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Mahogany Doors Honduras has a 1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 6 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 51th position out of 170 companies.


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Gary Urrutia is a *** man

We purchased $16,000 worth of doors that were never delivered after 10 months of major hassling with this ***. He lies. (wife dying, he's in hospital, floods, roads washed away, etc). Fortunately our credit card company refunded the money and he no longer has "Verified by VISA" status. Stay away from him. We did receive one door from him previously that looked good at first, but after a year, it has cracked and the finish is peeling off. The hardware was spray painted and that paint is coming off, too. and it shrank a lot and no longer closes tightly.


Stole $3000

Updated by user Sep 14, 2015
I forgot to mention that the phone number for the Doral Police Department is (305) 593-****, press 7 and ask for the front desk.

Updated by user Sep 14, 2015
You have to file a police report with your own city in order to then file a complaint with Miami (Doral) Florida police (a JSO officer came to my house to do this). I provided email correspondence and proof of payment for the JSO report.

The JSO officer then provided me with a case number. I then called the Doral Police Department and provided them with my DL#, JSO case number and answered some questions.

The Doral officer stated that the complaint would be forwarded to the Miami fraud detective division for processing. Since mine is a relatively small amount of money, he said that several reports will be required before any action is taken.

Original review Sep 09, 2015
Gary took a $3000 down payment with my supplied CAD drawing, and could not provide an even close fleshed out drawings after some attempts and two months. I fired him and he replied that he was sorry to let me down and that he would return my money. I have not heard from him in nearly 2 months in spite of repeated attempts to email him. I have since found that his web site has been up and down and he has had several customer complaints. I have filed a complaint with Florida State, Miami Dade, and IC3 and will soon be filing a police report in Miami.


Stay away from garyurrutia@***.com!

Ordered a door a while ago. It is a scam company. Wells Fargo should be ashamed for allowing this man to do business in USA. He charged me $3400 deposit via credit card and another $3400 via wire transfer as "door was completed and ready to be shipped". Yea right! no emails, no doors, out of my pocket almost 7k. Submitted a fraudulent wire report to his Wells Fargo bank but they do not move fast enough allowing this man to keep stealing $$. And here is a funny fact, I tried to look up his email in my yahoo maibox and somehow ALL our correspondence simply vanished!


$4100 Stolen By Gary Urrutia

Contact Information: Denny Phillips /dphillipsnaples@***.net / (239)304-**** Gary Urrutia / Mahogany Doors Honduras / Chronology 1) February 24, 2014 - confirmation of order placed with a 50% payment of $2050.00 with a delivery date of 8-12 weeks 2) September 6, 2014 - confirmation of balance due payment received of $2050.00 and verification of shipping in 3 - 4 weeks 3) November 18, 2014 - e-mail that the doors will be shipped in 7-10 days 4) December 8, 2014 - e-mail that the doors will be shipped on December 17, 2014 5) January 6, 2015 - e-mail that the shipper has been contacted for a shipping date 6) January 13, 2015 - e-mail that the owner's wife is very sick in the capital city of Honduras and a shipping date will be given as soon as he returns to San Pedro Sula, Honduras 7) February 2, 2015 - e-mail that the doors are finished but does not have the money to pay for them 8) February 11, 2015 - e-mail that the doors will be shipped in the next container 9) March 3, 2015 - e-mail that the doors will be shipped on March 13, 2015 10) March 4, 2015 - e-mail requesting pictures of the finished doors and proof that they are in transit as of March 13, 2015 11) March 17, 2015 - as of today, no photos of the doors or proof of shipping; multiple e-mails to Gary Urrutia (owner of Mahogany Doors Honduras) have not been responded to 12) March 17, 2015 - formal complaint filed with Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General, for fraud and theft


Gary Urrutia, Mahogany Doors Honduras stole $4,600

I ordered Mahogany Doors in July 2014 and paid a deposit of $3600 via credit card to Mahogany Doors On February 19, 2015, Gary Urrutia wrote that he needed $965 to order the multipoint lockset from Endura Products in NC. I agreed to wire the funds to his Miami Wells Fargo account on the condition that the funds be wired within 24 hours to Endura Products. As of today, July 8, 2015, he has not sent the funds to Endura. He has not made my doors and I am out $4,600. He does not return emails and his website is dark. This man is a thief. Stay away. He claims to have a Miami office but it is a mail drop of an unaffilitated shipping office and he is not registered to do business with the FL Secretary of State Corporation Commission as required by law. I will be happy to copy you with emails showing all of the above.


Beware of

In December 2014, I ordered a mahogany door from the site of aforementioned company. The company representative and owner Gary A. Urrutia committed to produce the door and deliver it by April 2015. For that the company requested an upfront payment which I made. When no door arrived in April, he assured me that it would be arriving in May, and when it did not come in May, he promised that it would come in June... still no door as of July 5, 2015. The company appears to be a one man operation in Honduras which cannot keep its production and deliveries on track. The owner made a routine out of breaking the terms of the company's contracts and his own personal promises. If you are considering ordering a door from the site, I would strongly advise against it, unless you are prepared to wait for ever.

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