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LogoDesignPros has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 41 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 10th position out of 236 companies.


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N Market St, Ste 811, Wilmington, Delaware, 19801, United States

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Rep refuses to answer call, emails or chat

Contacted b y Logo Design Pros about old logo that someone wanted to use and I was the owner, I advised that was ok for them to use it. Then I was conned into doing a web site (I really didn't and don't want a web) Well this salesman talked and talked said ( do not worry about the money) well before it was all over and $2100.00 invested-I had a web whether I wanted or not. I advised salesman I could not speak with him on phone because it cost me money I need not spend and we should communicate by emaiul-I requested a tutorial to work on web (no cost-no tuturial) Company refuses to respond to any kind of communication. Web was approved by so SEO was not started (per rep) I must want my SEO monies refundedD


Logo Design Pros Scam Artists

This company did a good job on my logo is 2011. Lately they are flooding me with emails claiming they are going to protect my copyright on the logo. They are a graphic design outfit. Not a law firm. The emails and phone calls keep coming. Avoid them at all costs!


Took my money and haven't fulfilled services

I've been a customer for 10 years. Although my earlier experiences were positive, my opinion has changed drastically during the last few months. I prepaid for a new website design, SEO content, and an app. That was a huge mistake. It's been several months and my website has not been published. The SEO content and app have not yet begun. What's worse, is that I have spoken to support multiple times during the last couple of months. They assure me that the site will be live within a couple of days. It's still not live. Do not prepay for services with this company.


Total SCAM "services"

To make a long story short, these guys are a total rip-off! "Offices" translates to apartments in different states. Use Google maps FIRST before considering any of their "locations!" The Better Business Bureau in Delaware posts an "F" rating for him/them...I should have known better. No luck either with the Walnut, CA. address either. They/he ripped me off for over $700; when I filed suit, the certified letter to him/them came back as "un-deliverable." Don't believe their website when it states "satisfaction guaranteed" OR their claim they can chat 24/7! Calling them/him results in battered English, too. BE WARNED...


Bunch of arrogant non american non professionals trying to talk and act like american professionals

Updated by user Jan 07, 2017
* Probably think they doing it free ...

Original review Jan 07, 2017
I am no more ashamed to declare that I am one of the many idiots who let these guys fool me DESPITE having had gained a fair knowledge of their performances and tactics. Perhaps I thought to myself...how worst can they go, considering the price they offered...I was in for a ride of my life with that assumption. 2.5 Years on and I am probably put on their blacklist for constantly asking for me over delayed project which they probably thing they are going it free for me (with 100% advance taken 2.5 years back). Long story short...If they manage to spare you some time, they can do a pretty good job in the given amount, but they cannot be trusted, especially with big projects, simply because for a company who does not take pride in the fact that it is part of a large Pakistani software house and instead pretends to be someone/thing it is not...only implies that deceit is at the core of their intention and that eventually plays out when they start crippling under the pressures of delivering a large project for which they promised you the sun & the moon knowing the only moon they possibly can moon at you it their own (pun intended). So i you're willing spend 3/4 of your day trying to reach your contact (after he took 100% advance in a blink of an eye) either by chat, phone or email, and go to sleep frustrated having realized you wasted your time money and peace on these crooks, and yet like me still find the energy and enthusiasm to go all over it again the next day and the next and so on and so forth, then come join the line. Otherwise if you have a heart condition, anger management issues or a blood pressure issues, they do the people around you a favor and just pay extra to someone you can catch by the neck if needed.


Logodesignpros Logo Design Review from Odenton, Maryland

Logo Design Pros are anything but "PROS"! They set you up by talking a good game but when it comes to delivering a quality product or in this case any product they are not able to be reached/found. Customer service is a joke and there is no creative process to build a website. The creativity came from how they can avoid you and drag you along for months to only keep your money and deliver nothing. They were Pros at doing that! It is impossible to know who to go after to get your money back because I was shifted to a different person each month once that person was unable to stall any longer. I am not even sure if I ever spoke to someone who was in the United states location wise or even if any of them were american not that other individuals from other countries are bad people or scammers but it was difficult to communicate ideas, concepts which are very important in designing a website when most of the individuals could barely speak english which happens to be the language I speak and my only way to communicate. In summary, Logo Design Pros are simply put Criminals. They need to be held responsible for what they stole from me and from the thousands of others. Shame on them and since I am helpless to hold them accountable I must keep faith knowing they must answer for their wrong doings one day. God have mercy on their souls because I know I wouldn't. Signed, Pissed Consumer


They Are quick hit& Run company

Tell you what. they provide excellent service UNTIL you pay them. What they want is your money, once you pay them their work will be extremely slow and unprofessional. Even asking for more money for minor changes, telling you this is not included and cost alot more from the original package. They use a type of system where it is easily hacked. please beware of this. Before paying, they will even call you on your mobile and tell you that the draft is ready. Trust them not, they will do everything quickly and efficiently at the beginning . but once they receive the money, they will not entertain you.


