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M0del Agency has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 72 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 8th position out of 72 companies.


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Recently applied as to test theory, to Angel Models UK - theory was that this is Anthony Jones's new scam, lo and behold the similarities, over eager attitude, the fact that the address of 24 School Lane Didsbury is the address of a baby ultrasound company, all prove it is another elaborate scam by none other than ANTHONY JONES!! Firstly, I applied to http://www.angelmodels.uk.com/ and was diverted to https://www.angelsmodelmanagement.com/ Why would one company be running across two domains? There is no need unless you are dodgy as ***! I have sent the following email to Mr Jones who will deny it is Mr Jones but the responses will be what would be expected from a neanderthal so I will update with responses received! Dear Admin/Management/Scam Artists Thanks for the email responses however having read the appalling grammar I respectfully decline the offer, as any reputable UK based company would NOT make grammatical errors. The first sign that this is a SCAM is the second paragraph of the 'Acceptance' email received, whereby TWO errors are present - "We would now like to see how you behaves and looks in front of the camera" Behaves? looks? - Surely anyone that has basic primary education in the UK would know that it should read as 'behave and look'? The second sign that again there is a lack of basic English grammar within this 'agency' is the final paragraph of the acceptance email - "Please reply to this email and we will shall send you full information and booking number." really?! 'we will shall' - did the management actually attend school at all? or were they brought up in the slums? Where did the owner of this establishment gain their business knowledge because surely there is a lack of any form of primary, secondary or further education! As for that hyperlinked full-stop at the end of 'number.' - the link reads as http://angelsman.clientsystem.co.uk/email-routines/auto-agreed.asp?reference=25167 As far as my knowledge in computers serves me, that appears as a time saving way to 'auto agree' to any email responses from those that actually fall for this scam, by clicking on the hyperlinked full-stop and another auto generated previously composed email is sent? I have seen it on a previously received email from another agency. I wonder whom that may have been? Ahh yes, M0del agency. TUT TUT some habits stick it seems! I will be testing this theory further before taking the necessary steps to expose this new agency of yours for the scam it is, a simple reply to this 'acceptance' email should work, so here goes... And, as expected, I receive an 'assessment details' email at 8.57am, followed by a 'please call' email half an hour later at 9.23am, and 15 minutes after that I receive a 'Final chance' email at 9.38am. Bit too eager it seems! Ever heard of the thing that people do, WORK, and that once details are sent for THEM to contact YOU, sufficient time should be given without coming across as overly eager and fishy?! The contents of the initial two emails appear to match the wording of emails received in response to my 'applications' to Blackberry, Adora, and M0del agency! The third and final email however did give me a good chuckle 'We would now like to see how 'mrs; behaves and looks in front of the camera.' 'Mrs'?! Are you seriously having a laugh? Can one really be so dimwitted? I have applied as Marcella, I think you have a glitch in your brain or maybe your automated email system! I have been investigating and compiling a file against you Mr Anthony Jones for a number of years now and am currently working in conjunction with local and national authorities to put an end to this facade being operated by yourself. The saying 'you can run but not hide' comes to mind! Well done on the effort, it seems to be fooling a few but unfortunately for you Mr Anthony Jones, you are NOT the brightest pea in the pod! I will now be liaising with my contacts and sharing my findings, we will also be taking this to the press once again. You should be ashamed of yourself with this ongoing scam that you are running under one name after another! I do look forward to your reply, you are known to get vicious when (as the saying goes) 'the *** hits the fan!' Kindest Regards, Marcella


M0del Agency - Modeling Service Review

Yes i seen the advertisement on Facebook, applied and did the test shoot in Manchester, they said congratulations you have been accepted and got a contract. But then said you need a portfolio of photos and as i was reluctant i said id think about it, they said we won't save your pictures after you leave. So charged £600 to my credit card for the portfolio which i could not afford. They said there would be work but not sure when. And that was last August 2016. Absolute ***, nobody has been in touch at all for any sort of work.


Short Review on February 10, 2017

Nasty people scammed out of money Karma chrissy peters


Resolved: Repayments?

