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MAACO has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 896 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 3th position out of 1094 companies.


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440 S. Church St. Ste. 700, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28202, United States

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Complaint about customer service

Price change at the end of the repair. Unacceptable. I just need someone imagine it to call me that can make a decision. 2 4 0 3 0 5 * * * *


Shoddy Work and Bubbling/Split Paint

Updated by user May 25, 2023
MAACO simply sent a partial check for $194 without an apology or explanation. Not acceptable and will update when a full estimate from one or more reputable contractors is obtained

Updated by user Apr 25, 2023
Totally nonresponsive/uncooperative

Original review Apr 25, 2023
MAACO has painted this same vehicle twice with no reports of "Bondo or filler" as there are none. The second time was for a paint job and repair of a scratch on the upper right fender for an additional $194.00. The scratch reappeared within a year along with additional paint bubbling and a semi-vertical scratch in the bubbling paint due to shoddy work and they were timely informed of this. Dean Price subsequently lied to my face and stated it was because some Bondo fell out. This is untrue as Bondo does not "fall out" according to their 3M Website. Then he gave me an estimate of an additional $500.00+ to again repair their own shoddy work. Reported this to the Ohio Attorney General in which Dean made more misrepresentations. This is INTOLERABLE and I will have no choice but to substantially escalate this issue. I no longer trust this MAACO to repair their own shoddy work and demand a refund and the cost of proper repair and painting.


Been without a vehicle for almost a month

I had left my truck at Maaco at the beginning of April and yet my truck still isnt finished . They tell me one day its gone be ready I go up there it still isnt ready. This has been every week since I dropped my truck off that I been up there . They suppose to fix scratches on the driver side and now I have work to be done on my bumper because they backed up into something. They are doing more damages to my truck than I expected


Terrible customer service and terrible paint job

on august 2nd.. of last year i contracted maaco store #m2768 to paint my 2008 nissan titan and estimator dave c. whowas manager of store did the estimate .I agreed to estimate of 1295.85 gave them 200.00 on august 2nd and left balance on completion of 1095.95. The truck was scheduled to be dropped off august 9th and completed on august 16th. i had several concerns about quality of job with manager david c. parts of truck not painted underneath back glass of truck and paint imperfections all over truck paint runs i can send pics i would like to drop off truck to orlando or tampa location for repaint ! sincerely david tremaine



My Vehicle has been held for over 30days... Agent constantly lying about not receiving parts... Giving me the run around


Terrible work

Paint job was awful , drips everywhere, smudges,broke my plate holder, took 3 weeks to finish , had to repaint



Refund for headlight company what time without much is a phone call for years Ive been waiting for a headlight from them. Worst Maaco ever. Company up and left town without as much as a phone call had me waiting two years for a headlight and never called once I called them several times so they ordered it but they never did kept waiting for that phone call and then I go finally drive by there and theyre gone really really pretty much done with that Maaco. Lets hope somebody else can do better.


Refund headlight

Maaco closed in Fort Wayne without a notice and they only a headlight on the driver side have my receipt from 2019. Been waiting for his head like for years and they never contacted me back I contacted them they said they were ordering it still waiting and then they up and leave town without a call



We bought a used mustang for our granddaughter for Christmas and it needed a paint job. We called Maaco in Little Rock Ar. We took the car and the lady at front quoted a price after we choose paint color , so we left the car ( we trailered up there). When it was done got the car went to pickup and they didnt paint inside doors , inside trunk lid anything you could see by looking at car wasnt painted! I asked the lady , she said that we didnt ask for it to be painted I mean really!!! Didnt know we had too. She never told us or asked us !! We would have paid whatever for a better job. It broke our hearts to give our granddaughter a car that is blue( beautiful color) with lime green when you open everything up. It wasnt worth using them. If I had know. Almost $2000 for a half done car. Never would I recommend them!!!


File complaint

My car a 2009 wvolkswagan Jetts was towed to the shop in Berlin NJ on December 22nd. I asked for an estimate on my bumper. I did not ask them to remove the bumper but they did anyway. It took him over a week to get back to me. The quote he gave me was inaccurate he said damage to left side bumper when it was the right side. I called Monday and spoke to Rob. He told me he could put the bumper in my car and I can take it someplace else. I then got a call back and was told they will see what they could do for me. I never got a call back. I called today and told them I was picking up my car. I was then told that I either had to pay $180 for breakdown which I never asked him to do or pay .$175 a day for storage fee. I do not feel I should have to pay anything at all. I am going to pay it so I can get the car back today. I however would like this to be looked into. He is ripping off the people. Barry Feldschneider


