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Logo Scientist has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 37 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 11th position out of 236 companies.


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Never again!

the logo was nice, but the experience with every single person was horrible. pushy, arrogant and misleading constantly trying to sell you more and more and rude to you if you decline. I had to fight every step of the way just to get my logo which they make you pay for upfront before their "play hardball" sales tactics begin. At one point I was ready to just lose the $120, count my losses and move on. Never again with this company.


What Kind of Company is this?

I purchased a E-commerce Professional website Package in the amount of $1294 in April 2017 (invoice date is 5/25/17), and an additional $500 Custom PHP Development service in June 2017(invoice date is 6/07/17)from Logo scientist/ OctaGroup Design Services. My sales person was Mr. Paul Johnson. I made these 2 purchases with the intent on having a fully functioning E-commerce website, and that did not happen. After having approx. a six month relationship with Logo scientist/ Octagroup I experienced a lag in the services I had been provided, I asked about a refund, I was told that was not possible. My window of opportunity had passed, What about the 100% satisfaction guarantee? So, I hired another local website company to act on my behalf, and they made several request for revisions on the site...a few were met,and then the communication with Logo scientist/OctaGroup Design Services totally disappeared. The past 20 months have been a merry-go-round of endless attempts to get my website completed. On 12/10/2018, with the credentials provided by Logo scientist/ OctaGroup Design Services, I tried to log in and was denied access to the portal. I personally called Logo scientist/ OctaGroup Design Services once again. I was transferred to numerous individuals, once again I spoke of the failed deliverables on their behalf, and asked for a refund. I was told my window of opportunity expired. It appears that I was never in a position to be fully satisfied.



This company is the biggest scam artist ever. They continually come back after the fact and add services that they state are "necessary" and of course they include additional charges. Either they don't protect their web sites from hackers or they are hacking it themselves to increase revenue. After the first *** I paid to have our site protected. Today when I went to the site it was completed gone. Their response was that it must have been hacked and for them to restore it would be another $300. What did I just pay them for? They have already soaked me for close to $2000 and I have nothing to show for it.


Bad Company Steal Money

This Company has Stole from me $2,700 from me and has not gotten the job done, plus they have told me to give them even more money when they have not even started on the work i have giving them they have asked me after i payed the $2,700 more than $500 more still nothing has been done this company has stolen my money and never got the work done For anyone who plans to use this company do not use it they will ask you for more and more money and will never get the work done. The page never worked as well the information the gave GoDaddy was fake someone that helped me with the page never got the right information for the page as i said this company will steal your money and even ask for more more after you made the last purchase.


Lost over 3000 dollars and no website and logo to show for it

DO NOT use Logo scientist. They are extremely slow with their service. I have emails proving that I have requested status updates on my projects. I finally cannot take it anymore and request that Logo scientist send me my websites and logo including everything promised to me. And I receive an email informing me that I need to pay 50% of what I paid for in order to " re-activate my account" So I pay over 3000 including 500 for a content writer and they steal it from me. Stay away. I can provide proof of what they have done. I have emails to confirm everything stated in this review.



Made a ton of promises, gave me a two week time frame for completion, it's been four months and ALL they have done is is literally cut and paste from an existing website! I have so much more I can complain about, in all my years I am SO embarrassed and disappointed in myself that I fell for this con! They took $1500 from us, refuse to give a refund, refuse to do what they promised, we have nothing to show for it. In my 16 years as a small business owner this has been, by far, the worst "company" I have EVER seen. They have given me three different addresses, none of which seem to be real, they have given me different names, from Octagroup to Octa-logo, Design Proficient, and now, as of this morning, Logo Scientists! When I asked how the name of the company has changed so many times in four months the guy hung up on me. Avoid these companies like the plague that they are. I now have an attorney, contacted the local authorities in all the locations that they have given me...oh, that's right, I was told that they were in New Jersey first, then San Francisco, the SunnyVale, I read about them now being in Florida, the UK and Pakistan!



Used them for a logo. It was OK. Now they won't stop sending me spam. I have requested numerous times. Time to take it to social media! The spammer is primarily April Jones. Her email is april@***.com My next step is to just plain give them a call. If that doesn't work, I'll call them again. I'm also submitting all their spam to godaddy as they appear to be their web provider. Don't use them. Really. They will spam the tar out of you. Why does this have to be 100 words? I got the point across in far fewer. This is exactly 100.


They did what they said, but it wasn't an Easy ride

Have you ever been Catfished? Ever thought that the person you've been dealing with isn't who he says he is? Well you will be here. So, I ordered a logo - Got it. Liked it. Upgraded to Website design, and to be fair they managed it within 3 months. The problem I had is that The guys name was Brian O Neil. No apostrophe. Didn't ring true. Also the call reception from their supposed London office was awful. AND he sounded Indian with a hint of American. Why not just give your real name? There are now - after a long look - many mistakes on my site, so NO, I wouldn't recommend.


Logo and Web Design

Hired them to do a Logo and web design, what a mistake, someone in high school could do a better job, bad communication, never produced anywhere near a web design, mock-ups and a Logo was all I receive after six months, very frustrating working with them, I would not give them any opportunity to take your money. They should be legally shut down, I'm working on that. Do your do diligence and find a company that has some integrity and skill before you enter into any type of agreement. There are lots of choices out there and it is buyer beware that's for sure. Good luck in your search.



