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Les Schwab Tire Centers has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 767 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 5th position out of 1094 companies.


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PO Box 5350, Bend, Oregon, 97708, United States

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Les Schwab Tire Centers Reviews


Poor quality service

Continuing problem with tires not holding air. This is our second Les Schwab visit for the same issue. Generally I like their work and have to say the young kid at the Spokane outlet was the problem. The kid told me he didnt find a problem with the tire and offered no reason for the inside duel tire flat. Two days later in Sheridan WY the Les Schwab tech replaced three leaking valve stem extensions.


Horrendous customer service at the Tacoma St Portland OR facility

Went in with a slow leak/flat repair and instead of waiting the asst manager scheduled me for next day. Show up ten minutes early and tell the asst manager Im there for a 9am flat repair appointment. Sat there for 40 minutes with no one saying a thing and finally have to chase someone down to wonder why they arent servicing my vehicle. The same asst manager who I checked in with and scheduled the appointment the previous day says Im not in the system. Explain to him what he did both the previous day and telling him I had an apt when I checked in he basically only stated Im not scheduled. Offered absolutely no apology nor to get me in next or reschedule or anything. Only stated Im not in the schedule. I took my key and had to point out at no time did he apologize nor offer to rectify the situation only stating well you wanted your key. Unbelievable. Other sites have been great BUT NOT THIS SITE. I understand mistakes are made but to ignore me for over 40 minutes, offer no apology nor to rectify the situation from a manager was beyond poor customer service.



They did a bunch of unnecessary work to my friend's car. I don't think they even did the work. Never go to Les Schwab


Shocking Text From Manager

Let me start by saying in the past we've had great experience with Les Schwab. Unfortunately I was recebtly diagnosed with a terminal lung disease and unable to work. Because of this, we fell behind on many bills. When Les Scwab reached out about our $100 owed I told them our situation anf gave them a promise to pay date. A few days later we get a text from the supposed manager, Carol, threatening LEGAL action. Wait...what?!? I literally spoke to someone less than a week ago. Also, I know she's bsing us bc that's not how retail and overdue bills work. Ridiculous. Unnecessary stres in an already difficult time for my family. Vile.


Complain and reimbursement for work cause by store #623

I purchase 4 tires from your store in Fairfield, CA #623 on 3/14/23 they were installed on 6/6/23 the right side blowout , the blowout was so bad it cut the fuel wire and the car would start, spoke with Landon at the store he agreed to repair one tire and toll us we need to purchase another for the left side because it was bad, we was applaud, we purchase these tires less than 3mos ago and also we ask him what is he going to do about the wires that was cut and why didnt anyone tell us that our alignment was badly off when they put the tires on, he had no answer for that, however we went back and forth, bottom line , this car is my , she missed most of this week from work, we had the car tow to a shop and we still have a ready to blow tire on the left side and need repairs and reimbursement from Les schwab immediately. Their too much details to this story to put on paper can someone please contact me asap; Jackie Coleman 707-410-****



Your commercials are Very offensive! We live in America, but yet all I have seen of late is Spanish commercials? If I lived in Mexico, Germany, Japan etc.Do you think I could watch English commercials? No! Why is this American company catering to them and not other languages? My grandparents had to learn English language here to become citizens and yet No commercials catered to their language. Why are you doing only one other language? Is it for your support for illegals?


Brought in my jeep.

I used to use schwabs for everything. Their service has changed so much. Most recent.. I had an appointment to have my jeep suspension and steering looked at. Left it there all day. They waited untill I got there then drove it around the block. Said there was nothing wrong and sent me on my way. $3,000 later I have a local shop fix the lift.


Poor Service Scheduling

I called Les Schwab on 3rd ave Bend to see if it was a good time for a tire repair. Mgr said I could get right in, I was 10 min away. After waiting 40 min, and seeing numerous cars serviced ahead of mine, I asked why the delay, I got a BS answer about them being always busy. I left. I scheduled an appointment at Schwab 3 days later and got a 9:00 AM. appointment. Here we go again, 35 minutes later, when I asked why theyt didn't honor the appointment, voila, another BS answer. I left. I had the tire repaired at another repair place, took 15 minutes. Les Schwab used to be the gold standard for customer service. Those days are gone.


What a horrible service

Just came out of the Bellevue store. The manager refused to honor 100 discount on each tire which his subordinate had offered last week. Today he refused to change unless I bought all four new tires. I asked him to give me in writing. He changed his mind and said least he can do is two tires. I still insisted this in writing. So he pick up a paper from trash and scribbled on it. Mike should be fired. Andy was witness to this interaction


Their customer service is terrible. My brother set an appointment at 10:00 a. m. On 1/21/23 at the Ontario, Mills , Calif. store. After 2 hours they finally jacked the truck up when they said it

Would take three hours to fix. We sat in the car watching one person work on it for a little bit of time and then nothing. They were working on all the other cars coming in. I went to talk to the manager. He said they got the wrong parts and had to order new ones unfortunately and there was a lot of traffic. My brother had gone there the day before to get his truck fixed and they knew the problem and so he said the appointment for the next day. They could've ordered the parts earlier the day before which they did not. Had to call in sick for work since my vehicle wasn't going to be done in time.


