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Medco has a 1.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 234 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 12th position out of 351 companies.


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Medco Reviews


Questions about my daughters insurance

I went to go pick up my daughters prescription at the pharmacy and was told that she has this insurance on file. I called her other insurance and they gave me Medco as the name of the insurance on file and they gave me a policy number in a group number I called the pharmacy back and they said they need a BIN number and a PCN number from this insurance so that they can process her prescription.



Never heard of them but now my pharmacy has them listed as my insurance. How did they get my info, who paid for it ?useuse caution


Change my plan

I dont now who you are and how I got on ur plan I didnt ask to change to ur plan I dont like it i want to change this ove to the plan i before you


How did I get enrolled in your plan without consent

I went to the local Community Health Clinic to receive free medical care. When I went to their pharmacy to pick up my "free" meds I was informed that I have insurance through this Medco. WTF!? I didn't enroll with Medco! So, I wound up paying for my meds. When I called this Medco their representatives kept hanging up on me when I explained what was going on. Something is very "fishy" and very wrong about this insurance company. When I finally got a hold of their customer service, they told me I wasn't enrolled in this plan. So, how did this health clinic have record that I was insured through them? I'm now in the process of finding out answers from them and getting this matter corrected.


I have been charged $173 on my credit card and I have no info on Mexico never signed a plan with Mexico and I would like to know what’s going on

I have been charged $173 on my credit card and I have no info on Mexico never signed a plan with Mexico and I would like to know whats going online


Cancel health coverage

Im currently receiving medicade but blue cross blue shield needs to be removed and cancelled. Im no longer employed with Tjmaxx. Its showing up in the system. It is listing I have insurance with Medco it needs to be removed as soon as possible.


My coverage cancelled

Pharmacy will not accept State of Delaware medco for payment. They say coverage has been canceled. I have no knowledge of cancellation


Bogus prior authorization

Ive been taking a med for several years - one that we finally found that works well for me condition - then all of the sudden Medco wouldnt fill it. First told me it was due to a prior balance not being paid, then said that wasnt it - but rather was because a prior authorization was required. What BS. Have been taking it forever and now needs this. Just Medco trying to get out of paying for something that actually works!


RX problem

My dr called in a pain killer for my son who just has surgery. It was for 5 days, which is the allowed amount by law. Walgreens stated that my insurance (Medco) will only authorize 3 days of pain killer. And my dr will have to call back in and resubmit for a refill. Well they cant do that for 5 days so now my son doesnt have enough medicine to get him through the weekend. This is unacceptable. My dr followed the letter of the law and my son has never had surgery before. Never been prescribed a narcotic. It seems as though he is being punished for something he has never done. The dr said he would prescribe a different medicine to get him through the weekend. If this one isnt accepted I will be irate



I've been waiting almost 2 weeks for a paper to be emailed to me stating no insurance through them, have called a bunch of times and still haven't got it resolved


Pass due script

Never got The text or got to talk to anyone. My wife has been without her script for 2 or 3 days with this confusion. Then this was NO help at all.


Getting the run arond

I am trying to get a letter stating I no longer have them as my medical so that I can receive medical elsewhere and all Im getting is the run around I need lelp for cronic debilitation pain Eva Figueroa 267410****



Please call 203-727-**** I want to talk to a live representative


Cashed bill

My mistake a money transaction was sent to you. It was cashed and I need to have it returned please


ExpressScripts and their incompetence

I have been trying to get an approved RX from my Dr. Filled from ExpressScrpits for 4 months now. 5 or 6 calls later, (with being on hold up to 45 minutes at a time. iT WAS PROMISED FINALLY THAT IT OWULD BE EXPEDITED. That was yesterday. I come in today - 2 letters from them. Now they have decided they must spek with my dr. to review my medications that I take before they will ok this RX????WHAT???? I didn't give them permission to speak to my doctor. They are NOT doctors and have no business sharing any of my medical information to a doctor that I have not given permission to. It was just another way to NOT pay for this particular RX...They denied it 4 times...Finally approved. So instead of EXPEDITING like they promised, we are back again to NO DATE AND NO APPROVAL. I was so made, I said, forget it my RX. I'll freaken die before I use you again. I told them after that I took my blood pressure and it was up 150/105 and suggested that maybe they thought it was funny to see if they could give me a heart attack or a stroke. I've taken this med for a year now, and have had no other medicines added from anyone else for over 2 years now... I just told them - calcel that RX. Cancel everything in your system. I absolutely refuse to deal with you again. No pill is worth it. If I keel over, I've kept your notes over 4 months, and YOU can deal with it, but I'M done with your incompetence and God-Like attitude. You are a pharmacy. Worse, you are a commodity group that goes out to all different places for cheap prices. Not sure of the quality since you never know where it comes from. I am truly wondering if I can sue them for severe stress


Medco Delivery Service Review

I am in the process of starting a class action lawsuit against Medco. My sister cannot get her medication on time and they are the most medically negligent pharmacy company I've every seen. So many violations. My email is desert7rain@***.com. this can't continue.

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