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1.8/5 - based on 207 reviews

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Marvin Windows And Doors has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 207 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 6th position out of 170 companies.


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Marvin Windows And Doors Reviews


Great windows unless you need to open and close them

Impossible to easily open and close. My 70 year old mother cannot open or close these windows. Terrible choice and expensive!!


Ultimate windiws

I never complained as I love Marvin doors and now planning to buy 7 windows. I asked about options on Trims .


Poor customer service

Replaced slider for Marvins Coast Line French doors January 2023. Took five months for doors to arrive. Installer from window company( not Marvin) was fantastic and noticed the holes that came drilled from factory were too large. Marvin sent rep out, he was rude to the point he put a nick in the glass of one door. Marvin factory sent new side rails, only for holes to be too large again. Here we are at June 2,2023 and service guys are here putting new side rails on the doors without checking to see if holes will be covered by handles. Theyve put nothing up to cover opening and already its been over three hours. So our whole house is being flooded with mosquitoes. Marvin only cares about the money not the customers.


Installation of a screen door

We were just questioning which way the screen door should swing. The person we spike with was very helpful.


Faulty locking mechanism on new door

I need a service technician lock will no engage two photos attached please confirm and advise scheduling If more information is needed please cal me at 832-236-****


Very dissatisfied customer

Had a $25,000 front entry installed and from day one it leaked! It has been seven months now and all I get out of Marvin is excuses excuses excuses, no repairs! Horrible company!


Crappiest Windows and service I've ever had

I typically don't write bad reviews but people need to be warned. I built a new home for over 750k and went with the Ultimate Marvin Windows at a HUGE cost over the top of the line Anderson Windows. These windows look pretty, but that's all they have going for them. Right after installation in April 2022 I pointed out to the installer that 6 of the 17 windows didn't seal worth a hoot because I could see daylight between the seals and frame. My general contractor contacted Kropf Lumber, Hesston, KS since this is where the windows were purchased. They came out and looked at the windows and determined that it seemed like a manufacturer issue with the seals and told me they had contacted Marvin for a solution. After repeated phone calls and emails to Kropf Lumber for 6 months I was finally given a case # told someone from Marvin would be in contact with me within 7 business days. It has been more than 14 days now and still nothing. Marvin is evidently as reliable as their windows. Not only do the seals suck, but the overall efficiency does too. You can feel cold air by every window. Even the ones where I can't see the daylight between the seals. When I built my previous house I went with the Anderson Eagle Windows and you couldn't feel any temperature difference when you walked by a window. That's how windows are supposed to be! Beware before going with Marvin! Come to KS and see what crap I have before you spend even $5 with them. I expect to have to file lawsuits against both Marvin windows and Kropf Lumber to get a resolution.


Delivery delay

Original review Dec 06, 2022
Ordered new windows for a new build project in Key West FL November 2021. It is now one year later and still 25-30% of the windows have not been delivered. How does this company survive? The dealer is Island Windows and Doors in Key West.


New windows lesk

New construction elevate windows. Weather stripping is a train wreck. Thermal image pics show these new windows leak. I have 28 windows installed and they all look similar. Anyone else get a resolution to this?


My window purchase

I purchased a 3 panel patio door threw my Marvin representative @ Consolidated Builders Supply, Inc. Invoice date is 11/22/21. Order date was 8/9/21. Serial # x215********. Nfrc-335. I have contacted CBS. Mike Malloy contact person. He said another person would call me & set up an apt. To see the window. I have not heard from them. It has been 5 weeks. My name is Paula Miller. My contractor is Victor Weatherly. I live in Elk City, Oklahoma. The window panels will not come clean. Your company sent me a product called Sparkle to try. This has not worked ! I have used it 5 different times. I deserve some attention!! Please respond quickly! Paula Miller


I need information to repair door handle

No complaint, other than not being able to get directions on how to replace the keyed lock on the Marvin swinging French door. After opening the operating door the handle does not spring back into place. I have to manually raise the handle. Can the spring be replaced so the handle returns to its resting position or does the entire locking mechanism have to be changed? How do I remove the entire locking mechanism from the door? I have had my Marvin windows and doors for 21 years and I am proud to show them off when someone asks about them. Thank you in advance for your help. Mike Dewberry 443-871-**** Email: mldewberry1@***.com