Very dissatisfied with managers at six Avenue Tacoma

Very dissatisfied with managers at six Avenue Tacoma brought in a trailer tire and a six lug rim to have a new wheel put on wife went up three days later to pick up and they had lost our tire giving it away to a roofing company they said they think then I went up there talk to the manager and he said he would get a hold of us as soon as he found it or got us another one not receive a phone call and life went on finally went back up there this five months later and he says I owe you nothing you waited too long. Then I recap what actually happened and he cut me off and said take it easy what do you want for me Im taking care of everything Im getting you a rim and a new tire for no charge I said OK well you didnt say that thank you two days later I get a phone call hes got hes got it ready to go to pick it up and he says no Im not giving it to you Im charging you you waited too long to pick up your tire I said you never called me and said you had one at the time I did not bring any cash thinking that I was receiving it at no charge this will be my fourth time up there and now I have to pay for the tire which wouldve been fine had they had it ready the first time


Poor service

Had a tire with a screw in it and took it to Les Schwab on Commerce Drive in Medford. I waited for a few minutes and the young lady working on my tire took me out to show me a large tear on the inside sidewall and told me it could not be repaired and wanted to sell me two new tires. The tire I brought in only had 4000 miles on it. I can't say but the tear was fresh and suspicious. I'm pretty sure I won't be going there again. I had to buy a new tire that matched for 230.00 plus had to have it mounted. I'm pretty disappointed in Les SchwabPoor service


Over charged

I bought four 16.5 inch tires for an older Ford F250. This size tire is practically obsolete, but you can still get them, but Les Schwab does not carry them in stock, and I was once told by Schwab it was more expensive to have them special order a tire than finding them elsewhere. I took the bare rims and tires to Schwab in North Central WA . I did not ask how much it would cost because I expected anywhere from $15 to $25 per tire. I was not told how much it would cost...foolish me. Total price to mount 4 tires on 4 bare rims...no dismount..no disposal of old tires, no balancing...$159.96 bucks to just mount four tires. I asked what? I was told, since I did not buy them there, that was the price. Had I asked beforehand, I would have turned around and walked out. I paid almost 1/3 the cost of the tire just to get it mounted. I have had other issues with Schwab...another location in Oregon put MC wheel weights on alloy rims which should have AW weights. Some flew off, tire was out of balance and got destroyed from the pounding of an out of balance tire. My loss. The same shop also caved in the rear floor on a unibody Camaro because they were not careful in jacking the car up. Be careful with Les Schwab. Ask questions. If they are charging $40 per carry in tire to mount...then I question "free mounting" when you buy tires from them. The answer I got when I questioned the cost..."you did not buy them here" is suspect. You mean to tell me they are giving people $40 worth of "free mount" because they bought the tire there. I understand there is labor, overhead, etc. and there isn't much of a margin on the sale of a tire...it's the extras where shops make some extra money, so this is why I question "free mounting" and perhaps you are paying an extra $40 in hidden costs when you buy tires from them. Just speculating, no proof, but no more Les Schwab for me. Go to a mom-and-pop tire shop for mounting a carry-in tire.



I had tired put on. They never game me special week lock key to take lug mots off when I had a blow out. I was stuck for over 3 hrs. Auto zone did not have the proper key for repair. AAA did not have it. I was stranded. Went back and told them next day after was able to get tire off. They charged me 2500 for 4 new tires. Did not put on a lug nut and took my new ones off and went in back of truck and found my old ones and put those oninstead. I should of got new ones w my purchase of 4 new tires and had my new for extra. Instead took 2 hrs more than told me it would take therefore causing me to be late to my sons school. Then they never gave me my spare lock key back. Nightmare! Called no call back. In Newport for vacation and had to drive past 6 les swabs centers! Fontana location is terrible.


Complaint of customer service lack of accountability

Lack of accountability lack of professionalism lack of knowledge on people doing what theyre supposed to do like fix a leak in your storebrand tires that have this great guarantee thats not worth anything if you can have repeat failures


Warranty problem

I purchased tires from les schwab a few years ago. The tires came with a 50,000 mile warranty. I took my car into a location in Madras and I was told that the tires needed to be replaced. I agreed but asked about the warranty. I was told I had voided the warranty because the alignment was out of balance. I bought the new tires and went to my regular location in Medford for the alignment and was told there was nothing wrong with the alignment. Never again. My warranty should have been valid.

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