute charge

I made a mistake in ordering a program and never used it. I was charged 6.99 on my credit card. I want a refund and cancel the service. Thank you


Can't access my account

Microsoft locked me out of my account. Your company is fast to take peoples money but dont do their job.


I have been trying to cancel my subscription every since 6/14 but you didn’t respond but what you did do is change me 99.00 the next day and I tried to cancel it online by phone no response.

Its a shame people cant cancel their subscription before the expired date. Tried to cancel online, phone no response. I wouldnt rate you because theres no help for the people who would like to take to customer services. You need a better way for customers to reach you.



Microsoft sucks, that's what happened. Updating my computer without authorization should be a crime!!! Because they have a hard landline on file I cannot get an authorization code to reset a password I've used forever but won't work because of the unauthorized update!!!


Having trouble logging in to my account Xbox one

Trying to log into my Xbox One account forgot information need help receiving information if can can't receive account to my Xbox One account


Someone is using my phone number to sign into microsoft

I tried to get into my microsoft account and found someone was using my phone number for a microsoft D


I can’t get into Microsoft office

I recently had my computer rebooted and I have no access to my Microsoft office the account comes up but it wont accept the password and I just recently did this so I dont understand whats going on I need to talk to somebody


Not able to get the refund

Purchased monthly subscription of Game Pass From Microsoft stores. I did not find an games free with the subscription,


No answer

Rude customer services I forgot my password to my email I dont have the number to that email anymore I just need to talk to someone


They went and took money and my debit card none authorized ,I want my money back

I will like to have my money back from Microsof*Micro V that was taking today Saturday 19 for Monday 21,202* ***.17$ . They went and took it with out my authorization..I want only to try the 365 Microsoft so I will like to cancel and want my money back..I didn't budget for that


Cancel subscription get refund

I need to cancel a subscription. I have 2 accounts being billed monthly for both. Please help! I need a human


Sell you software but won't give you an activation code to open your program, new purchase says expired

payroll pro 2022 software purchased needs a code to activate, I have contacted support 3 times been on hold for over an hour each time then cut off, no one will call me backdont buyd


My order is

I cant seem to find out anything. They didnt give me a tracking number. I would to get my item and dont wish to cancel my order. I just would like to know the status of it Thank You.


Phone call

I called several Microsoft Support phone numbers; I was not able to speak to a customer support to help me solve my situation. This is frustrating, and I do not know what to do. I also contacted them through online, and it is still impossible to get an actual human being to talk to. Please, can someone help me.


They took my money

I am a student and office 365 was supposed to be free with my laptop purchase but even after trying to unsubscribe from the trial offer they trick you into they still took $105.00 from my card which is all the money I had it was right before Christmas. There is not even a way to get in touch with microsoft, I did not get to buy my kids their gifts.Do Do


Someone use my bank card

Someone, been using my card to make transactions I don't have Microsoft so i need my money refunded back to my card

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