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Malwarebytes has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 514 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 13th position out of 1129 companies.


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Malwarebytes Reviews


Wrong email address

please change my email address from karen.cowling550@***.com to karen.cowling1946@***.com You had my wrong email address


Cancel VPN

I could not find a way to eliminate VPN from my Premium subscription!!! I think Malware Bytes is wonderful protection but I wanted to eliminate the VPN for next year. The only way I could accomplish this was to sign up for a new Premium subscription (without the VPN) and let the subscription with the VPN expire. The Malware software should allow the costumer to adjust it on-line or provide human support (that we can understand) to fix the problem


Trouble removing VPN from subscription

I want to continue the WalwareBytes Premium subscription but wanted to cancel the VPN portion but it is almost impossible to do it and I can't get any person to talk with to DO IT!!!



It is difficult to cancel automatic service payment even when you have explained to a representative that your husband is in a nursing facility and does not need it.



To Whom It May Concern: I received an email stating I had ordered your product. The reference number is: UFXVIXPYK. What is this for? I don't believe I have ordered anything. Ty Klock


You people suck

Stealing money from my bank account is not the way to keep my business , nobody has contacted me for service. I tried your free account and now you just get into my account without notification. Thats all kinds of Red Flags. You need to return the money to my bank immediately!


Repeated Problem

About a month ago i was getting repeated pop-ups in the lower right hand corner of my screen. I contacted Malware bytes support and the problem was taken care of. However, after about one month, in early July, the problem began to recur. I would like to get a permanent fix. The complaint number was 426****


My malware security was eliminated recently.

I purchased Malwarbyte om June 5th for $44.99. Sometime in the last few days my computer was infected.I still have no virus detection even though it'd been paid for.Please expedite this matter William P Kennedy Thank You. Please call my please call my phone. I'm not good with chates on line


Ireceived an unsolicited charge and requested a refund which was promised but never happened.

A debit to Malwarebytes appeared on my visa bill. I requested no item, received none and used none. I requested a refund which was promised but never materialized.


Resolved: Billing problem

Updated by user Jul 26, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Jun 26, 2023
The following item on my Visa bill I do not recognize. I do not recall making the transaction I would like the item reversed as I have not used it and will not do so as I do not need it. Please respond positively. Billed by 2CO.COM*Malwarebytes 1817 Transaction date May 10 2022 Posted date May 11 2022 Payment type- online Purchase amount $29.99 USD ($40.13 Can) Merchant details-Amsterdam


Trying to renew

Nobody will talk to me after many requests and phone calls. They do not want my business. I need to give a new credit card number as the old one was hacked.


Cancel service

could not use computer because of malewarebytes constant flashing on screen, so IT dept. had to remove . I no longer want this service, cancel account, you are not authorized to charge or bill. My credit card company has been notified. I am unable to reach you by phone. Cancel this account Cheryl Tomao


I did not have Makearebytes last year and if subscribed for auto pay, please unsubscribe. You charged me $49.99 to my account with out my approval. The bank has stopped payment.

Read above. Do not want your product. You charged my account without my approval, I have not used your product for over a year. If Im subscribed please delete. The charge card has been notified and deducted your charge from my account. Enough is enough, having to initiate 100 symbols is a crock.


Resolved: Cancelation of Malwarebytes connection

Updated by user Apr 27, 2023

Just cancel website in my computer. Thanks.

Original review Apr 27, 2023
Your website keep on appearing on my computer and I'm not interested to subscribe your software bites. Can you please delete my name on your subscriber list, I don't recall I requested to be a member of your websites. Please cancel ASAP. Thank you,


Want to talk to someone

I want you to change your information regarding my address and email address on my invoice. I do not want to pay for updating your records. Reference #: 38921**** Invoice #: BKD-736********

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