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Lyft has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 38300 customers. In the Transport category, it secures the 1th position out of 147 companies.


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Lyft driver stole my stuff I had him pick up from location

I requested a ride for driver to pick up food and juice,also a few dollars from my children grandmother home .Location71N18Street, he never arrived to my home withit.Butsaiditwas dropped off.. at my home location 20 N Evergreen Rd. I texted and told him come to.275 ..he NEVER arrived but clicked drop off. I waited outside.. I'm disabled and pregnant..this is very sad and bad.. so I'm reporting him. Thank you


Scammed/fare dispute

I requested a ride but I have been scammed by one of the Lyft drivers in Hamilton on 23 July 2023, he scammed my Lyft account then did many unauthorized transactions, I have attached the driver detail in media file, Kindly refund me and find the scammed driver, Thank you so much in advance



They not pay my payouts I request to last 60 days but they not follow my issue its not gud i need money plz do this


Damage to my new car

Original review Jul 18, 2023
DO NOT USE LYFT!!! Do not drive for Lyft! I have a brand new car, a man and woman dented my trunk, scratched the windows, and spilled apple cider vinegar on my seats and the floor as well as got paint on the rear of the back seat. They were evicted for a reason and the cleaning alone is $40, my damaged pants, I didnt even complain about my custom sneakers, however they feel $80 is going to fix all the damage done to a new Volkswagen. Do not drive for Lyft do not ride with Lyft! They dont care what happens to you or your vehicle. I REFUSE to opt out of arbitration against Lyft unless they fix my brand new car


A driver never picked me up

I requested a ride from and the driver never showed up and he then proceeded to act as if he had completed the ride by saying that he dropped me off at work but never did. I had to request for another driver. The driver that was supposed to pick me up name was Brett And drives a Mercedes Benz c class



My son was waiting on his ride to go to work and I use his photo they didnt want to pick him up. They made it seem like they was coming to get him instead they went to his job.


A charge dispute

On June 27 I was charger for a Lyft ride that I didnt do for 43.42 so I called my credit card and got the money back. So you guy dont want renew my rental for this matter. So you can check the drop location and see it wasnt me I was at the hub at 1901 West Bank express way on June 27 picking up my car didnt leave until 12:30pm. So I have reach out on this matter through the app and phone number and no one from higher office not returning a answer for me


Terrible Customer Service , Shut Down my account after adding non refundable Lyft cash

I have used the same Lyft account for over a year. This morning I added $75 in Lyft cash for the first time. After successfully booking and completing a ride, hours later I attempted to book another ride home and was given a notice that my account was disabled and I was unable to access my account further. I still have a balance of $50 Lyft cash that I am being denied refund for and told I can no longer use Lyft all of a sudden . Unbelievable ! Lyft literally stole my money and told me there is nothing I can do about it.


App not working

Kept requesting a ride and keep saying air over and over again I purchased bus tickets I tried to get to the bus station an hour early and the whole time and it wouldn't go through by the time they accepted it I so I paid for a ride I got round trip bus tickets which now I was late to the *** bus station and so now I'm out over a hundred and something dollars and they won't do anything they won't send a driver to take me another bus doesn't come till 5 hours later and by then there'll be a warrant out for my arrest because I couldn't make it down to court because they're stupid *** wouldn't work and all they did was just bounce me around and kept saying that somebody else is going to contact me which nobody ever does it's just me messages and I'm over and over and over again for me to be standing out here in the *** bus station with no arrangement to get anywhere I can't even get home I can't get it to where I have to go to go to court it's 190 miles you understand me and now I'm screwed and I couldn't even get my money back for the ride this is ridiculous you guys give me five dollars back $5 in lift cash so I can only use it with Lyft you think I'm going to use Lyft ever again you got to be kidding me the way they handle this *** I'm going to be going to jail because there's stupid I already took my money


I’m Jonas Dossous I’m a Lyft driver so I was driving a Lyft client on may 26 from ocean township to Newark airport but I had an accident by New Jersey TP Ez pass but I’m not injured either the client

I need help from Lyft to repair my car because I was driving one passenger from ocean township to Newark airport for Lyft but I had accident at the New Jersey Tp EZ pass gate since this date my is by the street because after the investigation and estimate GEICO told me they cant nothing for me because I was driving for Lyft then its Lyft to fixing my car


About my car accident on may 26

My name is Jonas Dossous Im a Lyft driver may 26 from ocean township nj to Newark airport with a Lyft client but by the New Jersey Tp Ez pass gate i hurdling one of of corners by the gate and i trying to protected the Lyft passages then my left mirror is broken ,there is some catching by the front of drivier door and my car my cant driving because there are 3 things broken at the front the tires cant moving then my 4rims are domage . GEICO said they not fixing my because I was driving for you guys now my car is by the street police can towing it and give me more problems. Lyft is a great and large company I want you helping me to fixe my car I was driving for Lyft at the day I got the accident I was driving for Lyft once again. Thank you I really appreciate your help to have my car back in road .


Charged for a ride that I have not taken and Lyft help support states that I’m not eligible for a refund.