They are Thieves

Logo Designs Pros are not a professional company, they show you good work as samples but there work is off very poor quality. I am trying to get a refund. As soon as I asked for a refund they never returned my calls and the also the logo they did for me was very poor qaulity. I tried to get them to fix the logo but they never responded. However they are quick to call everyday so they try and sell their services, but once paid via credit card, they never return emails. Furthermore the website says 'money back if not satisfied'!


What happened to my website????

After 26 months of waiting, website made with hundreds of mistakes and virus in it. It took me several months to contact them to scan the website and now I don't even have a website Where in the *** this company vanished? I paid a lot of money for this website and now I don't even have a working site. Does any one know how to contact them now? this is by far the most unprofessional company I have ever worked with. Our foundation is a non for profit. It took us so long to save that money to built this site. We don't even have money to re- built the site with another company :(


Incomplete Work from Logo Design Pros

We contracted them to work on the Community Health Alert Website. The website they submitted was unpresentable and cannot be used by the organization. It was full of mistakes, and unwanted pages and information. Some were even in Dutch, when the work that needs to be submitted needs to be in English. Some of the pictures were not reflective of CHAT programs. We contacted them for corrections, they agreed but refused to work on them. After which they went silent. The end product submitted was very unprofessional and now the site cannot even be accessed. We are now very much dissapointed!


Good at first, then stopped responding

Logo Design Pros were very helpful and good at first. They got my initial logo and stationary. Then when I asked for a change, they removed the first one but never posted the revisions. I also paid for a brochure, so I am out about $1200. I heard they are now out of business and I truthfully hope not because I would at least like to get the logo and stationary. I guess I should have checked a few of these reviews before giving them money, but live and learn. If anyone has had a good experience, I would like to hear about it.



Hi, did you pay them on your credit card? If so, you can request a charge back from your credit card company. Make sure that you have documented all of your conversation and their pending work with you. I have a similar problem with them that I bought a package and my website has never been created and they were gone, nowhere to be found. It was a mess but you can fight back and try to contact your credit card company. Remember, they advertised 100% money back guarantee. I hope you can get your money back or at least a portion of it. Good luck


Big loss

they have registered my domain name under some one else. and now my website is down .. any one knows what happen ? I have lost around 8000.00 dollars include 2 years of work .. on the website .I have buy full package logo and content writing , they told me to protect yourself I have to protect my brand I paid $1500 With ICPBB they said this company is international company .. one day I have called logo design pros to get an app . no one answer the phone . I couldn't get who is hosting my website . because I went through them . as I was paying them .. finally I got who is hosting my website hosting lance .. I kept calling these people ..day and night ..no one answering .. then the big news all the sudden I don't own my domain name due the registered under the hosting company. I have hired domain agent to get hold of them ...wasting of money. I have got cheated on big time ... with knowledge I have all logo design pros emails payment files .. now I lost big I wish if some one out there can or know where these guys at ...


Thieves and Scammers

I can't believe that PAYPAL continues to help LogoDesignPros and NorthridgeFix (the Parent Company) scam consumers like this. I placed an order on July 7, 2015. Payment was taken from my account but I never received the logo and stationaries that I paid for. I called the NorthridgeFix number 818-668-**** (the only number you can use for LogoDesignPros) so many times without any success. These people need to go to jail, their are thieves. Please do not order from them, and be careful using PayPal their accomplice. Paypal had received many complaints about logodesignpros and Northridgefix and still continue to collect money for them.



I paid over $900 for a package a few months ago. Worked with them for logo design at first. It was terrible! Slow and poor designs. Left them for a while and for my logo from 99designs. Came back and asked for my money back. They offered to compensate me with more stuff in addition to my initial package. Asked them to start the development of the website. They replied once and said to wait for the initial draft some time at the end of April 2015. Then, nothing, nothing and still nothing! I guess I was ripped off! That Really Sucks!


No problem with them but i have a pending CMS design not finalized with them

Hello I paid for company from their website www.logodesignpros.com and they have many websites working under different names. Before in the first time i purchased from thier other website (infinitylogodesign.com) and the service was too bad, so for next ordered i searched for another design provider and founded the Logodesignpros which it's same company but i wasn't know. www.infinitylogodesign.com www.logodesignpros.com www.logodesignpros.co.uk www.designmarketpros.com The service i purchased from them is web design, for a while they sent me a design samples without any issues but in last days i sent a design modifications request to them but they did not reply to me until now. Before their live chat was always online but now it is always offline, their toll free number is not working, i sent them emails but they did not reply.

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