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Lseat Com has a 3.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 100 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 55th position out of 513 companies.


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(978) 712-9666

11702 Beechnut St # 1063, Houston, Texas, 77072, United States

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No response or product after payment

Took my money and ignored me afterwards. Luckily I used a credit card and I was able to have the charges reversed.


Seat covers

I bought seat covers from witch were the wrong ones can't get no response by phone or email I need to send them back and get the money put back on my account


Custom covers at a great price

Lseats went above and beyond! The covers look amazing. The quality of the materials and workmanship are fantastic. Communication could have been a little better, but overall..very satisfied!


Little to no communication.

I purchased seats for an MB 450SL. Ordered them in red and realized that it should have been dark red. I sent them an email the next day and they did get back to me saying "ok.we got it" I then wait for the seats to arrive and I get a notice saying seats arriving June 6, Color:" Scarlet" I have tried calling and you cant even leave a message. I have texted for two days and not a response. I haven't received the seats yet and do not know if they will be Scarlet red or Dark Red. I am waiting to get a response. I am hoping they are the corrected color. Communication is key to any business.


Two botched attempts

Two botched attempts at my order and now they won't return my emails. I should have known better when I saw they don't take phone calls.


Poor fit, poor quality

Updated by user Jun 03, 2023
They will not answer any attempts to contact them

Original review May 04, 2023
Does not fit at all, the covers are sewn croocked and there is even material missing in some places. The materials are very poor quality. They do not answer any complaints or anyway stand behind their product. Never got a refund or the product replaced, do not buy!


Do not order from

I ordered from Covers not been leather. Colour and size was wrong. Lseat customer sercvice is really lousy. Dont order anything from Lseat.


No communication

Just been trying to get a update ..been ordered 6 weeks need to varify and get a ship date or!!! Is the inserts perforated .ect!!!


Cannot get communication about a order

I placed an order the March 23rd so not that long ago but I want to make sure I ordered Perforated inserts on this order and the status of a shipdate maybe. I cannot get anyone to respond email phone etc. Scott 801577****. Thank you.


Terrible Company / Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ordered seat covers for a 2008 Toyota Sequoia , all the covers were correct with the exception of the passenger side seat back was wrong. The company has a phone number listed on the website that is only a message to say email them,you cannot get a live body,they respond to your email at their convience also the company asked me to send my cover to them so they can make it ironically the driver side is exactly the same as the passenger side but they want me to send my original company. What kind of business are they running?? Save your money.


Very pleased with the product and customer service!

Email communications were very thorough, easy, and simple. met my expectations with their product and customer service. I will be going back to them to order again soon. Thank you


I have ordered twice from, both times I was satisfied with the end product. The time it took to receive the product bothered me and also not getting the proper answers to questions asked.

I would ask a direct question and not get a proper direct answer but I am happy with product, just order "before" you need something.


High quality upholstery that fits perfect

Very high quality upholstery that fits as close to perfect as possible. I received exactly what I ordered. Shipping was of course not immediate because I ordered a specialty product, which is to be expected. If you want fast shipping, order some Chinese product that doesnt fit right. If you want quality, order at LSeat and be patient.


LSeat quality it top notch

I have purchased from LSeat for both my Excursion and now my 97 landcruiser. The leather seats are top quality. It may take a few weeks to get them, but I chalk that up to custom covers. The covers are built with the same or better quality of fully custom covers. I highly recommend that you give them a try. You will not be disappointed.


King Ranch leather seat covers

I ordered new seat covers after being assured they were not only real leather, but thick saddle leather like the original seats. They are not. These seat covers are thin and some odd type of man made fabric. The color is wrong, they were cut too small and very difficult to install. Worst of all, they marked each seat panel with a marker on the FACE of the seat, not on the back. Now my seats have a #1, 2, 3, 4, 5...up to 18 on each seat. These were installed by a local leather upholstery shop and they cannot get the marks off.


Quality product for 2006 Mazda MX5

Ordered a set of seat covers for 2006 miata. Initial seat bottom sent did not match oem pattern and they immediately replaced it to my satisfaction. I contacted through email and they responded very quickly, within 12 hours if not sooner everytime. They were understanding and apologetic and shipped a replacement cover within a week. I installed them myself so it wasnt a major inconvenience however if I had taken them to a shop it would have upset me more as I would have needed to arrange for rework etc. I will definitely recommend them and use them again in the future if the need arises.

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