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Lowes has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 7800 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 2th position out of 289 companies.


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Lost gift card

Bought a gift card and mailed it and it was lost in the mail vi need to see if it was cashed. Very helpful over phone


Jinga puzzle No 5732

Kevin (big guy w dark hair in plumbing Broken Arrow OK location) was able to assemble my jinga puzzle in about 3 mins. I would still be there if it wasn't for him. Thank you Thank you


Resolved: Treated like garbage

Updated by user Aug 12, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Jul 29, 2023
Lowes decided to make a frequent large purchase customer with good credit & a 25K Lowes card into a mortal enemy. I have purchased a 10K generator, 7K shed, 20K in windows, 15K kitchen remodel, gutter installation, etc etc. In March of this year I decided to purchase another larger shed. It is now almost August. Still hasnt been installed. Countless delays, zero communication from management or customer service. Told them to just refund the 15K, they tell me they want to deliver & install immediately. I tell them too late, & why on earth would I want to purchase at this point if they cannot install in almost 6 months, how could I ever get service on the $1200 warranty they added? The shed is from Heartland Sheds - and another company called Backyard Products screwed up the order from the beginning. I purchased on my Lowes card - so ultimately they are responsible IMO. Management tells me impossible to refund because Heartland Sheds tells them I am refusing delivery! Damn right I am! I told them I am uncomfortable taking delivery on a Shed I purchased in March in mid July, it shows unreliable company & dubious warranty/ customer service. If they had delivered and started building I would be totally screwed. I believe I have a better chance recovering my money through legal action. Any advice appreciated! Will be purchasing from Tuff Sheds through Home Depot when I recover my money from this shiitty company. They lost a big spender, only wish I had made all of my purchases elsewhere. *** LOWES AND HEARTLAND SHEDS & BACKYARD PRODUCTS


Horrible Customer Service

Lowes has horrible customer service. I purchased a front door from them. One month goes by and the door is being sent over from another store. Two weeks Later and several messages to the Lowes representative for installation and Premier Service Group, they finally set up installation for two weeks. Receive the message that it was schedule for the 26th. Took the day off work and no one showed. Tried to call Premier 9 times and was sent to voicemail. Left three voicemails and someone finally called me back. They stated that my installation was for August 3rd, we changed it. Changed it without letting me know? They must have realized they messed up, because by some miracle all of a sudden they have an opening for the next day. Take the next day off from work and the installers come. They start the process by checking the doorbell to see if it works. As we all are standing there, the doorbell rings, doorbell rings again, and again as hes testing it. After testing, they start taking everything apart to install the new door once a new door is installed they hook the doorbell back up. The doorbell doesnt work, so they tell me this is what happens sometimes with older homes. So you unhook my doorbell, and now it doesnt work because its an older home and it was working before so Premier refuses to step up to the plate and do anything about it I contact Lowes talk to three different people. Manager over installation at the Murray store says we will have an electrician come out and make it right and fix it and eat the charge. Next day I get a call from Lowes representative stating that the manager will offer me $50 gift card to go to Lowes and buy a doorbell and basically fix it myself and if I decide I dont want the $50 then its over from there and they refuse to help any further. The inform me that is the only offer on the table. So, my doorbell was working when they started the project and now I get a 50.00 gift card to fix it myself. After this circus, I will never purchase anything from Lowes again. I should have listened to all the review over the internet. Horrible customer service. They dont care about making things right when it was there installers that caused the issue.


After 25 minutes I was huge up on!!!

My delivery day was changed from today Thursday to next Monday!!! It is a fridge and I am living out of coolers!!!