Updated by user Jan 20, 2017
I got my email wrong, it's alapaphraj@***.pl

Original review Jan 20, 2017
I had a shoot at their Birmingham office back in August, I paid £250 and £350 as a credit paid monthly, however nothing has been taken out of my account till this day... Could someone please advise me on that? I am really scared as I was told that the payments will be taken automatically from my account. I would be glad to hear the answer if someone was in a similar situation, please email me at alapapaj@***.pl, please stay away! Of course, after the shoot I haven't head from the company, no shoots, no information. I am now just really scared that they may sue me for not repaying, even when I was told it will be taken automatically off my account..


Do not pay for the photos! It's a scam!

Signed up to do a shoot for M0del Agency and was told I was successful. Was then persuaded to spend hundreds to purchase these photos in order to complete an online model portfolio. On the day, we decided that the photos were too expensive and the lady threatened that the photos would get deleted by the end of the day if not bought. A week later, we receive a call from M0del Agency saying that the photos still haven't been deleted and were persuaded to pay again and was offered a discount. So we decided to go ahead with it and paid. Then I was sent emails about how to create a new model profile and said that I would get a call welcoming me to their team. But none of that happened. No job landed since creating the 'profile' and now the 'profile' isn't even on their website anymore. The money has all gone to waste. These recruiting advertisements is only a bait to sell photos. They hook you to go to their studio and take photos but then says you must pay to be represented by their agency. You could spend up to thousands buying the photographs.


M0del Agency - Model Agency Modelling Services Review

I took my daughter along to MOdel Agency for a photo shoot in Manchester.We were told that she was excepted and that the portfolio would be £400 for 10 photos and 10 more a year later FOC.We paid reluctantly partly because it was great to see my Daughters face after she was told she was going to be a Model.A year later we are still waiting for her first job!!!!''Alarm.bells rang we tried to get in touch to get our FOC pictures....NO SURPRISE NO ANSWER....We like many others have been SCAMMEND.Is their anything we can do?


M0del Agency - Photo Shoot Review

I basically got the same experience 35 photos paid £500 which works £9 odd per photo I was told my daughter was a really cute baby reacted well to the camera I was not promised definite work just that the agency will take her on and we're still free to sign with other agencies she is on their website I can apply for jobs via the website too which I find the majority of jobs are for 18+ but I'm seeing claims of people being misled and forced to buy the photos because I was not forced I wanted them as they're excellent professional photos regardless


M0del Agency - Customer Care Review from Cardiff, Cardiff

COMPLETE SCAM. I applied via Facebook and got the invite to go for a test shoot however before I did the trip I decided to search reviews of the company knowing how many scams are present. When I saw the amount of bad reviews they had and how many names they run their nuisness under to try and stay invisible I emailed them and said I declined as I knew they were scammers and they should be ashamed of themselves and I would stop anyone I know from using them. They didn't reply to that email just sent me an email saying I was now unsuccessful in my process. I then went back to Facebook where I found them and left a comment on their add warning others. My comment was deleted and I have now been blocked from commenting on their posts I can only share and like. Every time I shared it warning people against them my post got deleted so Facebook HAS to be in on this scam because it's odd how suddenly an advertised company who is a scam company but pays Facebook to be sponsered can suddenly make any bad post about them disappear. Facebook is just as bad in all this as this scam company. Be very careful with which sponsored companies you use via Facebook remember Facebook doesn't care about you it cares about the money it gets from the advertising. Both scams both as bad as each other. People these days can be so disgusting. Don't bother using this company you won't become a model anymore then me becoming prime minister.


M0del Agency - Photo Shoot Review from London, London

Hello all parents, Model Agency is a good agency! My 7 old son was in Little studio, the portfolio is fantastic ❤️ I paid £399 for 30 photos so is chip... I didn't understand why the people said is a scam because we need the portfolio for start in this industry... thanks little studio :)


60 000 + likes on their Facebook page and only 59 bad reviews say it all!

