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Menards has a 2.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 4800 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 4th position out of 289 companies.


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5101 Menard Drive, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54703, United States

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Didn’t get an email with the confirmation number

I didnt get an email with the order confirmation, my order was made on August 25, josemanuelcontreras641@***.com, I dont know if something was wrong with my email or something, I need my 11 percent off receipt



I'm not happy with the delivery information. We bought and paid the 26 th when ordered , thought the delivery was for Thursday 27 that was scheduled for the 28 th . Now Monday 31st I've wasted my whole day and a day of labor waiting for my delivery from y'all . It was supposed to be from 11 am to 4 pm still not on the job 3:30.. This by far is unacceptable. I have the homeowner mad at me. I lost a whole days wage and I had to reschedule my next job . I will no longer be buying material at Menards for any future jobs .. Unless this is resolved in a professional manner. This makes my business look unprofessional. Delivery didn't show up until 6pm today..


They are thieves

Original review Jul 27, 2023
I took back 4. 5 gallon Buckets of paint that keep the paint give me a receipt inquiry email and then turn out and tell me that they don't have anything to do with no more And I may lose my $800 that I paid for all that paint I I'm supposed to just let them take $800 and just keep it if I had that kind of money I wouldn't be working so what can be done about this should I get lawyers soon


Menards I want to return some paint there 45 gallon buckets and this I didn't have a paper receipt and I didn't buy a credit card I paid cash so they keep my paint and give me a received inquiry email

They just gonna take my paint and my end and keep my money when I try to return my paint because I didn't have a receipt they think they think that's taking just rob people like that I think guess not even American


Selling products made in communist China

Hello, This is a copy of the initial e-mail sent to Bucket Boss and Master)Force Tools. Hello, I was at Menards today to buy a tool bag. The two bags I liked the most, MasterForce and Bucket Boss, were both made in China. I put them back, bought a box cutter made in Taiwan and blades made in the USA. The initial box cutter I wanted was also made in China so I didnt buy it. I went home and searched for tool bags made in the US. RhinoUSA popped up. After doing my due diligence, I found that your bags are also made in CHINA! So disappointing! You will support Communist Chinas economy but not Americas economy? Additionally, American companies try to appear that their products are made in the USA and make it VERY difficult for consumers to find the actual manufacturing country. What is wrong with businesses in this Country? I understand that it is evidently more expensive to manufacture products in the US but dont try to deceive Americans by the label RhinoUSA (with an American flag on some items). Disgusting. That is a slap in the face! If I cant find an item I want that is made in the US, I will buy items from Bangladesh, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia etc, etc. BUT not from China. 63% of items sold on Amazon are manufactured in China. If RhinoUSA cant make products in the US at a competitive rate then contact your state and federal senators and house members to push for change! China is a communist country and is our enemy. China supports Russias invasion of Ukraine and intimidates our military in neutral skies and seas. Quit supporting Chinas economy while our economy needs support! Think about taking USA and the American flag off your products or make change! To Menards, I find it interesting that the Terms of Service I agreed to from Menards were labeled as PissedConsumer! Will anyone of importance see this e-mail? Will Mr. John Menard see this e-mail? (The Menards Executive Team has a C+ rating). Concerned citizen, Trudy Buckley Sent from my iPhone


Not really a review, but something awful happened I think you should know. First I was a loyal customer for 20 years and no complaints but this can not go without some complaint.

Flooring, I was short one piece of Shaw flooring. I went to our store in Buffalo MN. The brand..Shaw Montay waterproof click flooring, the sign said discontinued not to reorder. then I looked up and seen the display still up with two pcs, asked the floor salesman what do you do with the display and he said they just throw them away. So I asked if I could have them, and he had to call his supervisor over trash (was not garbage to me) Supervisor told them to charge 25$ for me, they are about 6$ a piece OK, Got up to checkout and now they wanted 53$ 25$ a piece, I left, now it is a matter of just how do you treat us customers. Never been price gouged like that in there, always loved your store. My boss must spend 8 to 10 thousand a month plus all the other work I do on my own decks mostly. back to...would rather throw it away than let me have it. I was more than willing to pay, not that. I was like always polite to your staff, as always.


