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Michael And Son Services has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 202 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 11th position out of 499 companies.


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I wish I had read this before calling Michael and Son! Worst service ever! Will call anyone but them if I need a plumber!

Installed what they said was a pilot assembly (actually something else) left a part that did not belong to my hot water heater. (Over $900!)When the pilot light went out for unknown reason 3 months later they charged me $69 to relight it! Tried to sell me a new hot water heater for $3500 plus! Demanded payment on the spot when I asked to be billed then Followed me rather aggressively to my bedroom to collect my wallet instead of waiting in the livingroom! Installation of what ever they put in took 10 minutes, took 20 minutes to write up the bill( and again would not leave without being paid on the spot!) I will never ever use Michael and Son! Worst customer service how have they stayed in business? Also after relighting pilot could not bother to turn it up to actually heat the water! Really??!!!


Unhappy with my experience

i called michaels and son with 2 small jobs.i was told they charge $69.00 to come out and look at the job.they will give you a price.if you say ok then they will waive the fee. i had my cold water *** in my tub was stripped. i cold tighten the screw every time i used the tub and the next time it was loose again. he tightened the screw .i tried to explain that will only work until the next time i use it. he said no...he did it right. after he left it just spins just like it did before he came in. the other job was my hose outside. he said he had to turn the water off outside. which is down in a basement closet. when he went downstairs, you can reach in the opening in our closet.he said he would have to cut the drywall to make a bigger opening...why??? to do that he said it would be 1150.00 i know that is not necessary.so he did absolutely nothing except tighten a screw and charged me 137.50...what a rip off...


Positive experience

I've used Michael and Son twice now. They are probably more expensive than the competition; however, I've had other contractors do work that failed after a short period of time or the work wasn't done properly. Overall, I'm happy with their work and Drew Gage, the plumbing tech who came out most recently, was just wonderful to work with. I should also add they were able to respond to my issue and come out the same day I called.


Late service call

I did not get a call stating that they would be running late. Pissed my whole afternoon away waiting, its now 2:30 PM and still waiting on the work to be done.


Poor job and damage to my home

Main water line 20 year old copper was leaking! Company recommended replacement! Micheal&;;Son rep. was told water line needed to be in ground at 24 in for our water line can freeze in the winter! They bored the water line and in someplaces it is less than18 inch! When boring the driveway was damaged and now has a large bow! My foundation was damaged with shovels and picks causing waterproof membrane to come off! Workers removed items from my property without permission! Person in charge of the job did not return to finish job leaving open ditches and Stayunrepaired damages! 3 appointments and no one showed up to finish work! I would recommend you finding a more reputable water repair company!


Over priced ripoff company

Please read my review posted yesterday (11-02-21)I had a leak in the crawl space. I made a call to this company and was informed that there was a charge of $69 if I did not get the work done. I made an appointment for Saturday (10-30-21). The tech showed up on time. I showed the tech where the problem was. The tech went into the crawl space for 30 seconds then came out and said fix leak $135. I OKed the service for that price. After a few minutes, he came back out and said the price is now $500 plus. I did not have those funds, so I signed a debit card for the $69. It showed up on my bank account at $206.50. I called the company on 10-30-21. They did not return my call until 11-02-21. They would not correct the charge. I got my bank to stop the charge. Meanwhile, another Plumber came out and did the repair in a few minutes for $100. If you read this review, walk away from Michael &;;;;;;; sons. They do the same things to a lot of people.


Hvac training

They send me an email two times to get in touch with me, but they did not. I walked in to the office in Virginia and talked and got the information.


Abysmal, inconsiderate, Buffoons for Customer Service

A3 service appointments, 3 no shows. Customer Service indicated that they would get there when they can. Three days off work waiting for their service tech. Their Customer Service rep was rude, condescending, and ignorant. Avoid at all costs.


Dishonestly and bad service

They replaced air handle &;;;;;;;;;;; the HVAC unit worked worse afterwards. They lied about scheduling appt for time frame for the county inspection. I missed 2 days off of work without pay because they didn't schedule my appt correctly. I called and emailed the CSR that was assisting me and she gave me attitude, but still apologized while trying to blame oothersofhyggininc


AC Service

Price way too high. They charged me over $300 for a $20 PART and said that labor was $300. For an hour???


Rip it off retirees

Rip it off retirees. I am a mechanical contractor to check the unit after Michael and Sams so they needed a new one and it would cost $8900 all it was wrong with it was a blown fuse in a chafed wire. Watch yourself they are crooks


Lack of service

Plumber said he could not find a plumbing issue and to call a roofer that I had a roof leak; roofer came out and found a clogged drain where the air lines drain out of the home which you should have found and fixed on your visit.


Resolved: Needed a Toilet installed. Price quoted is OUTRAGEOUS!

Updated by user Jun 16, 2021

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. Michael and Son contacted me and apologized for the situation and offered me a full refund of the $69 dispatch fee.

I commend them on listening to their customers and working to satisfy customer concerns. Thank you..

Original review Jun 12, 2021
First I checked online for "How much does it cost to replace a toilet?" National average is $122 to $228 not including toilet. I agreed in advance to $69 dispatch fee. Carlos arrived. He agreed that there is nothing unusual about this install. He quoted a price of $446.00. This is twice the national MAXIMUM. I paid the $69.00 dispatch and asked him to leave.


Overcharge to fix staff in the house

coil leak on my AC unit, they told me, I ve the get a new AC system. they charged me almost 9k to install the new one. Main drain blockage, price to unblock $603. do not signed up with them. worse company ever


Not satisfied! No communication

Waiting for a bathtub replacement since end of January.Was told would take 15 days. Now we are in March and still nothing! Was supposed to be fixed and next day came off. No kind of communication at all. Not happy with this company at all!



Had electrician come out and hook up an existing light which consisted of digging *** 1 foot I dug the first foot. I was charged $827.62 for this job. I was charged for new light post which is false. It was existing light post that I had wanted moved. They did not move it as I dug it up. They only had to hook up a existing wire to the light post. Talked to the electrical Supervisor who was very rude and gave the attitude he could care less about my concern I had this company put in a new heater and airconditioner unit into my house and am now wondering if they charged to to much for that also. As a senior citizen I feel this company is not customer friendly at all..DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

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