Location 550 n main st broke an after market part I hired them to install They broke the part and refuse to pay for the part. They claim they can never get a hold of the owner of the garage to author

550 n main st maaco located in Manchester CT broke an aftermarket part they got hired to install. They refuse to pay for the part claiming they can never get a hold of the owner to authorize the payment . 3 weeks. Gone by. No payment has being given to me


Issues at body shop they have ruined the vehicle and not taking the ownership

On November 14th I gave my vehicle to Maaco @ Mason Road Katy TX for some bodywork where some parts needed to be replaced. Mr. Brian McGee was the one who was dealing with me and his co-worker Aurther was helping him. I agreed to their estimate and decided to give them my vehicle however next day I was told that the parts are backed order and availability of parts can take forever. I was told if I can arrange parts they will take care of assembly and paint. On Brians suggestion I purchased OEM parts and delivered to the bodyshop and after inspecting parts I was told the parts are good. After waiting for one more week I received another call that they missed some parts in initial estimate and now they need more parts so I delivered missed parts next day. After multiple delays finally on December 8th I received a text from Brian to pickup the vehicle. At pickup I found that the job was not done professionally and there was new damage to the bottom panel of the vehicle when I raised my concern they did not take the ownership and literally shouted on me and Brian was having very misbehaving attitude. The things got escalated and I called 911 to get help and told them that I have pre delivery photos as well where I cant see new damage. After listening about photo record they agreed to get it fixed but all the time their attitude was super misbehaving. I would say it was terrible experience and I would never go to any MAACO ever again. I have my YouTube channel with 1.4million subscribers where I will warn everybody to stay away from such bad organization.


Poor Work Performed

I Bought a vehicle that had body and paint work done by Maaco in Roseville off of Riverside. Unknowingly took the vehicle to get more body and paint work done to correct the horrible work that had been performed and ended up at the same body shop the other owner had used. Ironically when I put it together that they had done the original work and pointed it out the conversation ended when I told them that they had done terrible work and I would not want them working on my car regardless. I asked for an explanation as to why they would do such poor work and I mean terrible work, dent not fixed, paint not matching looks like it was done in an auto shop with a rattle can I was told there were underlying reasons why but given no further explanation. If the job was ordered and paid for I would think you would want to put out a professional and honorable job. They declined to fix it even after I pointed out that is was a horrible effort and said the warranty was not transferable. Got news for you there was nothing to warranty unless you had done it correctly in the first place. I would highly, highly recommend looking elsewhere or you will be disappointed.


Service absolutely terrible.

Service absolutely terrible. My vehicle was kept for 16 days and not to receive service paid for is very unprofessional. Also to be told one story after another as why vehicle is not ready is very unprofessional. I think if job is too much for business to take on they should be up front with customers. Hence, to charge someone for service that have not been done is stealing.


Less than Desireable Repair/Solution

On November 14, 2022 return to MAACO to pick up a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado that was dropped off on October 31 for a dent repair. After checking the vehicle I found that the racer stripe that was replaced by MAACO was completely lined with air bubbles and trash debris underneath the stripe. There were also areas in the corner where the stripe was not completely laying against the truck, in other words it was bulging. It all was very unsightly. Almost as if the work was performed by a toddler. The manager suggested one of the workers use a razor blade to poke holes in the air bubbles to remove them. That was not the solution I was hoping for. And to add to that what about all the trash that was underneath the stripe and the bulging. After stating that would not suffice he offered that I bring the truck back on another day to have the stripe replaced and or repaired but I was to pay full price for the work before I walked away with the vehicle. That also would not suffice with me as I felt I would pay full price and there would be excuses to follow on how and where they could get my vehicle back in on a later date to fix the errors that they had made. The supervisor denied release of my vehicle although I told him I would pay a deposit to walk away with my vehicle on November 14 and return on a date that we had both agreed to have the repairs made and pay the remainder of the balance. He was not open to that suggestion. I told him that I would speak with corporate office about this and he stated to me corporate office could do nothing to him because his MAACO location was a franchise so it would be a complete waste of my time. He was less than friendly and non responsive to the *** workmanship that was performed from his shop. The way in which he spoke to me telling me to hang up the phone while I was trying to get in touch with the corporate office was offensive and uncalled for. Im not sure if his tone with me was due to the fact that I am a female or he was disturbed to find out that I am in fact a military service member. I left the vehicle with his shop in hopes that he and his crew would make things right but I honestly do not want to go back to that location alone to pick up my vehicle due to his hostile tone with me.

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