Incompetent tile installer that Menards recommended Terry Briscoe

My problem is a very incompetent contractor that Menards recommended, Terry Briscoe, name of his service was, professional flooring service, the job was to remove carpet that was glued to my bedroom floor in the basement then to glue excelon floor tile purchase from Menards costing $475.38, Terry agreed to the job for $350, he arrived on time, on Monday, June 26th had his son for his helper went to the bedroom shut the door ask for my vacuum, ask for me to find some rags, did not remove the baseboards, he did not get the tile under the baseboards even though there was enough room being the baseboards were on top of the carpet, did not get close to the walls some places were jagged edges, when they were done I asked him to remove two pieces of tile that was especially jagged, I didn't realize until they had left how bad it was. I had had tile put down before with no problem, the lady that sold me the tile at Menards said he came highly recommended, was even on Facebook she said. Terry told me that one gallon of glue was enough, I called and asked him when I was in the store. Then halfway through he said he needed more glue, I had to go to the store right then and buy more glue $80 when they left I realized glue was all over the floor so sticky every step you made your shoes stuck to the floor, glue was on the toilet, glue was on the toilet seat it was on the toilet seat cover on the bathroom door *** on the sheet that I had covering my bed, I had to leave my bed in the room it was so heavy, it was electric, found carpet fragments of carpet between tiles had to cut it out with scissors, some places tile didn't meet coming into my room from the hall it's not up against the wall, it's got at least 1/4 to 1/2 in gaps where there's no tile you can see the floor. I had about a half a box of tile left they got glue on the tile in the box they didn't even used, the four gallon container of glue was about half full when they finish glue all over the outside of the container. I had to buy mineral spirits $20 and had to get my grandkids to come and help me clean the glue off the floor, I'm 74 years old I have bad knees, I was still trying to help my knees irritated. I'm going to try to hire someone to come in and put quarter round down to hide the sloppy fittings against the wall. Some tile was not even, I had to take a soft hammer tap light on the those places and try to hold one hammer hit the other hammer on the floor to try to even and push the tile down. I definitely would not recommend this contractor for anything he wasn't friendly either, out of five stars maybe one the middle of the tile floor look pretty good but over by my bed a couple of tiles were whitish tinge I don't know what that was or why that turned out that way. He was extremely sloppy, I would not recommend this person to do anything, I definitely don't want him back in my home. He threw the old carpet out by my trash and did not ask me where I wanted it, I told him he'd have to put it out by the street, well then my garbage people didn't take it, so I was left to try to get rid of it. Sorry I've gone on and on but this has been expensive, almost a thousand dollars worth of nightmare and I'm not happy yet, still got to hire somebody to come put down the quarter round, wish I could just rip all this up and start over but I don't have that kind of money, I'm going to have to live with it. I'm going to the trouble to write you because I do not feel this guy is competent to do anything and I don't want anybody else to go through what I've just been through. Thank you, Jennifer Erwin


Poor customer service

Original review Jun 30, 2023
I went to Menards at 9600 Diamond Center, Mentor, Oh 44060. I purchased a defective dryer that did not dry when I hooked it up and started to use it. They would not help me to get another dryer and the manager Adam Trask was very nasty and unhelpful. This was my first time I ever bought anything from them. I would have needed them to come get the defective dryer and bring me another dryer. They would not help me, because I didn't pay the delivery fee originally. I do not have a truck to bring the dryer back. The manager was so nasty that he threatened to call the police on me and escorted me out of the store. It is the worst treatment that I have ever received from anyone. (I was warning other people in the store of the treatment I was receiving.)


Resolved: Menards has removed my ability to even track this order. They will not even reach out to me to explain what is going on. I have over $1000 dollars invested in this and they do have any answers or ev

Updated by user Jul 23, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Jun 23, 2023
I am waiting for my order of 200 lattice boards. Fed ex tried to ship me a Nordic bike from Menards. I refused delivery and want someone to find out where and when my order will arrive. I paid $355.00 for shipping and I cannot get any answers when I will receive. Please advise and get me my delivery asap. Randall Manning 740-924-**** MCOM3734****


Return Policy

I purchased a Poulan Pro chainsaw this am. I took it home added gas and oil and began project. After about 30 min saw quit. I attempted to restart no luck waited a longer no luck. After an hour of trying decided to return. At store was told could not return as product had been filled with gas and used? Asked for manager and same story. Was told signage in department and on product clearly states policy. Nothing could be done as Federal Policy. I was told could only be returned if inspected by certified Poulan service center. I was given name and address of local center. Not happy I decided to play game. Went address provided to fond that they had closed over 3 yrs ago. Returned to store and got same story. I advised I looked at signage in department and it states policy only referrers to WHELLED EQUIPMENT. Note whelled underlined on notice. Again told nothing could be done (Federal Law) and was given another location. I when there and was told they are authorized serve center put not approved for warranty work. This whole process took over 2 hrs. I have now driven more than 60 miles and am being stonewalled by a manager that won't step up to his responsibility. I have reviewed return policy on your website and it clearly states policy refers to WHELLED products as defined in your policy statement. This is reason no notice is placed in isle where chain saws and trimmers are displaced and sold. Transaction took place at Marion, IL store. Would like immediate resolution of matter. Phone 618 964-****. Email mandmhonz@***.com.


Paid something I never buy

I purchased at Menards Red Wing on 6/16/2023, just realised 2 items I never buy appeared on my bill 6'x8' TRTD DOGEAR Panel,SKU 173**** total $146.04 before tax


Not Happy!

My wife and I went shopping for a BBQ grill this morning and found what we liked. I am disabled and bound to a wheelchair, so I asked the manager if I could purchase the floor model , and he stated Yes, but my wife and I would need to pay an additional $30 which I wasn't happy with due to my situation. I shop at your store on a regular basis, but if somehow I don't get reimbursed my $30 , I will NEVER shop at your store again and will inform my family as well as my friends what had happened and to Never shop with you guy any longer!


