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MAGIX has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 139 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 47th position out of 1129 companies.


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MAGIX Reviews


Reformated system need help to rerehister

After reformatting my system with a fresh Windows 10 install, I could not activate the software. Did not understand the cancelation of the last install ( there were two when I was only using one) in order to proceed with the activation of the fresh installation of Magix movie studio. I tried to cancel both installs but was only allowed one. Because right now it shows I am using it on two systems when in fact I only have it on one. SO IN THE END EVERYTHING IS WORKING FINE. Thankyou!


My passwords are not accpted.

It has been a yeartgat I bought magix music maker software but no matter how I tried it was and is impossible to sign in to the store and get my benefits!!! They completely disconect themselves from the customers, I paid formy product and now I can not even sign in to the store to use them. This is theft. No one to talk to, and bots keep sending you new password change links but when you finish and go back to the software to sign in, again it says Error... 100s of times. Someone plz help. Just an email is Ok.


I need my product that i bought in Tucson Arizona 01/08/2009

you just do not respond to my request to send me the product I bought then in Tucson. S2-84842-****38-7418*-***68-4****


Loops unlimited

I paid my subscription and my loops unlimited still not working What more I have to do I pay monthly what can I do



the playback continues to lag when i load 3 or more clips. EVen though i have just purchased a brand new computer specifically to run this program.


Purchasing Music Maker and `Video Editing Software

Wanted to purchase both programs that were on sale at $29.90 each; however when purchasing the price came up as $129.90. Sent e-mail have not had a response Upon further investegation, appears Magix's "AI" was able to only locate some of the serial numbers Can you help or should I simply forget, since the Black Friday sale has expired? Thank you forr your time


Dude i dont even know at this point

Installed the product got nothing. It looks like it could be a fully integrated program that you just down load extensions and such but it completely did not work. Nothing, then it uninstalled itself ?? Idk man..


Hidden costs

Magix acts as a marketing company for Xara products. I purchased Xara Web Designer Premium from them last year thinking I would use the program for a long time. At the one-year anniversary of my purchasing the program It notified me that if I did not pay $39.95 annually, I would not have access to elements of the program necessary to create content.



my email is not correct my email is jvp1912@***.com you need to remove litter P from my email i having Problem with register Login incorrect Unfortunately, your login data was not accepted. Please check your entry and try again.


Voucher code

I didn't receive an email confirmation for voucher code. I looked at my email but I didn't see anything.


Video Pro X14

I purchased this program but when I try to activate it I am told that I am no longer authorized to perform this installation on my program version.


Total trash no support at all. none

Vegas won't even launch. Locks up on opening. There is NO customer service, no way to enter a ticket. No way to get the program to OPEN.


I need help with Vegas Pro 19

I did not put it in the right system, I put it on my Vegas pro 15 on accident and need help getting a new SN PLEASE


Need Serial Number

Invalid serial # that was send to my email and been getting a error code - 14. Need a new serial# so that I can activate this app. Thank you. Heres my email address charlie_orca@***.com.


Trying to activate movie edit pro

when trying to use my version of Movie Edit Pro I am hit with the error code 24 stating that the program is already assigned to this email address. Having gone to customer services and jumped through many hoops including the Pissed webpage I'm getting pissed off myself with the crap service support you offer. We pay out good money to you guys and then when we need to contact someone with a simple question we are asked to go round and round in ever decreasing circles. This is by far the worst customer service I've come across. In fact the UK telephone contact I phoned hadn't a clue what I was talking about. It's about time you got your act together and gave us simple telephone/email contacts instead of what appears to be a Fred Carno's Circus effect. I've been reading some other peoples comments on your customer service. Might I make a suggestion, instead of your development team enhancing your excellent product set them to work rewriting your crap customer service web page so that us mortals don't have to go through all this hassle.DontDont


Questions about charge

Hi, I paid 3 Vita instruments - World Flutes, Orchestral Ensemble, Saxophonia on 4-6-2022. Order #s is 202204****268****IAP. I found 3 $29.99 charges on my account, but there's $49.99 charge showing in my account which I don't know what's that and there's no payment email about the charge. Please let me know what's the charge for? Thanks.

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