My daughter was also afforded a photo shoot trial at The Little Studio in Angel after I forwarded some pictures of her to the mOdel Agency. There was nothing special about the studio but it didn't matter. She loved the experience, and that's what it was all about. The owner of the studio showed me her photos. Twenty-nine of them. He said she was 'a natural' and had no problem following instructions, and therefore her trial was successful, and he will recommend her to the mOdel Agency. Like anyone else, I was afforded to buy the photos and copyright, and I agreed. In fact, I made mention I wanted to build my daughter's portfolio on the form I signed on arrival. £250 for twenty-nine photos, which is around £8 per photos. The usual price for portray's photos is around £10 each. I didn't have the money with me, and it was not an issue. I came back two days later with the money. Then, I could not download the photos as my computer would not accept WinZip. Once again, it was not a problem, and I was sent them back via email. When to my frustration, I failed to download then one more time, I was told a CD was waiting for collection. In the end, I managed to download them and was still given a CD. If this company was a scam, as many of the commenters stipulates, then how come I paid less than £10 per photos which by the way are beautiful? How come the Studio was flexible and waited for my payment? How come they assisted us over five days with the downloading of the photos to create my daughter's live advertisement? We were never promised she will be afforded a job and we were not guaranteed big money. We were just told that she has potential and should she afford a job then she could make quite a bit of money. All we said is that she will have a live advertisement on the agency's web page and that they will contact us if a company ask for her or if they are afford a job they believe will fit her profile and capability. In overall, I have nothing bad to say about our experience. I didn't have high expectation, therefore, no disappointment.


Scam scam scam!!

Hello all parents, Model Agency is 10000% scam!!! My 4 months old son was also invited for test shoot that eventually appeared to be scam of £399 copyrights fee in order to place his pictures on the Model Agency www.modelagency.uk.com website. I was told how fantastic future he will have and how well he looks in the photos. He will make thousands of £££ per month and I can expect first assignment in 3 to 4 weeks. The photos were shown off too and, of course, he looked happy and very adorable. The copyrights fee is not the way how model agencies work, please be aware!!! I know it might be difficult to say No! at that situation when you see your child's photos in front of you and a representative promises to make him a superstar, but please don't pay that money. It is scam!!! Krissy Peters is the Head of new faces which appear already reported as a woman not to make business with!!! Mom


M0del Agency - Photo Shoot Review from Wembley, Brent

I wish I read the reviews before even going to the shoot. Likewise I saw them advertising on Facebook and thought I would apply. Next day I got an email from them saying they like my looks and invited me for a shoot. I had to ring them up and booked my shoot, I felt really good with myself. Anyway the day came I went to Manchester Studio 44, I got there and had to go to the fourth floor. I told them who I was and they gave me a form to fill in and had my makeup touched up. After an hour of waiting I was called in for my shoot then I had to wait for another half an hour to see if I have passed the assessment. I was then took into a small room and spoke to a guy called Andy, he told me how they sent the pictures to the agency and have said they want me. He said we will go through my pictures and to choose some to send onto the agency. There was 3 packages, ten photos for £1,000, something else and then 5 photos for £400. His own words "I would suggest you go for the 1,000 one then you have a variety of pictures". He told me how my eyes are really pretty and stand out and he likes my dress sense. After me telling him I can't afford that as I'm a student and that I will go for the chaapest one he kept asking me if I was sure I couldn't go for the top one. I said no but I cant afford 400.00 upfront so he said he will take 100.00 deposit on the day and then pay 50.00 a month. I said can I not go away and think about it and he said I have to decide today as they wipe the photos off and he was saying how im lucky as I have made it and he has to turn people down. I felt so under pressure and agreed to pay the money and to pay the 50.00 each month. He gave me a CD with my 5 photos and said I will be put onto there website. I left feeling really happy and I put a status about it on Facebook, I then had two of my friends inbox me telling me that Model Agency is a scam, so I then thought I would look onto google at the reviews .. it left me speechless. So I rang my bank up the next day and cancelled my card, I then went onto ringing the fraud line and explained to them. They got every detail and said they will look into it. I have looked on there website and I'm most certainly not on there. I have then recently received a letter from Limitless Photography saying I haven't paid. I rang them up and told them I have stopped my payments as you are a fraud the woman told me on the phone that she can insist they ain't a fraud and that them and model agency are both separate companies. She said I have to pay my money because I have their photos I asked if I could send the CD back she said no. I then asked her about making a plan with payments like it said on the letter and she basically knocked down how much I owe. Rather then 300.00 she said 255.00. Later that day I did some more research to find if model angency and limitless photography were separate and surprise surprise they aren't. I went straight back to ringing up fraud and I explained what the woman said to me. And that I found out that they aren't separate. The guy put me on hold while he spoke to his co worker and when he got back to me he said they are definitely a scam and that model agency and limitless photography both work hand in hand. He advised me to pay them no more money and ignore all contact with them. They have sad life's and have to thrive of taking innocent people's money. I suggest you stay clear from them. Big *** and big scam!!!!!


