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LifeLock has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 125 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 55th position out of 1129 companies.


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Voter Identity Theft

Dear LifeLock, This is my second time contacting your corporate office on this matter. A year ago I was informed that voter registration data would not be included in your identity theft prevention package. (I wasn't given a specific reason why). I'm furious because what you're basically telling me is that you're willing to protect every aspect of my identity from thieves or malicious actors, EXCEPT for the part of me that votes. I've had my party changed without my knowledge, I've had my ballot sent to the wrong address when I have been at the same place for 15 years. None of that would be taking place if my voter registration data was monitored. That's why I won't subscribe to any of your products until my ballot receives the same red carpet my dollar enjoys. Angry in California Angela Castillo



I have a police report of i identity theft always reporting investigation I need help with my investigation please


Suspicious email

I am not and have never been a customer of life lock. I received an email that said I was being billed $488 dollars. This was total *** I wanted to speak to someone there but you gave me to a number that sells life lock. No live person just the same usual IA B/S. Pissed consumer was no help at all.


Reconnecting Bank Account

I changed my bank password and got disconnected from LifeLock monitoring. I've tried for 5 days to get reconnected including two live chat sessions. I've tried seven times to follow the reconnect directions online. No luck. Please help. Teri Scarpino 805-300-****



I do not have a membership and there was a renewal email address to me. I do not have an account with you! Please remove my email!


Bank accounts keep getting disconnected

I cannot get into my banking information through your system. Somebody please help me. This is ridiculous. It happens every few months.


Recieved email stating my acct would be charged with a 3 year renewal, i do not have life lock

I tried calling life lock and they said due to higher calling volumes they could not talk... Darn Damn


Emergency help

My SSI check was deposited some stole it using a free government phone that was stolen had all my information in it Chime denied my dispute this person made up a default chime card in my his name to transfer my funds to him through my Google voice account on my stolen phone. I am homeless living in a shelter I need my money we hungert my special needs kids is on a special diet plus on insulin with type 2 sugar she only 16. Summer school starts nxt week I need food as you can see they even stole our HRA benefits I have a iPhone he did this with my stolen Android phone we are a disabled family I need to be in the hospital for blood transfusion plus Im mal nutrition from stolen benefits


To talk to a angent now please

I need to talk to a angent about a message I got could you please have someone pick up asap & why do I need to go threw all these Chanels


To Talk to a agent

I need to talk to a agent I got a message and need to talk to someone now ! Thats all thats needs to be said


Cancel service

Cant talk to anyone. Want to cance device cant get through. Given phone numbers that dont work. Will call credit card company to cancel


Some one called my home phone number

Never answered. Kept pushing numbers. Needed help was put off no one speaks English. Now I don't know what's going on. Vert upset



Checking plan coverage to be sure Im covered for identity theft or fraud after a minor scare! Customer service handled well and with knowledge of all question answers! Im satisfied.


One of your agents tried to get my banking information after I had done my payment and I don’t have a payment due until April 13,2023 I got the $9.99 +tax package 10.94.a month

This agent non of the numbers you have on file are in America this agent got into my phone told me my phone had been hacked and tried to get me to put my password in for my bank account thank God my son was here and I was on speaker and when the man herd my son say hes trying to *** your phone the man just hung up so now Im getting a notification from apple telling me to put in my banking information so I called apple they dont know what Im talking about ..Your place is a scam theres not one number that I have tried to call that an American phone number and I will not speak to your cheap labor in where ever the world there at so please someone from America call me at 423-268-**** so I can get this mess cleared up Im so upset I will not renew with Norton again and would never advice anyone I care about or love to ever use Norton life lock so call me back asap Shirley Harvey

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