Faulty and delayed countertops

A Plea for Accountability: Rock Shop and Lowe's Series of Unforgivable Failures This letter serves as both an urgent warning and a call for accountability for anyone considering services from Rock Shop and Lowes and for its managers. The series of mistakes, negligence, and an egregious disregard for customer service that I have experienced from these companies is shocking and utterly disgraceful. The torrent of failures began in November 2022, when I decided to order countertops from Rock Shop through Lowe's. The first issue surfaced immediately when Lowe's delivered incorrectly sized cabinets. This initiated a domino effect of delays that disrupted the entire process, from template creation to the eventual countertop installation. The culmination of these delays was a poorly executed installation in July 2023, where the measurements of the countertops were grossly incorrect. Rock Shop, promising a quick solution, cancelled on the day of the second installation. When they finally returned for a third attempt, the measurements were even more inaccurate, showcasing their continuous and appalling lack of competence. Throughout this chaotic situation, Lowe's Kalamazoo and Traverse City demonstrated an egregious lack of responsibility, consistently deflecting blame onto Installation Made Easy and Rock Shop. Amidst all this, the installation company was a beacon of professionalism in a sea of chaos. Compounding these issues, an employee at Lowe's Kalamazoo displayed an unacceptable level of condescension. Disturbingly, he even insinuated that I could be sued by Rock Shop, a suggestion that left me reeling. Furthermore, he and another employee threatened to cut off communication if I mentioned litigation. In this bleak landscape, two employees from the Kalamazoo Branch, seemed willing to help, but they were hamstrung by a wall of internal policies and accomplished little. At this point, my demands are twofold. Firstly, my countertops need to be correctly installed. Secondly, I believe I deserve financial compensation from Lowe's for the time wasted, the stress endured, and the gross negligence demonstrated throughout this process. As a gay, multicultural couple, we chose Lowe's over Home Depot, believing we shared similar values. Unfortunately, this experience has shown us that, in the end, it's better to be treated with respect by someone we disagree with than to be ignored and disrespected by those we thought would be on our side. In conclusion, my experience with Rock Shop and Lowe's has been nothing short of a nightmare. Potential customers should heed this cautionary tale; the risk of enduring such a level of frustration, stress, and blatant disregard for customer service is far too high. It is time these companies were held accountable for their actions.


Not satisfied with service

I have bought a dryer but they didnt install and didnt bring the laundry vent clump wrong cords also associate didnt suggest me what else I should buy for dryer


Clown Show!

Ordered in-store (Greenville, SC) three major appliances on June 27th for delivery on July 7th. Salesperson stated all products were in stock and ready for delivery on the 7th of July. On the scheduled delivery date at approx. 6:10am received a telephone call from the delivery service informing me delivery would be around 5pm that day. On that same day at approx. 1:30pm received a call from Derrick informing me that my order was not complete and therefore needed to be rescheduled until July 11th. I asked if they could deliver the items that were available, however Derrick informed me store policy prohibited splitting an order. So, Lowes store policy satisfied them not having to make 2 deliveries because they were incompetent and left the customer totally dissatisfied...great customer service? On the revised delivery date of July 11th, I once again received a call from Lowes informing me that my refrigerator was lost...yes, lost...you cannot make this stuff up...and therefore delivery would have to be postponed again however they were not sure of an alternative date. At that point, I informed the Lowes representative that I wanted to cancel the order and receive a full refund immediately. The action of Lowes can only be described as a CLOWN SHOW!


I have a complaint

I purchased granite countertops from this company and paid good money for my countertops and installation, only to be asked to provide brackets for them to install them. Not only was asked to provide brackets. I was informed I had to paid or do the caulking myself around the sink. What company ask you to do that when paying them. No