Complete scam! Do not waste your time or money!

Updated by user Aug 02, 2016
After I have chased them up again regarding my portfolio they have now decided to decline my application without any reason why. *** I was hoping to get so much work from them just like every other model on the site! Don't waste your time with these scammers!!!

Original review Jul 30, 2016
After I applied through the website I received an email about going for a test shoot in Camden. I arrived on time and a photographer took some shots of me. After waiting around for an hour I was invited into the managers office, Adam I believe. He then began saying how the agency really liked my look and how impressed they were with me. Then began the selling! He said in order for me to be signed I would need a portfolio of a minimum of 5 images from themselves. This would cost from £400 up to about £1000 depending on how many images I would like. He explained how much work there is available and showed me a list of jobs available on the website. He said I had only 12 hours to let them know. Now I have no doubt at all that he spouts the same rubbish to every single person he sees in the hope of getting business from them. Don't be fooled - the photographers and the agency are the same people, the agency just hire out different studios each time. Anyway I decided to have my own portfolio done elsewhere. I submitted my professional portfolio of 10 images to the website and didn't hear anything for over a week. I called the office and the same woman that always answers the phone told me it takes up to 10 days for Chrissy to reply. I waited 10 days and then chased them up again and finally got a reply asking where my images were taken. She then told me I need them retouched and she would charge £60.00 for it to meet her industry standards. I told her they had been professionally retouched already. I cant believe she said that after looking at some pictures of the models on the website , they have taken bedroom selfies. But they don't care as they have already made money out of them. They are now not interested in me and not even replying because they did not manage to sell me anything. I would strongly urge anyone to not waste your time and money on this outfit! I have been unable to find any references of work they have secured for models. Even if you are just after a portfolio you can find a professional photographer at a much better price than what they charge. STAY AWAY!