Bad customer service

The manager very rude didnt want to try and help at all the floor that I bought has a lot of damage he doesnt want to take it back, wants to charge 25 percent for returning damaged floor


Resolved: Online order

Updated by user Jun 08, 2023

Kept email every one finally they corrected email address young lady name Elizabeth at Bridgeview il store was very nice and more help when I bring in my phone.

Original review Jun 07, 2023
Every time we place an online order we never receive confirmation email happened last 5 times making it hard to pick up order and get a receipt that can be used for rebate doesnt seem like a hard thing to do


I am redecorating my entire house. On Tuesday May 23, I had a wonderful young man patiently helping me and giving me suggestions for all the overhead light covers in my house. I took pictures of them

To show my husband and when I came back from the paint department to choose the light fixtures there was a nasty mouthed man degrading the boy who had helped me so much. I certainly hope the time he spent helping me out wasn't the reason. I'd like you to know Johnathan J. is a very knowledgeable young man. And I will go back to purchase all the light fixtures he recommended. However, Michael, Mickel, or however you pronounce his name is terrible and I will go to Lowe's (I hate that place) to avoid this man. Speaking down to a teenager or young adult because you can is an abuse of power. And I certainly will not keep being a loyal customer if that's how management treats their associates!


Left Menards literally crying rivers... The ABSOLUTE WORST experience I've EVER had!

Original review Apr 24, 2023
Me and my Boyfriend we're just at menards on University Avenue in Minnesota and we arrived at about *:** PM. We had separated because we were both looking for things that we needed before they closed and apparently it seems like they were very mistaken on what they thought happened...because they behaved very unprofessionally and their actions need to be held accountable. After all this we deserve some sort of an explanation for what happened tonight. My boyfriend (Dominick) was forced to leave the store and was told he was unable to purchase the things that he had picked out, without any reason. And before this event took place, he was forced to get out of the cart that drives handicapped around the store without a reason. He was told by his doctor to try to do as least walking as possible due to the health complications he is going thru right now, *so then they take the motor cart from him, which makes it so he has to carry all the items in the cart in his hands. With hands full of merchandise and now walking around in actual physical pain, minutes later they approach him and now they are telling him that he needs to hand over the items and leave the store immediately. They made him follow them out to the main entrance doors by * security guards and an employee. He was not even given a reason why, and was shown no sort of any respect whatsoever. He was literally forced to leave the store without any explanation. Not only did they make him leave, but they went as far as even denied him the option to purchase any of the items he had just picked out. And at this point, he is seriously confused, disrespected, as well as clearly being harassed, and now having his rights as a paying customer being literally stripped and taken away from him without any sort of reasoning at all while being treated as if he commited a crime, (which he did NOT). They asked him to to search my purse (that he was carrying in the motor cart for me, because i didn't want to carry it around while i was shopping) which he absolutely allowed them to do, without any hesitation because he didn't have any merchandise in any sort of location besides the cart, or his hands... after the cart was taken away from him. This gives Dominick the idea that they probably are under the impression that he has taken something so he willingly said that he gave them the O.K. to let them search him and even told them to check the cameras because he is not a thief and is trying to show them that. They refused to search him and continued telling him that he needed to leave the property. So, after he was followed out the store he went on to sit in the car and wait for me. From the emotional distress this situation that just unfolded, he literally began to cry hysterically, from frustration, embarrassment, confusion, anger and the serious example of disrespect that was just displayed on him. Dominick is already a person that is going through a lot of mental problems as it is, as well as the physical problems that are more recent, this occurrence has caused him some of the most severe emotional distress that he has ever experienced from people who are supposed to be professional yet he was treated so unfairly, and like a criminal without even committing any type of crime. After that happened, they found me later on in the store and approached me stating that I needed to leave as well, while this employee began to take the items i had picked out, straight from my arms then went on to ask me where some items were that I had previously set down earlier. I gladly showed him exactly where i set them down and continued to tell me that i was being forced to leave the store and that he needed my photo to be taken. I told him my boyfriend was going to pay for those and he said "are you sure about that? i don't think he's going to." Then he and another security officer walked me out of the building and now it is ***- at this point we have been forced out of the store without any reason and being treated like criminals without having committed any crime. I walked to the vehicle to find Dominick already sitting inside of the car balling his eyes out. This situation was poorly handled in every way. We went to the store in the first place to buy something for his brake lights, (mind you, which do not work and it's night time) So now not only is every store closed now that sells what he needed, but now we are more likely to be pulled over and ticketed*cited for the brake light issue... causing Dom more anxiety and stress. I do not understand why we were treated this way or why they reacted this way. We had money, yet were denied buying our items. Neither of us took anything, and neither of us gave them a hard time. But this issue needs to be investigated because this is absolutely not OK, *Dominick and myself did not deserve the mistreatment we recieved and we are demanding some sort of explanation as this is not how anyone should be treated ever. Some sort of apology needs to be made for what we went through tonight. There needs to be some sort of accountability for what went on here. This happened and it shouldn't have, cause it really didn't need to, and it's not right that Dominick now is going thru these emotional distress episodes that had just stemmed from this event. Investigate this and please give me an answer. I would have no problem bringing this to corporate, or pursuing further as far as it needs to go until we get some answers and justice. *Thank you, Lex

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