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Meineke has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 830 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 4th position out of 1094 companies.


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I need to dpeak with someone

All I have to say is I will never take my car back They have the worst customer service ever. They also have the. Business decisions ever. Especially when it comes to the customer.


The mechanic at the location on Indian River Road in Virginia Beach purposely damaged my fog, lights to pet failed inspection

The mechanic raised my vehicle went underneath and started messing with the wires for my fog lights after 10 minutes the store manager came in and told me that my fog lights were not working and that it would be $160 for them to diagnose the problem At that point. I asked the manager why the mechanic went underneath the car and mess with the wires before telling me what he was looking for.


Damage to my wheel

Updated by user Aug 14, 2023
No response from Gary zuecker

Original review Aug 14, 2023
No response to my complaint. I was told the district manager would get back to me on Saturday Ive not heard from anyone I have other issues that I wasnt even gonna bring up they lost a wheel lock on one of my wheels they broke a wheel sensor and said well if I buy the part they would bite the labor the part was showing to me and he showed me it was broken he said he mightve accidentally done it I ask him to plug the tire instead of taking it off the rim because I did not trust the young man that was working on it needless to say now I have damage to the rim


No response from the business

Damaged my wheel, I went there this morning and ask them to replace my Will this wheel is on the $31,000 jeep they said the corporate manager would call me today he has not returned my call nor does he plan on it accordingly its now 3:45 this started at 8 oclock this morning I am not happy but I will when my attorney is already on it sure call


Lack of knowledge

Do Had my A/C replaced and they didnt connect everything, the Freon leaked out and I had to pay to repair. I have contacted corporate and they have done nothing to help. They sent me this to write a review I just need my money back.


They lied!!! I fixed it Myself!

Meineke made my car worse! The Meineke in Dundalk Md/ Merritt Blvd and North Point Road broke a part in my Car and didn't do the Work that I had asked...Then they turned around and Charged me for doing Nothing thay I asked...Zak Hashim 2005 Toyota A


After failing MVA emissions test because of red warning light, took car to Meineke twice and paid them $690+ and they failed to repair, Took car once to MR. TIRE AP and they repaired fir $150.

See reason: See reason! See reason! See reason! See reason! See reason. RIP OFF. RIP OFF.. RIP OFF. RIP OFF,


I have not heard from anyone and I’ve tried several different contact phone numbers. Good luck finding corporate complaints department/ customer relations.

I have spoken to 2 of your representatives regarding customer complaint contact information. Both were not willing to assist. I am requesting a member from your customer experience team for Las Vegas Nevada please contact us regarding the despicable way we were treated at one of your stores


Homophobic store employee

I recently tried to go to a Meineke location for an inspection, and when I said the word "partner" to describe my significant other to the employee, he began making obvious faces and pronouncing the word "partner" with an over-the-top suspicious tone. It made me highly uncomfortable, and I received extremely poor service due to the implication that I may be in a same sex relationship.


Illegal activities; fraud; stolen vehicle

Response to Mr. Zef, You are 1000% correct in your statement/complaint. I believe you are trying to locate the Franchise owner Gordon McCarthy I believe and District Manager Robert Biddle. I believe the Benjamin Luffell you refer to is part of the group who financed the franchise. Yes, these people are 100% crooks. I know for a fact they up charge and require their employees to do so. They cant keep employees. They work them over 60 hours a week and dont pay them. No time off. My next call is the labor commission. Ive already contacted the local PD and reported my car stolen. These people have a large and lucrative contract with a well known car rental company. These particular charge this rental company to install catalytic converters. There is a part that isnt absolutely necessary to keep on the install. These crooks dont replace that part but charge the rental company for it any way which is over $400 per vehicle. I went to three different shops owned by this group and was up charged and told the same story about the repairs my car should have. My car didnt need such repairs at all. A simple filter that costs $12 is up charged to the customer for $50. Ive reached out to corporate and havent received a response. I gave them names, shops and factual incidents. I cant imagine a corporation would choose to be affiliated with crooks that are franchised under their umbrella. Maybe corporate is in on the fraudulent dealings as well.


Damages done at one of your franchises

They are still refusing to take responsibility for what they did to my car.And their customer service and support line keeps lying and saying they will call me.They never call.758.00 to repair the AC.Damaged my transmission lines in the process and refuse to take responsibility.Another 528.00 to repair lines.This place disgusts me.Never again.


