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Lipozene has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 438 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 5th position out of 315 companies.


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I couldn't give 0

I bought an equate brand weight management labeled as a pro or prebiotic and said it supports blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Plus it says melts fat in the blood. From walmart @!! I talked to a very kind lady and she encouraged me. I didn't see the small teeny star on the bottle that says compare to active in LIPOZENE!! HOW DARE YOU I was crying bleeding and wasn't on my period. I have an ED but I thought my kidneys were failing. I want money back.


I ordered 1 order as shown on TV for $29.95. Plus...

I ordered 1 order as shown on TV for $29.95. Plus tax snd was charged $70.83 ??? Please adjust and correct amiunt.


I have requested cancellation of my subscription and a refund.

I received another order in the mail despite requesting cancellation and refund. The product does not work despite following all the instructions.


Difficulty cancellation

Disingenuous advertising, Do your research and understand the financial implications of your research and expenditures


I ordered and paid for, it. I've been waiting for 1 month now. You need to pay me back my money, I'm not paying for nothing

I'm still waiting for the Lipozene, you took my money, and I never received it. So you stold my money, I've been waiting a month and half, you need to pay me back my money, or send me the Lipozene. Lisa Schumacher 503720****


Shipment received did not match what I ordered, over charged,

I finally received a shipment from Lipozene. What I ordered online was 4 -120 count lipozene bottles and 2 free 60 count Mebaboup. What I received was 16 30 count Lipozene bottles and 1 free Metaboup bottle. My original order number from the online order I placed on the As Seen on TV advertisement was LIPOODR516****, dated 6/10/23 and grand total was $50.80 (with the free shipping and discounts from the ad factored in). What i received was billed at $95.50, order # 62431***-*. My bank flagged my debit card as stolen on Tuesday, June 20, for what appeared to be fraudulent activity on my card. Lipozene billed me $95.50, even though my invoice was for $50.80. So I called the customer service 888 number and spoke with "Trish". She said she has nothing to do with online orders and wouldn't be able to confirm or deny what order I originally placed or what the promo was on the ad I saw. Then she pulled up my account and this startled me. She said there was another order placed, using my card and on my LIpozene account last week. I only placed the one order on 06/10. It looks to me that someone at Lipozene is making fraudulent charges. Trish said she would be refunding me $62.55, If I don't see that refund in my bank account after about 72 hours. I'm reporting Lipozene to the BBB in their area.


Fraud/deceptive advertising/unethical billing practices

On June 10 2023, I placed an online order for Lipozene+Metaboup, double the order, at an advertised rate as seen on TV. I placed the order online and was sent a copy of the invoice, total $50.80, order number Lipoodr 516****. Then I noticed I got a 2nd email congratulating me for signing up for auto shipments and auto billiing, which I did not do. I immediately called the customer service number on the invoice 888-220-****. First attempt to call, the phone rang and rang and rang and went to a voicemail. I called a 2nd time, this time I spoke with a woman. She told me everything was on back order and it might take 6 weeks to get what I ordered in the mail. I told her I did not knowingly or intentionally sign up for auto ship and wanted that cancelled from my account. What Lipozene is doing is a pop up will show up right when you are about to place your order that states Click Here to Sign Up by email. BUT you do not know what you are signing up for. I took it to mean to sign up for email alerts to discounts and promos. It does NOT specify click here to sign up for auto shipment. So the lady told me she put a note in my account that I did want auto shipments and I would not pay for any if they arrive by mail. i asked for a confirmation number and she said that she was unable to generate confirmation numbers and reminded me that it might take several weeks to receive what I did order and my card would be billed for $50.80 when my merchandise ships. She also said I would get an email confirmation when the order ships. So, on June 20, I get a phone call from my bank that there was a suspicious attempt by someone to use my debit card. I saw on my bank account where Lipozene charged me $95.50, not $50,80 the amount my invoice is showing. As of today, June 22, I have not received any shipment confirmation and the amount they billed my card is almost double what the invoice states. I tried to call the 888 number and no one ever answered the phone. I filed an online complaint on the Lipozene chatbox. No one responded. This is a company that covers its tracks. As of today, I've seen at least 5 different 800, 855, and 888 numbers listed for Lipozene and no one is answering the phone. It goes to robocall.


I have been waiting to receive my order I actually paid for a rush order and have been waiting for a couple weeks and have not heard anything from this company

I ordered Lipozine rush order and I got a confirmation on the order and nothing since then I mean this is unacceptable I try to call customer service number and they say its out of the hours of their business hours and it is Not. I am getting pissed at how this company treats consumers


Hung up on by customer service

Would not accept return nor would they refund. I called twice to stop shipment but they still sent it. Terrible policy!


You are taken money out of my account right now without my authorization

Lipozene has taken money out of my account without my authorization my bank is advised. I'm a USDA government worker and they will not get away with this. I'm done!!! Be ready because we are coming for you Lipozene! Do not deal with this company they are cheaters and Rob people.


I canceled my order

I didnt order any more pills. I already canceled my order on line a couple weeks ago.Plue youre order was incorrect the first time, I never got the metabolism pill bottle.And I want my money refunded they dont Work!


No refund

Updated by user Feb 23, 2023
Not solved. After reading some medical info on this product I found that it does not work unless you have some life changes and cut back on food.

Well! If I have life changes and I cut back on food should I not loose weight without paying for Lipozene or some other...

Updated by user Feb 23, 2023
Absolutely no contact from them. After I called one time to get a return address I have not been contacted.

No apology, no here's your money back, no what can we do to make it better. Nothing!

Poor grade of a company.....! Sleazy!

Original review Jan 24, 2023
I ordered Lipozene on 12-22-2022. After doing some further reading I decided to return all of my order. I called and was given a return address and label to return the Lipozene. I returned the Lipozene on 1-17-2023 by USPS and I insured the package. The post office worker verified the return address. The purchase order ID was LIPOODR516**** for $68.91. I am still waiting for the refund on my credit card. You should have gotten the package by now. All bottles were complete and unopened. Please issue my refund then all will be fine!


Checked on a return and refund

Took a month to reach customer service to cancel and return then another 3 weeks before they did the refund .if I don't see my refund in 3 days I'll have to call back


Did not Receive 1 Free 60ct MetaboUp

Updated by user Sep 17, 2022
Too new. Just started.

Updated by user Sep 17, 2022
Just started initial contact with Lipozne on the free bottle of Free 60ct MetaboUp

Original review Sep 17, 2022
Please be advised I did receive my order of 2x120ct Lipozene bottles. But I did not receive the 1 Free 60ct MetaboUp. Please advise when I will receive the Free bottle of 60ct MetaboUp Gerald Fodor


I gained 9 lbs. Please stop sending those pills it is a sca



Cancel all orders of lipozene

I ordered the product just once. And you sent me more and more shipments that I did not order. And also it did not work. My wife took it and she still gain weight. So I like the refund on all the shipments that you sent to me. And I don't know the order or contract ID. So please stop sending orders to me. Cancel cancel.

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