M0del agency - modelagency.uk.com - Big scamming network - W10

Hello Fellow Parent, Please read the emails between myself and the SCAMMERS M0del Agency. Save yourself a lot of time & maybe money! In the emails you will see that I clearly ask a question about fees prior to the 'photo shoot', "Successful models are placed on our website free of charge and we will only deduct a percent from work we find models. We charge 20 / 22 % industry standard rate." When I question why they were trying to extort £325 from us for photos that took 15 min to do. The reply was, "Did you not read the what to expect and the terms of the shoot before we sent you to have the shoot ? Here are the terms http://www.modelagency.uk.com/model-shoot-terms-and-conditions/ It clearly does say we do not subsidize portfolio cost and all models need a portfolio." I have attached a photo and the URL for a site that exposes "The Portfolio Scam". If you too have been SCAMMED be sure to share your experience. EMAILS BELOW ARE BETWEEN M0DEL AGENCY AND ME On 03 March 2016, at 07:35, admin@***.uk.com wrote: Hi Did you not read the what to expect and the terms of the shoot before we sent you to have the shoot ? Here are the terms http://www.modelagency.uk.com/model-shoot-terms-and-conditions/ It clearly does say we do not subsidize portfolio cost and all models need a portfolio. Regards Chrissy http://www.modelagency.uk.com/ Quoting Lisa Durr : Hi Chrissy, My husband has just come out if a meeting with Richard, who I understand is the agencies manager. Richard told my husband that the photos would need to be purchased for £325 in order for ******* to be placed on your books. I did ask you in advance of the shoot if this was the case. We would be required to purchase photos of Sapphire taken by your recommended photographer for use on your web site. Is this correct? If so what is fee? I look forward to your reply. Kind regards Lisa Sent from my iPhone On 25 Feb 2016, at 08:52, admin@***.uk.com wrote: Hi We do not charge any up front fees. If we invite models for a test shoot then we cover the cost of the shoot and MUA. All images are given to the agency for assessment purposes only. Any new faces thinking of entering the industry should have a test shoot before they even contemplate investing in pictures. Successful models are placed on our website free of charge and we will only deduct a percent from work we find models. We charge 20 / 22 % industry standard rate. Regards Chrissy http://www.modelagency.uk.com/ Quoting Lisa Durr : Dear Chrissy, I have a question, reading between the lines it appears that "if" ******* is 'taken on' by your agency the test shoot photo are just that tests. We would be required to purchase photos of ******* taken by your recommended photographer for use on your web site. Is this correct? If so what is fee? Please would you also send me a list of paying clients that you have book models for. Kind regards Lisa Sent from my iPhone On 22 Feb 2016, at 16:52, Model Agency wrote: Hello *******, Your photo shoot for Model Agency is booked on: 01/03/2016 at 16:00 PM. THE TEAM WOULD LIKE YOU TO TAKE NOTE If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. You will be assessed on the day and will be asked to bring any photographs/portfolios you would have had done before, if not just come along for your assessment. You should be prepared to be photographed on the day. Please arrive with little or natural make up on and with clean dry hair. We do have on site make-up artists available when required. WHAT TO WEAR 3 outfits ranging from casual to smart - Optional (for 18 only) Lingerie/swimwear PHOTOGRAPHS & PORTFOLIOS Please bring with you on the day of your appointment any photograph s or portfolio you may have done. This will help to assess whether these photographs are suitable and appropriate to be presented for work. If you do not have a portfolio that is fine just arrive at the test shoot. The test is for assessment purposes only if you wish to purchase the images for usage you have the option to do so. Unsuccessful models however may not be given that option. PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION We require two forms of ID (if with an infant parents ID is required). One should be drivers license or passport. Others maybe recent utility bill or current ID (possibly alternative photographic ID). TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BOOKING You may be contacted one day prior to your photo shoot as a reminder of your booking date and time. Please ensure you arrive on time and with everything in order as instructed above. Failure to attend or not inform us 24 hours prior to the shoot could have models placed on our unreliable register. WHAT TO EXPEC T ON THE DAY For an insight into what you can expect to happen on the day, please click here STUDIO DETAILS Name: W10 Buspace Studios Address: Unit 118 - 120, Conlan Street, London W10 5AP (Press 118 and the bell on buzzer) Telephone: 0208 964**** Website - www.w10buspacestudios.co.uk Directions: Underground: Westbourne Park (Circle and Hammersmith & City Line) Directions: Exit Westbourne Park Tube Station. Take A Left (1 Minute). Take Left On Elkstone Road (1minute). Take The Bus 23 From Stop L (Elkstone Road Stop) . Get Out On The Stop Bosworth Road (Third Stop). Keep Right Walking Onto East Row (2 Minutes). Take A Right On Conlan Road Kind regards, Chrissy Peters - London office manager & Head of new faces www.modelagency.uk.com 0208 935 ** ** Begin forwarded message: From: "Model Agency" Date: 22 February 2016 at 09:12:10 GMT To: Subject: Well done we are interested in you! Logo Hello Lisa *******, The Model Agency team can see the potential in ******* and we would like to invite you for a test shoot in London city centre. Congratulations ! The cost of the test shoot is covered by our agency. The shoot will allow us to evaluate how ******* will look and behave in front of the camera in a working environment and ultimately allow us to decide if we can secure the potential model paid work. Please reply to this email requesting the information and we shall send you the full booking details. Kind regards, Chrissy Peter s - London office manager & Head of new faces www.modelagency.uk.com 0208 935 ** **


M0del agency - modelagency.uk.com - Adora - Blackberry - EUMA are all one big scamming network!!

