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Lonestar Barns has a 2.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 15 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 21th position out of 147 companies.


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14701 Gordon Cummings Rd., Canyon, Texas, 79015, United States

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Barn Purchased no money or barn

We purchased a barn in Sept 2022, for $39,950.00. It is now almost a year later. Debbie has taken our money in full, has not even delivered as much as 1 nail and refuses not only to return any of our money, but also will not return phone calls, emails or texts. We have been trying to speak to her for months now. We have reached out to the Sheriff's office in canyon who informed me that they have had numerous calls in regards to the company stealing money especially within the last year and were very familiar with the company. They informed me that looking into the company there are cases of her stealing money and being taken to court dating back as far as 2005. We are working with law enforcement and our attorneys to see what options we have. We are now trying anything we can to get any of our life savings back or atleast prevent anyone else having to deal with this heart ache in the future. I cannot begin to explain how much stress this has caused my family and to know that there are so many other stories out there hurts my heart. People are getting taken advantage of daily. Something has to be done, she should never have been able to continue scamming people and getting away with it for as long as she has.


Never had problems with the them

Never had problems with them I got my shelter I might buy another one from them she not no scam or a lier like other thinks cause some one else used the name took people money so people need to back off on her yes I know her very well ! Go some where else if dont want her barns ! My opinion


Serial Scam Artist

Debbie scammed us in 2010 and with the help of local law enforcement we did recover our money. This woman is a criminal and has been robbing the innocent over and over with no consequences. There are too many honest companies to work with so dont let her con you. If Debbie opens her mouth the only thing coming from her mouth is a LIE!


Had to take this company to the Better Business Bureau

Do not bother with turning Debbie Brown (owner of Lonestar Barns) into the Better Business Bureau, they can do absolutely nothing for you. Take her to small claims court. In the state of Texas you can sue her for up to $20,000.00. I wasted about 2 months with the BBB, and they try hard, but they cannot enforce her to pay you the money due to you. She did however lose her triple A rating with them, and she got discredited from them also. The only reason I am stating this is to help people get their money from her, by bypassing the BBB and take her again, to small claims court.


Deposit theft

We put a deposit on panels. We sent this company over $13k as a depoit. They have disappeared, wont return calls etc. Contact Mrs. Woods to repay her money... We have filed criminal charges with the Helena PD, Texas Rangers & FBI for Intra-state wire fraud. Feel free to call me San Antonio area code 825-**** or refund the money directly to Mrs. Woods.


Horrible experience and service

After waiting and waiting, the owner's son and another worker came to put up our barn. The worker would come and end up working by himself. He was nice but it was too much for one person. The son didn't come some days until much later because he was busy going out having fun, or he was not here to work. I could list so many things that are horrible about our barn. The wood that is slid into the doors and walls is falling out from the top. Definitely regret choosing this dishonest company! They are dishonest and full of excuses. Poor quality of work. Do not use Lonestar Custom Barns. This barn was built in Texas in 2013.


Cat steer

My husband and brother in law expected to see the cat steer she mention that she was divorced and selling it for 2000 dollars and wanted money transferred to amazon. after letting her know we were interested she said that her and her brother were loading it up and on their way and that was the end never heard back I am pissed to even know that someone can take the advantage of senior citizen, using a lying divorce situation to get pitty from other people shame on her for this the lying theif, if she works for this company she needs to be fired


Lonestar Barns out of Helena Montana stole $8500 from me

In August of 2015 I placed an order with Debbie from the lonestar Montana location. The order was for an 8 foot bull/trainers pen priced at $8500. I paid the entire $8500 at the time of the order and was told our order would be complete and delivered in 3 weeks. I was in a time crunch and needed a pen as soon as possible, which is why I was willing to pay that kind of a price and lonestar guaranteed it would be completed quickly. Over a month went by and I had not heard from lonestar or received my training pen. I called and left several messages, I sent several emails with no reply or answer from lonestar. I sent them another email informing stating I am canceling my order due to the complete lack of correspondence and the amount of time past when they said my order would be completed. Debbie finally responded to my email and said they would cancel it and have my money returned to the account they were paid from. It is now June, They have not returned my $8500, they will not return my calls, answer my emails or provide any type of correspondence what so ever. I have copies of all my emails as well as Debbie stating she will refund my money. I am quickly learning I am not the only one these people have done this too.


Excellent experience with Lonestar Barns

I and a friend of mine have Lonestar Barns and did not have one bit of trouble with them or their quality. We love our barns and they are very strong and lovely barns. I would recommend them to everyone that wants a quality barn for a reasonable price. The person ranting on this site a sorry individual and has issues they should direct to themselves not try to defame a nice company that has helped many horse people like ourselves get a barn for their horses that normally couldn't afford a barn as nice as theirs. If the government buys from Lonestar Barns repeatedly that must say something for their quality and integrity.