Over charged

Update on the robbery of my grandson by the Meineke Car Care Center at 5031 Bryant Irvin Rd, Fort Worth,TX. This franchise is apparently owned by MTH2 LLC from Dallas, but with an address on Bryant Irvin Rd (above). MTH2s CEO is Benjamin Leffell. I have tried to communicate with Robert (wouldnt give me his last name), but no success so far. The Meineke company is owned by owned by Driven Brands hqd in Charlotte, NC and their CEO is Jonathan Fitzpatrick. Mr. Fitzpatrick, I have read your bio and corporate mission. You talk about Integrity in your mission statement, therefore I strongly suggest that you sanitize your portfolio and sell your Meineke stock. Before it goes to worthless. Based on the over 1000 bad reviews on the internet, the Meineke employees and managers a riddled with people who are operating on the edge ( if not over it) running a legitimate business. Apparently, they routinely rip customers off , lie to customers, do repairs that are not needed, over charge customers and are extremely vulgar and rude to their customers. Follow my advice and get out while you can I will never (and highly recommend to everyone who reads this complaint) to never never never do business with Meineke. Larry Toups



Updated by user Oct 07, 2022
Upon Derek the manager on site said he uses oem parts that’s why the cost, I said NO that’s something you ask the customer if they want you don’t decide their money situation!!! No resolution!!

I get my car and the windshield wipers don’t work, the engine over heats, the ac doesn’t work, all 4 tires were at 13 psi, the turn signal lever doesn’t work, mind you all of this worked!!!! Idk what to do I was done wrong and this company could careless!!!!

Original review Sep 30, 2022
We had our Chevy towed in to mineke in Glendale,Az we didnt know the cause of car issue so diagnostic of course cost but then to pay $670 dollars for spark plugs and ignition coil is absolutely ridiculous leaving us with a $868 dollar bill one estimate was $450 then we denied gasket cover for $400 dollars and all the sudden it went to $670. Labor of $304 dollars leaving balance of $974 with $76! Discount $898 our car still there bc we just dont have it. Customer service is horrible and dont trust them dont go there they dont care about customers they only care about robbing them!!!


If I could give this McMinnville Meinke a zero star I would

I experienced the worst service Ive ever had at this McMinnville location. Michael is the worst mechanic Ive ever come across. I went in for an oil change and AC service and left with a broken down car that has $0 value when it was a 2011 Chevy equinox with a $3,000+ value with the condition it was in. He took my engine apart to see what was wrong with the engine noise and quoted me a $11,000 repair! I had to obviously decline and his bad attitude and lack of care made it even worse. When I went to pick up my vehicle he didnt have it ready and I watched him in minutes throw parts back into my engine did and sent me on my way. My car sounded 10x worse and it broke down a block away from meieke. I have 3 witnesses who inspected my car and told me that Meineke, Michael did not put any oil in my car like he said he did and bolts were missing and parts missing from my engine! It seemed like he completely sabotaged my car because I refused to pay $11,000 for repairs! I was forced that same day to by a new car and now Im out $3,000-5,000+ dollars because I went there to only get a oil change! The Chevy had $0 value being a ruined engine and I went in with a driving car that had no check engine light on to a broke down vehicle with the check engine light on! They had the nerve to blame me when I called the owner/manager some rude woman who I hadnt worked with before and who denied they did anything wrong! Total bogus rip off of a place! These people dont care and took advantage of a single young woman. Im completely pissed and looking to purse the local news since they dont seem to care about customer service and made my car 100x worse than it was!! Dont go here unless you want to be ripped off! I had to buy a new car which was unexpected and incredibly expensive and they had the nerve to make me feel worse about the situation when it was 100% their fault. I wish I never went there. Michael saw he could take advantage and he was a total mean person to me and heartless. The female manager was in on the scam as well. Rude people. If they want to blame me thats funny cuz Ive been to that same location for 6 months already spent $3,000 in engine repairs and oil changes so they are the ones who had been servicing my car this whole time (not Michael his name was Nathan and he doesnt work there I guess anymore) so if they want to blame me when Ive paid them so much money and used them before. Dont go here! I believe the woman is named Crystal, most unprofessional manager ive also ever encountered. Both are clearly scam pros, avoid this location! McMinnville OR location #2177 avoid, avoid!