I am so glad that I have come across this forum as I was thinking of applying for my 2 children who I am forever being told would make great models as they are caucasian/italian and not to seem biased are absoloutely stunning! but as we have previously been scammed by Adora models and the horrid Anthony Jones, I though I would do my due diligence in this agency that keeps appearing on my FB newsfeed before disclosing any personal information and my children's images via the simplistic application form on their website, and posting on here for you all to read. And am I glad that I did!! You never know who these sick people may be, seems to me like it's a sad ugly *** named Anthony that doesn't seem to get enough of exploiting young children and proud parents. Sickening to say the least!! Having read all the comments online I also decided to dig a little further into the domain registrations on who.is and found that this is yet another company of the scamming b**** Anthony Jones and his side piece Nicola Jones. Although the domain name for m0del is registered firstly by James Wilson (same as blackberry) it was then changed to Katherine Elliott after this thread was started? I decided to check the EUMA site (a European regulator yet the website is a .co.uk?) and lo and behold, it is registered to NICOLA JONES (same as adora) I then decided to call this so called agency at the beginning of this month, and said that I was outside their registered office (having already determined it was a serviced office having called the proprietors and confirmed no agency was registered there) and if she could describe the building I needed to enter in order to come see someone face to face and as there are a few buildings I was unsure which to enter. She could not describe the building despite saying she was in the building? Instead I was told that she only deals with inbound calls and if I wished to arrange a drop in I would need to email her 'managers'. I then called back a day later and said that I was booked in at the Birmingham studio and wanted their name, I was told Studio 94 and she kept asking me for my name to locate my details! I quickly ended the call. I then had two friends call regarding the Manchester and London Studio's and they were given the names "Studio 44" and "the studio is in Shoreditch on Bricklane" when pushed for the address my friend was told quite abruptly "the details are on the confirmation email you will have received after booking" to which my friend stated she was due in in 15 minutes and her battery had died on her handset so was unable to confirm the address. She was then told "its 208 and the studio is called shoreditch studio" I googled shoreditch studio and obtained the following website details: www.shoreditchstudios.com/ with their address being : SHOREDITCH STUDIOS, 37 BATEMANS ROW, LONDON EC2A 3HH Definitely not 208 Brick lane!! I then called back and recorded the voice of the girl that answered whilst stating that I have previously been scammed by Adora and if she could provide me with details of any jobs their models had completed to which she stated that she doesn't deal with that side of things and therefore I would need to email her manager Chrissy, however she does know that they have jobs in from Argos, Toys'R'Us and Boss Kids. I subsequently contacted all 3 companies and they stated they have never heard of the agency in question and most definitely have not approached them with any jobs! I then listened to the voice recording I had from my last call to Adora before they stopped answering any calls and subsequently removed their number from their website (0203291****), and again the one from M0del (who are now modelagency.uk.com??) and the voice was an exact match! Having looked into other reviews on the internet, I have determined that they have renamed their Manchester, London and Birmingham studios, however all reviews show that the paperwork that people have received is in the name of NYC Studios for all 3 studios. I am guessing that the studios in Bristol and Coventry (as well as the new studios mentioned above since we signed with Adora) are all under the same management of the vile Anthony Jones. The above are my findings from a fortnight of repeated calls to this so called agency and extensive on line research! BEWARE OF THIS SCAM COMPANY!!!!!! THEY ARE IN CAHOOTS WITH THE STUDIOS AND ARE MOST DEFINITELY BENEFITING FROM THE MONEY WE WHO HAVE PAID FOR IMAGES!! I hope my findings will help stop any further innocent folk getting drawn into false promises and misrepresentation!! I have also passed my findings and the call recordings on to the necessary authorities in an attempt to stop this vile peado ring from abusing the trust of aspiring models and their families!! Please protect your children and do not submit their images online, any reputable agency will be happy for you to drop in at their office and represent models with a headshot (no makeup) and a body shot (again no makeup) against a clear background. No portfolios are required!! As I have not registered with the agency they cannot email me as they have others under the assumed name of Chrissy however if they locate my details on their Adora records I will most definitely be receiving an email from the vile creature called Anthony and his harem of sick perverted female employees who most probably have no kids of their own or they would not work for a company that is preying on children, and if they do they should hope and prey that their children do not fall prey to paedophiles like themselves (has anyone ever spoken to a male member of staff?? from all the reviews I have read, and each time I have spoken to anyone, it seems to be females only!) FINALLY - ANY ORGANISATION THAT APPOINTS A MANAGER WITH MEAGRE LITERACY SKILLS IS ONE TO AVOID AT ALL EXPENSES!!!

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