Other Product Review

How can these people sleep at night and why aren't they in jail?


Setting things straight about Lonestar Barns and false complaints

This person harleyrider7816@***.com is a liar and posted false information on Lonestar Barns. I have worked for Lonestar Barns off and on going on 10 years now and have never had a problem with them and have had many customers tip us out on the jobs because we did such good work. he must be a competitor or someone that Lonestar did not hire due to his welds not meeting their standards. It's sad that people have to stoop to these low life attempts to put down a company. A lot of barn companies have gone under or merged do to the economy or whatever but Lonestar Barns is still in business and doing well with 3 locations and a 4th being added in the Spring which I will be foreman of.


Lonestar Barns - Work Experience Review from Amarillo, Texas

I use to work Debbie brown she is a snake in the grass and use your money to the pay for the barn that is a head of u. Which I mean she would rob Peter to pay Paul if know what I mean this woman. Is a total their don't send her money orders or checks people because u will never see ur barn and the workman ship was good when me and Gen were there but that was years ago. DONT BUY A BARN FROM LONESTARS PERIOD VERY Cheaply Made don't last if u have any question email me and we will talk more harleyrider7816@***.com or talk canyon police department there has been few police reports filled on her.


Purchase of a Lonestar Barn followed by empty promises and poor business practices.

We purchased a Lonestar Barn "package" which included a four stall barn with raised center aisle, tack room with raised drop ceiling, and installation assembly to include stained and finished wood pine lumber for the barn walls. Phone calls were rarely returned. Text messages were delayed and curt. Emails were also delayed to non existent. Construction was shoddy until we took over construction of the barn to quality standards at our expense for extra materials. We have yet to be reimbursed for failure to deliver materials for the drop ceiling and also failure to stain and finish the wood pine lumber which was supposed to be delivered as a finished material. No calls are returned. No emails are returned. I've included several pictures of their workmanship and their "company" location in Canyon Texas.


Lonestar Barns' Debbie Brown Stole $9000 from me.

I ordered a Mare Motel in June of 2013 from Debbie Brown at Lonestar Barns. She wanted me to wire her my down payment of $9000. I was hesitant and made that clear. She assured me that my money was federally protected. After I wired her the money, she refused to provide me with a contract or delivery date and kept using the excuse that her mother was ill which should have had nothing to do with me or my project. Apparently, she has been using that same excuse with other clients she has potentially de-frauded. After many requests for a contract and delivery date, I came across this website as well as others and found many complaints regarding Debbie Brown. I contacted one couple who told me their horror story and how they were out thousands of dollars because of these people. At this point i told Dwbbie Brown I had been in contact with the couple and i wanted my money back. She tried to say they were liars and bad people which i learned was quite the contrary. Debbie Brown agreed to return my money but told me i had to pay a 25% restocking fee for a barn that was never officially ordered, had no dontract or delivery date for. I dis mention this to her and she said that she would waive the restocking fee and said several belittleing comments directed towards me. She has continued to promise to return my $9000 but has not. Oh and by the way, I noticed that Debbie Brown's Husband, Mike Russell, made a comment to one consumer telling them you get what you pay for as far as the contractor work was involved. He was the contractor! Do Not Give This Woman a Dime or You May Never Get It Back. She is pulling qute a scam, stealing money from hard working people.


Lonestar Horse Barn a Construction Nightmare

Updated by user Nov 01, 2012
NOTE: We did not hire the contractor who built the barn. Lonestar Barns hired the contractor who originally built the barn. We had to hire our own local contractor to fix the mess their contractor made.

Original review Oct 31, 2012
We purchased a horse barn from Lonestar Barns, Inc. of Canyon, Texas. After the barn was constructed, we found the following inferior workmanship issues with the barn: The roof panels were haphazardly spliced together & damaged causing roof the to lea;, the ridge cap was incorrectly installed and leak, the stall latches fell off the stall and tack room doors; we paid extra for insulation that they tried to install but it was the wrong type of installation and what little they tried to install fell down from the roof; the supports for the lean-to are crooked and not secured at the roof line, the purlins are too short, the metal siding above the doors is loose, the tongue & groove boards in the walls weren't inserted high enough and allowed excessive weather into the barn; they didn't pay as agreed for their crew to stay in our farmhouse; won't resolve issues or respond. We had to hire and pay another contractor to fix all the issues with the barn because neither Lonestar Barns/Debbie Brown, President or the contractor, Michael Russell, who was hired by Lonestar and installed the barn, will stand behind and resolve the issues with the barn.

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