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Masonite has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 60 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 18th position out of 170 companies.


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Masonite are liars

They refuse to refund my money with a five month lead time. Ive tried to cancel and find something with an accurate time they are declining to cancel my order. They have no answer if the doors are actually made or when they will arrive. Their emails are passive aggressive and they have no customer service or care for the actual customer. Do not use this company for any reason.


Leaking water through the windows

I bought the window door with the 2 sidelights also with windows. 2 years later they started leaking I called them and they sent a replacement set but said I had to pay for them to be put in again Now with the recent rain they are leaking water again ruining my hardwood flooring I have to wait till tomorrow to call them again to get them replaced again. Im beside myself with frustration over this horrible situation and mess and money to pay for this Do not buy this product not worth it Im so upset now we have more rain coming tomorrow and I have no idea what to do to fix this problem


Horrible product, worse service

I would give negative stars if I could! These 3 doors have been installed for less than a year! We contacted Masonite after our door installer said that there was an issue with warping. (We had two separate installers tell us the same thing) Masonite sent an incredibly rude tech, who had said that before he arrived at our home he knew that the doors were not installed correctly. He had not even seen them when he said that to me on the phone. He arrived and proceeded to check them with a 6" level. NOT the string method that Masonite had said for us to use. We had used the string method, a 4' level and even tried a 6' level. (Photos with our black 6 foot husky level) We even tried to show the tech using string and our longer levels but he refused to look. When we attempted to ask him for help fixing them, he told us that "you do not install the doors the way it says in the Masonite installation manual. You lay the doors on the floor. You removed the prehung doors from the casing, install the casing, then rehang the doors. It takes 8 hours to install each of these doors" (not a single contractor in our area that we spoke to had ever heard of such a thing) We again asked him for help and he said you just have to know how to do it. "Keep adjusting" but he refused to help and refused to explain what he meant when we asked him questions. When we tried to ask questions about the effects of adjusting at one corner affecting a different corner, he told us that was irrelevant. The tech asked us to sign a blank form that he would fill out later with details of what we had agreed to. We had not agreed to anything he had said. He told us that because more that 45 days had passed since door purchase and we had not yet painted the doors that the warranty was void! What does paint have to do with how the door hangs and swings. Masonite closed our claim after his visit. NO where did we find or were we told that Masonite doors could ONLY be installed by a specifically trained and employed Masonite employee. The distributors should be informing customers of this and the associated fees upfront. It is sneaky and deceitful on behalf of the Masonite company. We were simply looking for help from Masonite and if the doors could have been fixed by the tech we would have been happy. We said that to him and he said that "isn't my job. I am here to decide if you have a warranty claim or not. Your warranty is void due to them not being painted within the 45 days." I have more photos!



I did not write a review however I was trying to contact the company and beneath and typed out an email and when I went to send it it said it was a bad website. Even though it had everything to do with masonite masonite. Anyways I am just trying to find out if your your Palm tree doorglass is a film over regular glass or if it's actually etched into the glass itself? One of the door dealers that I talked to here in Jacksonville Florida said that it was just a film that goes over the glass. I'm still waiting to hear back from home depot but if it is a film over regular glass then I'm probably going to have to figure out something else to get.. And I don't want anything that can possibly peel off at a later date. If you could answer my question about that I would really be appreciative.. Mari Griffith


Horrible customer service and warranty is horrible they will not honor the warranty. Fought with them for days and no one would help. Skin of dirt separates with in 48 hours of install

Door was broken. After install the skin separates and they would do nothing to cover under warranty They said it was Home Depots problem not theirs Horrible rude service and they do not care about customers They should be out of business Ever again will I purchase their junk


Want to complain about quality

Ordered 10 interior doors horrible quality slapped together covered up by the cardboard at the top hiding the horrible mess


Bad quality

My husband who is a carpenter just took 3 hours installing a interior door from Lowes Masonite all of them are just slapped together without any quality control . Buyer beware if you want a quality product .


Poor Quality Louvre Bi Fold Doors

I bought two 30 louvre Bi Fold doors , I am very disappointed in the quality , one is warped , they both have dents and marks that have just been painted over, the finish of the paint is extremely poor , very rough. Not sure what they do for quality control, seems to be non existent.


