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Logistimatics has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 49 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 7th position out of 279 companies.


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(336) 663-1583

15720 Brixham Hill Ave Ste 300, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28277-4784, United States

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Never recibe order number or shipping

I make the payment for a device I never recibe the order number I call costumer service and the number is disconnected I think this company stold my money


Poor device I can’t get a hold of anyone Number no longer in service I’m calling Bettef Busineds Bureau

Your phone is disconnected. Ive tried emailing them. Ive tried calling the phone disconnected my audible wont work on my tracker says that number doesnt exist.


I have to wait for my account open and I already paid for my subscription bogus bro

Cant use my tracker 352208**** and now I have to do at least a 100 words bs you need to do better poor customer service


My tracker need be check on

Can not call it Won't call my back please see what's wrong with my tracker have not use my min some months Fix


Trying to restart my tracker

Im trying to restart a tracker (194394) after a few months. Its charged, and on. But isnt updating.please help!


I am being stalked and found the tracker

Please help!!! Im being stalked!!! I do not know who it is and I am scared. I have two young children. Please help me!


Audio not working

It is almost impossible to get a hold of your customer service The phone number that is provided will not go through. It is a scam.


Stolen money!

I paid for several subscriptions and NONE of the devices work. I've tried emailing helli@***.com, submitting help tickets and doing so several times! I have not received a single response. They just take your money and that's the end of it! ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!


New sim card

I need to know more about the new sim card for the voice part to be able to work I would perfer to speak with someone


I need to speak w someone

I cant activate. Its doesn't show anything when I log in to my account. Was its supposed to come with the sim card?



Can someone call me please.? I'm using my work phone at 929-946-****. I forgot to take care of my monthly service. My tracker is not working. I'd like to resolve this asap.


Product doesn’t work properly

Voice activation does not work. Even after I have purchased over 1000 minutes. Still doesnt work. They will gladly take your money but product will not work



I cannot get my device to accept the voice activation Ive bought 1100 minutes and it still will not work. Its a piece of junk. I am very dissatisfied with this company. I have emailed all day and no one has responded. No customer service and not a good product


The apparatuses was too difficult for an old lady…. I appreciate your Speedy response and refund

No complaint, the service attended to my needs in a very speedy manner. He assessed my issues and returned my money with no flack. He was extremely speedy and very polite. I was extremely pleased with his professionalism.


I need to purchase another 200g 4g will the charges carry over or start over?

I need to repurchase another one. I wanted to know if charges carry over or start over? I didnt want to start over as if I was a new customer and Ive been a customer for a longtime. How does it work if I purchase another one? Will charges start from the beginning or where the old one left off at?


No live audio even after setting SOS number.

Phone number for company doesn't work. Someone needs to call me back immediately. This is not good business management.

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