Warranty Service

John A. Howes 13 Jennifer Lane Strafford, NH 03884 6**-**2-5366 Lowes warranty reference number 024496****0501******** 6/20/2023 Approximately three weeks ago I noticed that the freezer was not cooling properly. At the lowest setting of 7 (4 is the factory default) the freezer was registering a temperature of 20 degrees. At the factory default of 4 the freezer should register at in-between 0 and 10 degrees. During the three weeks of this fiasco, I have had to keep the freezer at 7, which is taking up a lot of electricity just to keep the freezer at 20 degrees. I called Lowes extended warranty number, and a case was opened. A tech came out and suggested a couple of replacement parts. Several days later the problem was not fixed (misdiagnosed) and I called Lowes extended warranty and opened another case. Two weeks ago, a tech came out and stated that it looked like a compressor, condenser, or evaporator problem. However, he stated that to do diagnostics he would have to tap into the compressor and if he did that the compressor would not be any good and that I could be without a refrigerator for a couple weeks or possibly up to three weeks. I told him that he should know that this was not an option. He stated he would call into the office for guidance. He then called me back and stated that the compressor, condenser, and evaporator, along with necessary parts had been approved. He also stated that although Lowes offers that extended warranty on Amana refrigerators, A&E might not have the parts or would have to order like parts from a vendor they do stock. A new appointment was made for June 19 to install the parts. The parts did not show up and I had to reschedule for this Thursday. I would think that with parts this critical to the operation of the refrigerator that A&E would have put and expedite on the UPS shipment, so the parts were on time. It is now the 20th and all the parts have not arrived. One part arrived and it is from Whirlpool. If A&E is the contracted service repair company for Lowes, why is Lowes selling Amana refrigerators? I hope that the like parts work properly. Another issue is that A&E has a time window of 8-5 making planning difficult to ensure someone is here at the house. I had to take two vacation days and will need to take another one on Thursday. There are over 2,000 google reviews for A&E and they have a rating of one star. No company has an overall rating of one star. Lowes should think about hiring another service contractor. You never speak to a live person. Give their number a call and see for yourself (800) 905-****. Although UPS comes close with an overall rating of 1.1. The perfect combination to deal with on one project. Finally received the condenser coil (whirlpool) and compressor today 6/20. But the packing slips do not mention anything about an evaporator or service valve. Which is another screw up by A&E. I think they are in the box with the compressor and condenser, but without them being on the packing slip I do not know. 6/22 a different tech called stating it looks like the evaporator was not in an existing box and that they would check on the status with ups and another appointment would have to be made. Another appointment was made for June 30th. Provided the replacement parts from Whirlpool are correct for the Amana refrigerator. The evaporator was just delivered with no prior tracking information sent to my email address. The evaporator was sent via ups surepost, which gets delivered to the local post office then the home address. The status of the tracking shows on the way, not out for delivery. Finally received notification that the package was delivered. Called the tech to see now that all parts appear to be here that the next appointment can be moved up to a date earlier than June 30th. I left a voice message. 6/23 I left another message with the tech. Since the evaporator has been ordered I am unable to reschedule the appointment to a sooner date because I am directed to the a&e web site and when I input the service order, zip code and telephone number it does not recognize the data and directs me to call the service number which does me no good because the part is on order. I called the first technician and left a voice message hoping to have the appointment rescheduled for a sooner date. All during this time we have left our freezer and refrigerator almost empty. I was finally able to get to a rescheduling option via phone call by continuing to press various numbers. The appointment is now scheduled for 6/26 6/26 tech replaced compressor and a couple of other parts; the compressor was the problem. 6/27 after 27 days the refrigerator/freezer is finally working properly. The total cost of labor and parts was over $1500 billed to Lowes. Home Depot and other appliance vendors use local appliance repair companies. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER APPLICANCE AT LOWES AGAIN NEVER.



I purchased over $11,000 in Cabinets in September of 2022. It took 3+-months just to get part of the order and another 9 months to get the other half of my order that I might add was WRONG. Lowe's outsource cabinet company cannot figure out how to make the CORRECT CABINET DOOR even though they produced the order??? IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUY CABINETS, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO BUY DIRECTLY FROM A MANUFACTURER OR YOUR LOCAL CABINETMAKERS AND NO MIDDLE MAN, SUCH AS LOWE'S. THESE ARE THE THREE COMPANIES LOWES OUTSOURCES TO: -- SHENANDOAH CABINETRY, ALLEN + ROTH CABINETRY OR AMERICAN WOODWORK!!! If you look at the picture attached - you will notice the cabinet doors on the left side of the refrigerator DO NOT MATCH and the cabinet company CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX IT?? It is really a joke at this point... My stress level is beyond with these companies and Lowe's.