Terrible Customer Service

If you buy custom doors and have any issues at all, good luck getting any response at all from the company. Try calling their corporate number and see what happens. There is no way to get in touch with anyone there, and if you do get an operator, she will send you to a nonworking voicemail box and no one will return your call. I have been waiting almost 6 months, for doors I ordered in July. I ordered them through Home Depot, who have basically washed their hands of the whole mess (thanks Home Depot your review is next) and I can't find out any information on when they are coming. I would never order doors from Masonite again.


Poor customer service

I ordered a Masonite door in Lowes Paterson NJ on September 29 and was told October 21 was delivery date, then I received a call stating October 28 was the new delivery date on the 28th I received another call stating November 18th was the delivery date, then another call stating the 20th of November was the new date and Today November 17th Yet another call saying the 25th of November is the new delivery date. well if you purchase a door from Masonite you need your head examined. VERY BAD COMPANY DO NOT BUY A MASONITE DOOR.


Bottom door seal has a gap and there is no adjusment

I installed a new steel entry door and there is a gap at the bottom. I don't see anyway to adjust the door seal to correct this problem. I called Masonite to see if there was some way to adjust the bottom seal, the girl I spoke to said she couldn't help me unless I had the PO number. I told her all I had was the sticker from the door that had the model number on it and that I bought it from Lowe's. she said I would have to get the PO number from Lowe's before she could help me. I told her to forget about it that I would never by a Masonite door again. Also there is an 8th inch difference between the top and bottom of the door jam from the factory, so you can't get a good seal at the bottom. POOR QUALITY!!!!!!!


Employee Retention

No good deed goes unpunished. An 11 year employer loyal to the company and customers can be thrown under the bus by an ambitious supervisor sucking up to the big boss. Sergio in Mesquite - watch your back. Donnie is out to get you. $5000.00 break broken by Donnie not locking out the break.


Poor quality interior doors and closet doors

I just installed seven interior prehung solid core Masonite doors. I'm very unhappy with the quality. The doors are nothing more than very soft pressed sawdust. I thought if I went with a solid core door I would get a better quality than the hollow core doors, but they we're not worth the money.


Warranty is a bust!

We purchased a Masonite exterior door with mini blinds in a full lite glass insert. The blinds are treated gently, but have broken twice in under two years. The company repaired them the first time, but the second time after over a month they ordered the part to be delivered to Lowes, which I had to pick up over a half hour away from my house, and apparently I am just supposed to know how to replace a 6 foot, double glass panel in the door by myself! I am shocked at the customer service and extremely disappointed. I wish I had never bought the faulty door.


Rotted from the inside out-Masonite

We bought the prehung Masonite door 17 years ago from Home Depot. Thought we had done something great for our home. Within first year the paint kept peeling and bubbling on the trim on each side of the exterior. Could not figure out why because I was buying high end paint and priming again and again. Had to wood fill a couple spots as the wood got soft. Today we had to cut the entire bottom of each side of the door off to rebuild it. The door had rotted from the inside out. There is almost no noticeable sealing material between the rotted wood and sill. The ends of the wood just soaked up the water like a sponge. Aesthetically the seal material used for the windows is horrible. It bubbles like old gum and I still have more coming out 17 years later. The main door glass is fogging so that seal must have oozed so much it now leaks. I have given Masonite photos and an email. Not expecting anything but it is so disappointing that exterior doors can last decades with proper care and despite my efforts this one was deteriorating already within the first year. We will replace this door next year-my husband is trying to salvage it with wood blocks, wood filler and extra supports to last through winter. What brand of door I choose is dependent on what Masonite has to say. I’m no expert but even I know that unprotected wood that is not sealed will suck up water and rot. This wood was not even quality stuff-pieced together junk. It’s a lot of money for screwed up product. On first install the glass inserts had broken glass inside. Home Depot had to come back to replace it weeks later when a new one arrived. It was time off work and by this time I had my doubts about what we selected. I feel so badly for people who get taken by this company. We saved for this purchase initially and will do the same for the replacement. If I were retired and/or on a fixed income this would be a major hardship. Nothing is worse than a door that is rotted or cannot be counted on to secure and safely enter or exit your home.


Shoddy Quality

Purchased a Masonite Exterior door with side panels. Half moon window in door was crooked. Many dents in frame. Plugs used for wholes missing, not inserted in same direction as grain, or just missing. Cheap wood used for frame. Wonder how this got of quality at the factory.

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