So you don’t make the same mistake I did

Yeah they have been a total POS company and I literally want to smash my slider doors every time I try to use their cheap weirdly small locking mechanism. Every one of their doors (we bought 6) feels flimsy and loose. They are a nightmare to lock and The handles giggle. And the metal scuffes so easily. They really are crap for the price (The window seem fine so far too early to tell) We had no choice when we placed our order because the windows he wanted were way too far out big surprise these guys had more availability. Im at least going to replace my sliding doors that cost me a lot of money by the way. Oh and they also sold us a defective window that the loser installer they referred to us installed. We didnt realize it until it rained and water was dripping into the house. So they admitted that it was a factory default they finally sent somebody else to rip out the window mind you they want to rip out the entire huge window right after we finally finish getting stucco. We told them just take out the bottom piece from the inside of the house which they paid the same company to do that. Guess who got left with the bill to replace the drywall? Yeah according to them its not their fault because even though it was a factory defect and the window was put together incorrectly the installer they recommended we use should have known better and shouldnt have installed it. Its like they know that youre in the middle of a remodel or a build and are so overwhelmed with all the stuff that they just treat you like crap and do the bare minimum knowing that youre just gonna eventually move on because you just want it to be over. If there is ever a lawsuit against these crooks I would happily join


No reply to email about poorly made window

Side window sits 1/4 inch below main center window. Installed and it cannot be adjusted. Poor Quality control at factory!


Have been waiting for screens for our patio doors for over a year.

We bought tens of thousands of windows and doors for our renovation project last year. The screens for our (5) 8' patio door slider arrived to short. We have been waiting over a year now on the replacements. I would not order from this company again. There communication is also poor at best. Can you give less than a star?


If someone breaks a window you’re screwed

In 2005 I equipped my house with all new wood clad Marvin windows thinking they were a quality product. Mechanically theyve been able to withstand test of time, but when one of the panes was broken I was told I would need to replace the entire window! But to add insult to injury, the window is discontinued and is a part of a set, so I would need to replace 5 windows to make them match!! So with installation, replacing a pane of glass could cost me upwards of $5000. This is obviously a massive design flaw and Marvin is unwilling to take responsibility for it. This is disappointing to say the least, and my recommendation is to avoid Marvin Windows at all costs.


No Windows. No Customer service

We ordered Marvin Windows in August 2021, with a 16 week lead time. The windows were promised the week of Thanksgiving 2021 16 of the windows arrived on 8th of December 2021. As of January 15th, 2022, we still don't have Windows. Our job is stopped in its tracks. We have been lied to by at least four different people at Marvin corporate. Not one thing they've told us about where our windows are , or when we can expect them to be delivered has been true. To make matters even worse, no one at Marvin communicates with their customers. We have to chase them down day after day, when what they told us the day before doesn't happen. Now, we find out that they don't even know where one of the windows is at all. Yesterday, we learned it was just missing. It Wasn't on the truck and wasn't in the warehouse. No estimate from them about when we can expect to receive our complete order. This is cost us thousands of dollars and interim interest, storage fees, temporary housing. We've laid off Crews of workers, who we don't know that we can get back when and if the windows ever show up. So far Marvin's only response has been well there's covid..... like all [f us, the other suppliers and their direct competitors aren't also dealing with covid. For the first time in a hundred years Marvin Windows is being run by a forty-one-year-old relative of the founder. What a shame to see a four generation company go down the tubes due to poor management. I know if I was a member of the Marvin family, we would be hiring a real CEO today. You get better treatment and customer service at Walmart or McDonald's then you do from this quote premium window company. What I wouldn't give to have just gone with Pella, like we have on all of our other Build jobs. If you're even considering buying windows from Marvin, think again. And if the customer service they provide of late is indicatives of there quality, I'm terrified to see these windows P

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