Updated by user Aug 03, 2022
Transmission delivered July 14th never got a call. After a week I called found out they had it since July 14th.

They never said it was damaged. They installed the damaged transmission. Then inform me that it leaked.

No kidding. I was told after they had it a week...

Original review Aug 03, 2022
I called July 28th reported an incident regarding a transmission on a 2009 Subaru Forester. The mechanic who is supposed to be professional installed a transmission that had a major dent in the drip pan of the transmission that I had delivered and purchased. I'll explain the whole situation to corporate or customer service. That's just a minute information of what has transpired since I've been doing business with meineke. I was supposed to be contacted within 48 hours since the weekend was coming up I said okay so that would probably be around Monday or Tuesday. It is now Wednesday August 3rd, I called them back I was told that oh that means 48 hours of business hours so that's a week. So don't tell your customers 48 hours when really it's a weak turnaround time don't play with us money does not grow on trees for most of us. And when we have our car in the shop that would be due to we need it back pretty urgently


Not happy with my service

Updated by user Jul 11, 2022
Meineke corporate office have yet to contact me regarding my complaint.

Original review Jul 11, 2022
Seen my battery light came on the 25th but when I stated it back up didnt come on again till the next day on the 26th and on the 26th took it to Advance Auto and they check out my battery said it wasnt good, but it was low because the alternator wasn't charging it. So, the next day I dropped my car off at Meineke on June 27,2022 at 12PM that day for them to replace my alternator. The worker Devin called and stated that I had to replace my battery too or my alternator wouldnt be under warrant, so I agreed and they had to wait on my protection plan warranty to approve what they was going to pay, he all so stated what they had to do was to take off my whole front end because I was saying that was a lot to pay just for an alternator and battery but I did let the fix it and picked it up on the June 30th which was a Thursday on my first job lunch break and really didnt notice nothing until late that Friday July 1st , notice my right headlight was out and upon checking that notice my bumper wasn't on correctly and that my headlight wasnt in place correctly. So first thing that Saturday I called and spoke with Devin stating to him about the problems that I had found with me car, that my headlight wasnt in place back correctly and my bumper was correct as while and with that he stated the all they took off was my bumper but for repairing my car he had stated the had to take off my whole front end; but told me to bring it up there Monday because they were busy , which I did take it up there on Monday July 4th and while waiting called Meineke corporate office number and customer service took my complaint because they said the corporate office was closed and they would turn in my complaint. Devin brought back out my car and stated they just fixed my bumper because thats all that they took off and I stated to him that wasnt all that was wrong , just my bumper , that my bumper is contacted to my headlight maybe someone made a mistake and I tried telling him that they are the only one that has been under my care since I bought the car and when purchasing my car me and my son examined under the hood thoroughly and with my OCD I do not like things out of place, I would have noticed if something was out of place when I purchased the car. So, I left mad and unsatisfied and took my car to my son to see could he fix my headlight because it was still out and not place back in correctly but he couldnt because of how everything is on my car but did notice other things they did wrong like my battery wasnt secured properly that they put in and that they broke pieces off of my support bar under my hood, the right mount that connects to headlight assembly and the mount that holds my windshield fluid tube. July 5th called Meineke again and asked to speak to the supervisor or manager and I explained everything to Jason that said he was the supervisor there and he asked me to bring it up there, which I did once again and showing him everything that was wrong; which he did try to satisfy me with trying to put everything back in place they way it was and should be and I asked him since they had to put everything back in place correctly to check my headlight since it wasnt out till I brought it to them and he said yes but didnt it. So, when asking him about the headlight he said he total forgot and pulled my car back in but the workers there are so lazy the guy took my blub out and put in the new one without checking the old one just saying the new was bad, but it wasnt. A real mechanic would have checked my fuses too, but they didnt, and I had to get someone else to fix what they messed up. Since I need to replace parts because of this company I should get some of my money back. And if Meineke corporate office do not contact me back Im going to sue them!


Make a complaint

Considering that I have called over a dozen phone numbers, I have sent complaint requests, and I have tried to get information from the Meineke that has my car. And even with all of that I haven't spoken with anyone of status that can help mor have I gotten resolve to my terrible and negligent experience, I can say in full spirit that this is the worst company to have to deal with. Absolutely disgusting business ethics are all I have encountered so far.

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