Flex drill set return

My complaint is on the flex drill, half inch tool set. I have two batteries that are leaking.the store will not give me a return on them .I bought set in January and I finall opened up case.Apparently batteries are garbage.Wouldnt swap or replace without receipt.I understand not crediting me the money but a swap and this is your selling brand? Will never buy from Lowes again!Ever I will tell all my family friends and who ever has a ear! Bad store practice!..I will continue my hard earned money towards Home Depot and My Milwaukee brand tools.. Any questions my number is 850 832-**** And I am going on google review!!!


Warranty Claim

I bought a Kobalt 6 1/2 brushless circular saw (Model #KCS 6524B-03) at Lowe's (store #2669) on 2-08-2020. The saw stopped working. When I press the trigger, the saw will not start. I tried two different fully charged batteries but still no start. These batteries work on my other Kobalt cordless tools; so it is not the battery. The tool comes with a 5 Year Limited Tool Guarantee and according to the saw's owner's manual, it states to "return it to the place of purchase with valid proof of purchase and the defective product will be repaired or replaced at no charge". I took the defective saw and the purchase receipt to Lowe's to be repaired or replaced. The employee told me I need to contact Kobalt for warranty claims?? I showed him what the manual states under warranty but he still insisted that the warranty is handled by Kobalt! So, the question I have is how/where can the saw be repaired or replaced? The 2 star rating would have been 5 star if the warranty claim wasn't this complicated. No problems with my other working Kobalt tools. Warranty is the issue.



We purchased a refrigerator online they gave us a time frame of 4/10 delivery so I took day off work the fridge shows up and as they are unpacking it they break the paddle for the ice dispenser they said they will have to get another one I ask how long that take they said call a number and schedule it after 4 hours on phone they say it will be Friday I say I can not get another day off work it will have to after 3pm they told me they wont guarantee that so Ill have to wait tell Saturday I ask what time (I ask what time so I can plan my day) they said we will let you know bye 8pm Friday nite Bye this point Im agitated and call customer service (another hour wait on phone) the lady I got was nice and offered 10% off price all good I though! Saturday they finally arrived to deliver the fridge wife was in house I was out working in yard When I come in and they are gone i fined out as they were bringing it into the house they ran it in to my the door latch ripped it out and put dent in top of fridge and scratched door she said she pointed it out and they just ignored her hooked water line put handles on and walked out did not unpack anything out of fridge. And did not care one bit about it So again call customer service(hour run around) and told I would have to wait for a call from warehouse finally they call and only offered 10% off and I said not good enough I need management she said again I would have to wait for a call finally I get a call from a very smart *** person I asked to be compassionate for the damage because we could not wait tell next weekend for another fridge after some back and forth and her being rude we agreed on another 20% so total of 30% off I get the statement they only gave me 10% off first incident and 10% on second incident and now everyone says we dont know and my door latch is still broke Ruts in my yard all I want is my full 30% they promised


Damaged Product and Lowes did nothing

I placed an order in January. Finally, received a call that the brand new stackable washer/dryer would be delivered last week in the morning. The drivers showed up at 5:30p and dropped the unit when wheeling it down my driveway. It was still in the box when they left. I had hired a couple of guys to be at the house to hook up, but they left when the delivery hadn't shown up by 4p. They also didn't deliver all the accessories and told me I would need to go to Lowes and pick them up myself. I did and complained to the manager about the delivery time, the drop, and having to go to the store and pick up what they didn't deliver. The manager blew me off and said they were busy. The guys I hired last week came out today and unpacked the unit where it was left by the delivery guys, and there are multiple damages to the unit. I called Customer service and was told that the return policy is only 48 hours. I'm disabled, so I'm screwed!


