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Lume has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 869 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 16th position out of 955 companies.


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299 Main St Suite 1300, PMB 95814, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111, United States

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Missing product

Received my last order. I got my soaps but not my tube deodorant and my mystery five dollar gift. I was very disappointed. I love your product but very hesitant about ordering again. My name is Shelia Ford-Goolsby and My husband name is James Goolsby. I used his credit card. This should have never happened.


Received my first order and I am totally allergic to the deodorant

I like to have some one call me back regarding my order ! I am not sure the reason but my body can not take that under arms stick . I add a terrible rash. The cream are ok so far ! I will appreciate to hear from your company. Thank you, Email : pinktoutou65@***.com


Did not receive product

Did not receive product thats why I am contacting you I been living here for a couple of months and this is the first time this happened to me. I would appreciate if you can find my package. Thank You



I am unfortunately allergic to this product. I have not been able to contact the company as it is ridiculously difficult to do do, and when you do there is nobody there. I cannot get a refund, but can also not alert the company to allergy issues. Extremely un-okay about this.


Cancel future monthly subscription.

Personal finance.!!! Why are you requiring me to continuously repeat my request to cancel?!?! Are you hoping I will give up? I wont! This is a financial issue for me not a complaint about your product. I will now contact my bank to make sure they refuse any future charges submitted by you. I have tried to call you, but you clearly make it difficult.


I need to cancel my subscription because of financial issues.

Due to increased expenses from healthcare matters, I must curtail my spending, which means ongoing monthly expenses must be reduced. I have no issues with the products. Please cancel all product orders from hereon. Thank you. Rowena Hall


You just lost 3 potential customers

You just lost 3 potential customers. Due to non help with first time orders. I called but that was no help unless


Need help in ordering starter pack

No help whatsoever when I called needs a better system to help the consumer a live person would be great


I never received my package from Lume and I paid for it

I never received my package from Lume and you charged my card and was paid. I also never received a confirmation to my email


Disgusting commercials

Their commercials are downright disgusting and should be removed from TV and everywhere altogether. They literally make me sick and I change or mute the channel every time they come on. To discuss our female body parts and how they describe the problems we have is insulting and should not be allowed. Ill NEVER buy their product EVER!!!


Damaged item in my starter pack

The deodorant in my sample pack was delivered damaged when I opened it. Also. I did not receive the surprise gift that I payed for..


There was no interaction on the phone line and no return call

I have multiple issues for which email is too cumbersome but no phone Service from the listed phone on the possession consumer website


When I received my order my deodorant was melted

Im not happy about anything I bought. I assumed the body was was bigger and the lotion. And, as I said the deodorant is melted.


Order lost?

Original review Mar 31, 2023
Order shipped quickly but updates stopped 2 days later. Its been 10 days since and update that order was 200 miles away. No movement since. No response to email to customer service and they dont accept customer service phone calls. Its a great product but not worth the hassle of ordering online. Meanwhile they have my $80 and arent responding to me. Free shipping is of no value if the goods dont arrive and the company first respond. Id rather pay something for shipping and receive my product.


Resolved: Damaged package and items missing

Updated by user Apr 21, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Mar 20, 2023
I still have not heard back from Lume. The package was taped up labeled damaged when received and another hole in the package that had not been taped. There was supposed to be 4 items in the package but there was only the wipes! No deodorant or lotions. Very distasteful I was looking forward to checking it out and reordering if was pleased with the results. Considering calling the BBB!


Product arrived damaged & open

Product arrived damaged and open. Leaked all over box. No customer service to contact by phone.Replace asap or refund in full.

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