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Lkq Corporation has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 384 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 17th position out of 513 companies.


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They give me the wrong part

I was sold the wrong part coolant overflow tank, your inventory list directed me to the wrong parts and your staff advised me at the yard the list is not reliable after I drove 20 miles to pick it up, they refused to allow me to replace it or refund money, this is not a defective product it's just the wrong part as I tried to explain the difference don't rely on the inventory list


Claim denied claim#139158

pissed bought a reman from you guys hadn't put 200 miles on engine started knocking , reached out to Mark at LKQ in TX where I bought engine he told me to replace lifters and rockers , did didn't do any good ,took to gateway tire on Dickerson pike he put on machine he even said it has a internal issue , was sent replacement engine spent more money to have engine replaced , only for Mark to say it was my fault engine failed , after I put engine in it sat for about a month waiting on LKQ .


Unprofessional deceitful

Iam a VA Owner operator Purchased x2 trans for a Dt12 heavy truck 1st one dead on arrival, split pin bushing would not go into gear with being supposedly fixed ( reconditioned) unit. Second one ( rebuilt) showed avail was susposed to ship out on the day of contact via e-mail eight days pass no trans, emailed lkq was wrong not available, then vendor delay, once installed many seal leaks from flanges, needed sent back to Detroit for full rebuild. Bought this transmission from diffrent dealer after 65 days of down time, delays , many install cost & lkq not honoring the warranty on the rebuild. Rebuilt was only driven 50 miles, was not inspected or tested units as they say. If they were none of that would have happened. They( lkq) only visually inspects the products. Out of $10,000 for four installs, not counting fluid or labor. Loss of revenue is well over $98,000.00 emotionally drained trying now to make some money to play catch up due to lkq delays, failures. HAD TO FIGHT WITH LKQ to get my $ back for the cost of the failed transmissions. They agreed to pay half of one install cost within 3 days, only to pay 24 days later causeing another 24 days downtime when my semi was complete. many times over I could of been back to work in my semi only to be let down. Joel vargas & nick niezgoda are the main people I delta with. John Hartnett is a rude representative. Theor own lkq agent agreed they lkq failed me, an the rebuilt warranty. Tara refund department told me it should have never taken from may 3/ aug 23 for the refunds for the transmissions. Do not deal with them. * I CAN SEE A CLASS ACTION SUITE NEEDS TO BE FILED. Many bad quality parts sold as running fall under the UCC codes. Commercial and noncommercial. Keep your text, photos, emails, record all phone calls. Protect your self, speak with a litigation attorney. DON'T BUY FROM. Ask for warranty & disclaimers in hand!!! do not sign a contract!



Can't even use cash to pay for intrancmymy opinion fee Gave 20$ to the cashier she told me she doesn't have a change and I even suggested for her to give me a store credit for the remaining balance Her supervisor ERICK Refused to let me in 2 other customers got returned because they don't have credit card very disappointing and unprofessional for the supervisor or manager ERICK TO act this rude and disrespectful I had record our interaction will post it in my dealership website if he is not been hold accountable for what he say and did


Bought A Car From Someone Who Didn't Own It

2 weeks ago LKQ allowed my ex roommate to sell them MY car with the title and all that clear stated MY name. All my personal belongings, memories of everything in my children's life from first trips, first pictures and other things that I can never get back. I have called everyday since I found out where it was taken to and NO ONE will answer me or return my calls. I had one person answer the first day and told me even though I could present ownership they could not tell me anything. The only person they could tell was who sold it to them.


I would like to fill a complant

Original review Apr 11, 2023
I've been trying to get a hold of LKQ customer service using the same number that I used a year ago and now it brings you to a automated message saying to go to the website or use the app to look for your parts. When I try to use the app to look for a part the camera opens up and wants me to take a picture of the part you need. How the *** can you take a picture of a missing part on your vehicle? No one will answer the phone and when I called the corporate number I got bitched at by a lady in Michigan saying she didn't know anything about it then I called the 877 number and a guy hung up on me. Bunch of rude lazy *** bastards who don't want my business and won't get any business from me anymore. The prices have doubled from things I could find probably because they've driven so many customers away with their poor customer service.



I was leaving the lot while walking out befoe at closing as instructed by security and while walking he said to hurry up and as fast i can go i told this the fastest then he told he didnt care and kept on harrasing me telling me to hurry out while still 15 people in line to pay. Then he started to cause me out and hurry me out as im walking out the wanna be says hes the manager hes latino started harrasing me as well and told me he was going to banned me Nd not let me go back in to buy parts again. The security was black and the latino manager was on his side defending him as well i feel im going to get professional advise cause your employess are not professional .


Bad service

So I own a shop and anytime theres a issue with their parts the warranty company wants me to diagnose their parts without paying if I buy a used part from you with a warranty its your job to make sure the part is good before selling I do not give my labor away for free. If you do good I dont. I can say most of the people working there are rude and dont care if your stuff gets fixed.


Cannot reach customer service

Website says parts are available but when you get there they are not available. You check a week later on the website and it still says parts are available.


Do not order from LKQ

Ordered a part from LKQ it was damaged, refused part in January, still haven't received refund and no one will help me. I've been trying to resolve since January.



Problem communication no response message no pay hourly reparations. Lost mony time. Lost day costumer


Missing alternator

Updated by user Feb 22, 2023
Still waiting for my alternator that was somehow lost

Original review Feb 22, 2023
Ups deliver a box with no alternator in it and probably will be in contact with you in regards to a new one order wallace matlock is the name its under


Will not pick up my return wrong part after many calls

Not very good customer service Say one thing than change it Poor poor communication and return calls to customer


Screwed up shipping cost me extra money!

I ordered a transmission for my car on 1/27/2023. My billing address is Oklahoma, but the shop I requested it be shipped to was in Arkansas, where my car was located. I even added special notes on who the contact person was for the delivery at the repair shop in Arkansas. A week later the transmission shows up to my office in Oklahoma. I told the shipper it was delivered to the wrong address and to please change it. I even had an email to an Arthur Herbert, an LKQ rep, telling him they had the wrong address. Then, on 2/7/2023 I get an email from a Starlette Greene at LKQ telling me they were charging me $103 dollars to change the delivery. I explained to her that it was screwed up on their end, but I got no where with her. It was either pay the $103 or cancel the order and be charged the shipping fee. No apology, nothing. I have purchased from LKQ in the past with no issues, but the lack of owning up to their mistake with absolutely zero customer service means I will run from them in the future. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LKQ!


Engine Warranty

I purchased a DD15 from LKQ in November 2021 , the engine has been nothing but problems since day one. This engine failed on 12 Oct 2022 (had to be towed) again. Sam's Truck Repair in Temple is a shop LKQ has had dealings with for some time. Because, of the backlog of trucks LKQ and myself are just finding out what really went wrong inside the engine. Cris Benitez and Joel Vargas are now saying it is not covered because LKQ approved shop took too long to tell what was wrong. I am not threatening but because I have experienced not but mental anguish and at $50,000 ( including repairs already made). I am prepared for litigation because of how much money and downtime and mental stress you all have caused to US Army Disabled Veteran.


Wrong parts

Wrong headlight assemblys for a 2015 Malibu, needs halogen headlight assembly for drivers side. I need the right part.

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