Appliance & Flooring nightmare

(***Going to be long**) This needs to blow up!!! I am sooooo infuriated and fed up with Lowes.. I ordered flooring the 5th of January! Didnt have it in store so okay gotta order it. Now its getting toward end of January Im like whats going on with my order. Its still on the way should be here soon. So finally get word product is ready time to schedule install. So my flooring was suppose to be delivered Monday the 13th.. NOTHING was delivered.. call the install people and was like my flooring was not delivered whats going on. So they tell me they went to Lowes to pick up my flooring and its gone nothing was there. So I call Lowes and am like what is going on! They had the flooring at the store and SOLD IT to someone else!!! Im like are you kidding me WTF. So they were going to go get flooring from a different store. Get a call back and now they cant they cant get anything I picked so I had to choose different flooring that they had in store. That new flooring was to be delivered today and started install. Installers started ripping everything up waiting for floor to arrive. They finish and we have all bare wood floor and everything, I even had to move and unplug EVERYTHING even taking the toilet out that Steve uses (made all handicapped for him). A lot of stuff I was told would be done for me and is in my contract they charged me for!!! the installers call and is like where is the flooring.. ITS NOT COMING AND GOING TO GET RESCHEDULED!!! WTF!!! Now we have to live with a tore up house (god knows how long) worrying if the baby is going to hurt herself on the bare flooring (still finding nails and staples by the way) and trying to figure out what my handicapped husband is going to do and worrying about if the dogs or baby going to mess up and ruin the bare wood. Now I have to wait for another phone call.. oh it doesnt stop there mean while I ordered a new stove and microwave the same time I ordered flooring Jan 5th. The microwave they had it IN THE STORE when I ordered it. So now Im waiting for delivery of those two items stove gets delivered the 18th, Im like where is my microwave. We dont have it, just the stove. Ok I call the store it shows they still have it and would have to cancel my order and redo it and schedule for a delivery. Im like no *** it I will come get the damn thing, mind you a lot was going on that day and my husband was being discharged from the hospital after being in there for a month. I go get the microwave and put it in my damn self. That day finally settles down and go to make dinner THERE IS NO OVEN RACKS in my brand new stove along with showing up with a big dent in the side of it . I call Lowes AGAIN! Im like I have nothing they brought my stove put it in the house and left then I left to go to the hospital so I didnt look at it till now. oh you will have to talk to a manager, call back tomorow instead of calling again I showed up to the store.. they tell me there is nothing they can do about it I have to either call LG and go through warranty to get what I need or they can refund me come pick up the stove and get me a new one. Im like NO! Ive waited long enough for my stuff Im not going through any more hassle I just need what I was suppose to have that the guys on the truck took with them when they delivered it.. Nope sorry cant do anything you have to go through LG. So now I have a brand new stove I CANT *** USE!! cant cook dinner. I Go through LG to get my racks and stuff. THAT *** BARELY JUST CAME IN THE MAIL!! its now middle of February I havnt been able to cook anything till now!!! And now I cant do anything because of my flooring and my husband is *** HANDICAPPED!! Along with having a 1 an a half year old!!! Like seriously what the *** LOWES DO *** BETTER CUZ RIGHT NOW UR RUINING MY LIFE and giving extra stress and worry THAT I DONT NEED, I HAVE ALREADY HAD TO DEAL WITH SO MUCH ALREADY ON MY OWN WITH NO HELP!!! IM DONE! IM NOT OKAY!!


The worst Installation of new washer

I purchased a washer 3 months ago. All of a sudden the hose for cold water burst in back was Leaking as my daughter started a load of clothes. I was lucky she was there to act and clean everything up. Later Lowes would not take responsibility that their crew who installed and attached hoses were at fault. It has been a huge battle and costumer service was completely cold and resentful. I will never buy from Lowes again, and their 100% lack of fixing this problem will be something I will never forget. I will spread the words!!

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