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Microsoft has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 3800 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 2th position out of 1129 companies.


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Account recovery

It's been 4days now and I still waiting for my account recovery Microsoft haven't notified me up to this minute for anything no account recovery as I'm aware n i checked!still need help with my account


Bad and no live service

I have paid for live tech support and no one answers any phone number I call. I will not buy anymore. I will go to another company. Your service is non existent, lousy!


Terrible. No person available to help

Terrible experience with this . This support line doesnt even work. Its a machine and they cant help me solve my issue at all.


Because you took something without my permission and now you won't even talk to me you keep sending me to a computer that's bad business customer service ain't worth the *** no more and y'all ain't n

I am done doing these reviews I'm done with the details I done did it once you're still not answering I am done you took money for a app that I don't have or something I do not use you just took money without my permission so I am done with y'all with your company you will not even talk to me you won't give me to a computer you keep hanging up on me so the heck would y'all what the heck would your company and I'm going to post this on every social media I can find are you stole from a blind man with all the money that you have you going to steal a blind man's $14. 99 really


Because you took money that I did not authorize that's why I'm calling and giving this review I am a blind man legally blind and you took money and now you won't even answer the phone so that's bad bu

You took money off my account for something that I did not purchase I would like to have my money back it's $14.99 I did not authorize that and I did not say you could take that I want my money back if someone does not call me back soon I'm going to get on every social media I can find and tell them how Microsoft Store 99 cent from a man on disability that's legally blind I would like my money back cuz I did not order what you charged me for or I'm calling social media and I'm going to spread everything that Microsoft Store 1499 from a blind man thank you have a good day because you stole my money without my permission that's why I called



I am trying to dispute a transaction that is occurring monthly and since February 2023 you guys have been taking 14.99 out of my bank account and I dont know what it is


Microsoft Account

Of course, I need a Microsoft account to play a PC game on Steam (Halo: Master Chief Edition). Tried to login into my account to play my game and I couldn't log in. I tried resetting my password, but my backup account is my old college email and I no longer have access to it. I filled out one of those account recovery forms and I was denied any assistance. I've tried calling Microsoft Customer Service and I couldn't get any help from an actual person. A robot answered the call and was of no help at all. The robot hung up on me and every other time I tried, the robot hung up on me and told me to have a nice day. I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from Microsoft ever again!



Need help with bit blockBitLocker needs your recovery key to unlock your drive because Secure Boot policy has unexpectedly changed.


Unable to get tech support by phone or chat line

.Need help with Microsoft One Note. I get nowhere with the chat line or phone Just go around in circles and never reaNonen


Dispute charges and cancel

I got rid of my computer 4 years ago, and also cancelled my credit card and replaced it with a new number. I tried to cancel Microsoft 365, and thought I had done so successfully, until the renewal charge appeared on my new credit card bill. Every year since, Microsoft assures me it is closed, yet I keep getting charged. Even after unchecking the recurring billing option, I'm still getting charged for a service on a computer I no longer own. Today once again, I spent 5 hours of my life getting the run around. My belief is that they purposely make it so difficult to get an actual person on the phone, in hopes that you'll get so frustrated, you'll give up. Grrrrr...


Microsoft support is awful 2023!!!

I paid $90 for a replacement xbox series 2 controller in December 2022. It arrived defective. I ordered it through Microsoft and so there was no way to return without calling them first. Finding a phone number to call was challenging but I managed to dig it up. The first time I called, I was given a case number, and told they would send a replacement, and that I would need to send the old one back when I got the new one. A month later, it never came. I called them a second time. They told me I would have to send the controller back first to receive my replacement. I said, "Oh, okay. Where do I send it?" The agent then dropped my call while transferring it to someone else. The third time I called, the gentleman hung up on me after I described the situation. He hung up on me!!! That really pissed me off and so I decided the frustration of having to deal with Microsoft wasn't worth $90. Fast forward a month. Unfortunately, a friend of mine is having the same issue with his controller, and that renewed my interest in resolving my controller issue. I called a fourth time. Thankfully, I was put in touch with someone who appears to care but his actions are suspicious. He informed me the replacement controller is now out of it's limited warranty (3 months) and that he would have to speak with his superiors about it. That was 3 months ago. Every couple of weeks, he sends me an email saying he is working on the issue, thanks me for my patience, that he is doing his best to resolve it. Now, another person from Microsoft named Cindy is emailing to inquire about the situation. I've just sent another email to her, in the simplest of word usage, that I was sent a defective controller. All of this for $90, Microsoft? I give them a 0 out of 10 rating. Worst, and still unresolved, customer support experience I've ever seen, by far.


Because there was 99 dollars taken out of my account and I tried to call but it was a robot

I was looking at logos for my streaming I never bought anything and it took the money out of my account


Microsoft is sending the wrong verification code and won't address the issue

Microsoft is sending a six-character verification code to my email, but expecting a seven digit verification code back. I am trying to get in touch with an agent to see if they can work out why Microsoft can't seem to even send a verification code correctly. They took the money for office, then abandoned the support when their own systems, on an updated installation of Windows 11 and an Office install from their own website fails to work, and is quite unacceptable. I'd argue taking someone's money and refusing to provide the service that money is supposed to pay for ought to be a crime, like theft, but I am not a billion dollar company, so what do I know?


Fraudulent charges on my account

I reached out through my PayPal app in regards to some charges that were unexplained on 06/04/23. It's now the 8th and i haven't even received an email stating that they are looking into these unexplained charges when I've already received refunds from most of the other accounts that charged me. I've done my due diligence and cancelled that card and will have a new one probably well before I get a response from Microsoft! Very aggravating to have to deal with this through a 3rd party. And we're not talking 16 or 30 dollars. This went on for weeks before I could get someone to trying to deal with this!


I can not use internet on my operating sysrem

Updated by user May 15, 2023
Oh look a gateway another Microsoft product

Original review May 15, 2023
I want to speak to some one now!!! If your gonna run a company like this you should sale it I dont like having to call tech support and all I get is a freaking computer telling me to go online and thats the problem I cant because you dang sever 2016 wiped my connections out Hmmmm from the photos where did my Wi-Fi go and connections


Resolved: It is unfortunate that MS customer service representatives cannot be bothered to answer a phone. Nor can they dial a phone number in order to offer assistance to a disabled person.

Updated by user May 12, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Updated by user Apr 12, 2023
MS Office only offers Ai to the customers and that system is not customer service. The online services are not supportive of the customer needs and it is assumed that everyone types 150 words a minute and is only given two minutes to answer questions that require...

Original review Apr 12, 2023
Ms representatives cannot understand that not everyone types fast and two minutes or less is an inappropriate amount of time for people to state the nature of a problem. They disconnect chats with utter rudeness. Today I am attempting to download an Office 365 program to a new computer and the customer service representative cannot seem to dial a phone number or send an email. Happy MS Office has no assistance for disabled veterans. Wow! As indicated by the photos of the customers phone log there have been no attempts to call by MS representatives.


Cannot get help and online unhelpful- have seral MS accounts need sorting and cannot access

cannot get help and online unhelpful- have seral MS accounts need sorting and cannot access- keeps telling me same thing and does not hear that that does not work and cuts me off- worthless- no -help

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