I hired them or a website 994 and web content 249 The sales person terry Mcginnis sent an email clearly saying if not satisfied any time before website depoyment you get your money back on my contract it clearly states money back anytime before deployment on their wesbtie money back garantee on ad material the same. It is all false . Once theu got you they would work any way they want any pace and not 22 days as they said they would lie about any refund BEWARE The salesperson is Irish the the others are in India the guy who worked on my website name Miller {they englicized their names from Indian] was sloppy and very slow to respond it would take days not response then he said his wife gave brith


Biggest crooks ever!!!!!

Took a year of my life and $2500 before I just gave up on my logo and or web design. Never got past the logo design. After a year of trying I couldn't get these idiots to put out a logo for me, much less design and manage my web site. were impossible to work with, and even more difficult to get in contact with. Liars and cheats!!!!! To top it all off... after deciding that there was no possible way I could ever trust them, I requested my money back. Website says 100% satisfaction and 100% money back all over it. Not only did they not give my money back, they some how got WELLS FARGO to side with them. So now WELLS FARGO endorses crooks! Beware of both! Here it is over a year later and I still have no logo or website and am out $2500



This is a horrible company with very shady sales tactics. You will be up charged along the way with threats that your website will pretty much be junk if you do not up grade to the recommendations. You think that is the last charge and 3 days later again. Will be reporting this company. The turn around times are slow. Like by weeks not hours. We were actually told by Alan our website designer that "I give you my word you will not have to spend another penny to complete this website". Ummmm- 3 days later it came again. I was told I shouldnt add my information to the inner pages. Its is a specialists job. What???? Why would I want someone filling in the About us page?


Worst company ever

Stay clear of this company. They are the most incompetent group of individuals I have ever had the worst pleasure of working with. After 2 months and $1500 later I am fighting for a refund because they could not deliver on quality, time or concept and says it's my fault even though they received continuous feedback from me correcting them on the same ***, they claimed that I kept changing things causing a delay so I don't qualify for a refund because they had to pay the workers, when clearly the site states 100% Refund if not satisfied. A site that was supposed to take 2-3 weeks to create wasn't complete even after two months and it was for the dumbest things. They are like printers if I ask to have a paragraph included in a form why would you include my ending signature saying "Thank you (my name)" and to correct this would take two to three days of course because everything takes two to three days with them. I tried to even send screenshots with arrows WTF. Save yourself the trouble use template monster get a $80-$200 site template and support for $40. Excellent service and fast. I had my Facebook page up in 24 hours. I'm so pissed I fell victim to such a *** for a business


A Complete Ripoff

First of all, you will note that the people working there have western names but foreign accents. This is not in any way meant to be a prejudiced comment, it just means their business structure is misleading. The phone lines are often unclear with funny background noise, and once you've been convinced to take on their services by the customer service agent's initial friendly and serviable manner, after that, your project manager is most often unavailable or simply not there. If you call several times, customer services agents will give you a different story as to the whereabouts of your project manager. Then there is the website itself. The so-called website designer works like a robot so you as the customer must already know how a website works and what the best design for today's market and your purposes is, and follow every step they take, as all they'll do is simply find pictures on the net and copy and paste your text. There is no real concern or expertise for your site and the most obvious layout and spelling mistakes are made - my website was simply left unfinished with gaps in the template. And my one month website project took six months! This is made even worse as you always have to go through your project manager and you have no idea who is actually working on your website. Furthermore, LogScientist will offer you a great 5 year deal on hosting, but it is risky as it is very difficult to obtain the password information and access the hosting company (in my case LiquidWeb) directly in case of need. When I asked LogoScientist for my hosting access details a few months after purchase, I no longer had access to my original project manager, so called Steve Anderson, and another person had to contact the web design team who gave her the wrong credentials. With all this, needless to say, I have had to have the website completely redone with new hosting and a big loss of money as a few thousand dollars may be a lot but, compared to legal fees you'd have to pay, it is very little. And I guess that's how LogoScientist gets away with their bad service. I so wish I'd read reviews like this from the start - I've lost not only time and money with LogoScientist but a ton of business too as you can imagine. Stay away from them!


Logoscientist.com DO NOT USE THEM!!!

I signed up for and Paid In Full for logo service and was promised by Reza Martin that I would be contacted by a logo making professional via telephone as soon as I completed and submitted my questionnaire (which I completed and submitted within 20 minutes). Hours later, no one had called me yet so I sent a follow-up email to Reza to inquire as to when someone would contact me. His reply to me "you need to calm down". Then I requested an immediate refund and the name of his supervisor. He then replies “We have a lot of projects and lot of customers to deal with. Don’t assume that you have bought the whole company and all employee’s for just $125.00. I will get you refund processed. I do not wish to work with a client like you at all.” This is totally unprofessional. First, he makes false promises that he doesn’t deliver on, then he is rude to me when I inquire as to what is happening in the process and then when I request a refund, he is rude to me again. I requested a refund and as of this writing, I'm still waiting for it and he never sent me the name or contact information for his supervisor which i had requested. DO NOT USE www.LOGOSCIENTIST.com, stay away from them!


Resolved: Complete ***!!!!

Months of wasted time!!! I'm so pissed right now that I could spit nails. The launch of our new business has now been put on hold indefinitely due to the amount of time spent back and forth with these idiots!! They were more interested in trying to convince me of their abilities rather than listening to my visions. Absolute swill!! I actually used Adobe Illustrator for the first time in my 50 yrs to try and fix what they had sent to me...and I must say that my completely unexperienced *** was able to put out better work. Just as we began to get close to what I was expecting, they took huge leaps in the wrong direction, leaving me with the feeling of hopelessness. I will gladly share the complete list of concepts that were sent to me along with the one that I personally tweaked and let you...the viewing audience decide.

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