On May 23 I had scheduled a Lyft ride from the Fairbanks International in Airport around 8:00 AM and my drivers name was Jeff. I contacted Jeff through the app stating where I will be standing for pick up Ill let him know. I will be standing out by arrivals for pick up. However, as Im just walking out of the building, I seen a similar vehicle to Jeffs but it rode past the arrivals area. I was unable to get a great look at the license plate to confirm the ride and and when I stepped further outside to see if that was my ride after the app, confirm that my driver arrived I seen other people hop in the vehicle. After I seen that I thought maybe it was that persons ride because there are multiple people that got in the vehicle. I noticed my destination kept changing to Bridgewater hotel. When I put in my home address. Then after I noticed 10 to 15 minutes go by and Im still waiting at the airport after he stated he was around the corner. I got really worried and I immediately called the driver asking where he was and why is my destination changing. When I called the number provided within the app he also stated he cannot see riders on added to his queue. This concerned me very much, because if he doesnt know the riders that were added to his queue how could he be contacting me? I then asked how far out was he from the airport? He stated that he was 15 to 19 minutes away. After he stated that he will give me a call back within 10 minutes if Im still added to his queue. 15 minutes roll by and I get a confirmation receipt stating my ride has been completed to Bridgewater hotel. I was billed $44.43 for a ride that I have not taken. When I had reached out to Lyft support for this confusion and requesting a refund. They told me that I was not eligible because the ride was booked under my account. I sent them pictures of all the messages between the Uber driver. Jeff and I and I screenshot it my call log for reasonable proof, and they still said that I was not able to get my money back. Since my flight got in at 7:30 AM, I've been speaking with the customer service person which did not provide a name and all they told me was I know that this seems unfair, but the ride was requested on my account and it was completed then they stated that I should take it up with my bank or card issuer to let them know the situation. I have reached out to my bank to dispute the charges. I am waiting on a response until next week. I just find this highly unprofessional what happened inside the app caused me to lose out on money for a ride I have never gotten. I requested my ride initially the correct way and Lyft, and with the app and their drivers were not with right standing. I find it highly ridiculous to believe that their driver did not know they had the wrong person, considering I have my profile picture uploaded. The driver should have confirmed with the riders and or a called just to be sure to verify the correct person. If it is not the drivers fault, it could have been that the entire Lyft app malfunctioned. I just find it, and considerate of Lyft to not even offer me an accredited ride to get home and waste of time.


Report a problem

Im seeing a charge on my rides from Thursday 5/26/2023 ( $2.24) , on the date in question I ordered a Lyft ride from 725 Albany st to 4 Logan st while waiting a while I noticed the ride was rescheduled to some else and delayed another 30 minutes for pickup. So I canceled that ride reordered another one . Then while ride was booked after 20 more minutes they said that another ride would be booked that ride wasnt available. So I waited from 3:00pm until 4:47pm . But I see a charge of $5 and another one for $2.24


I didn't get my earnings money

I renting a TLC car and open Lyft Driver account and I work may be 15 day but didnt give my earnings money. When I try to deposit my bank account they show me so many reasons and issues when I worked for them that time good nothing no problem but when I asked my earnings money then again showing issues



It was Tuesday, May 02, 2023 and at around 5:00 am I ordered a 2 stop/round trip ride from this fraudulent app for CAD $45.91. I was then picked up by this VERY RUDE AND COLD IRANIAN DRIVER by the name of Hadi who was short, a little overweight and had a dark-skinned complexion who drove A BLACKISH-GREYISH 2010ish NISSAN ROGUE in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. As soon as He dropped me off at my destination in midtown Toronto (Yonge and Eglinton), He DID NOT DROP ME OFF AT MY ASSIGNED DROP-OFF POINT rather than HE DROPPED ME OFF 20 METRES AWAY FROM MY DROP-OFF POINT!! This "Hadi" driver guy PURPOSELY CANCELLED MY RIDE SO THAT HE COULD MAKE AN EXTRA CAD $38.93 from me and TO PICK UP ANOTHER PASSENGER FROM THERE AS WELL!!! I then chatted with the LYFT A.I. CUSTOMER SERVICE BOT, HOWEVER, IT WASNT VERY HELPFUL and I STILL got charged CAD $36.83 as A SINGLE TRIP (if you add stops on your trips to either pick something up, then YOU WILL SAVE ROUGHLY LIKE 25% MORE, instead of being charged for 2 single trips). Lyft, Inc, if youre reading this review, THEN PLEASEPLEASE!! DO A MORE RIGOROUS BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION AND CHECKS ON YOUR FRAUDULENT DRIVERS and then FIRE and ALSO INDICT this "Hadi" guy as well


Resolved: Humidity inside the car, as a consequence of the entry of water, inside the vehicle.

Updated by user Apr 13, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Apr 13, 2023
Yesterday, working at the Hollywood airport, in Blower, and as a result of the floods, water entered the vehicle, causing a lot of humidity on the carpet on the floor of the car. Having to have all the water removed, inside the car ,as well as its cleaning, all at a cost of 50 dollars, I have evidence of photos of the water inside the vehicle and the receipt for the service performed and today I could not work, due to the high humidity inside the vehicle.


Alleged Damage Charge

Updated by user Jun 13, 2022
Lyft claimed they reviewed the $80 Damage Fee and it was correct. I wrote them back and told them to look at this driver's record for damage claims.

I don't think this is a 1-off occurrence.

I believe there's a pattern of rider abuse. Excluding the damage claim, the...

Updated by user Jun 12, 2022
This is the second time I've had to contact Lyft on this particular problem. Customer service is lacking.

Original review Jun 12, 2022
I was erroneously charge $80 for "damage fee" of which I know nothing about. It looks like a scam to me. Here's the info you need from my bank statement: 06/08/2022POS DEB 1121 06/08/22 0127**** Lyft *Damage Fee 185 Berry Street SAN FRANCISCOCA C# 6475(80.00) Please rectify this problem

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