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Lawson Industries has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 5 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 54th position out of 170 companies.


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(305) 696-8660

8501 N.W. 90th St., Medley, Florida, 33166, United States

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Lawson Industries Reviews


Bad customer service

It is unfortunate the lack of care some florida companies have towards customers, Lawson windows, happens to be one of them, our Hurricane proof doors have just been installed and a stress crack has appeared in one of our doors, we called Kyle Jennings our sales rep about the window, he asked for a picture, a week later, after we had to contact him for the second time, his response was the factory determined from the picture that the door was hit by something and it broke now, keep in mind these are HIGH IMPACT GLASS, no one ever came to inspect the glass to make a determination on the issue. The company did not reply to our email asking for an inspection, it is clear they do not stand behind their products . We have directed our attorney to take the proper action, we will not allow for companies like Lawson to keep taking advantage of the end consumer, fortunately we are in the construction industry and know how to deal with companies like them . We will keep you all posted on how this will turn out. For now , we have no choice but to suggest you buy your high impact windows and doors with another company. .


Warranty Follow up

Lawson windows were used by our Home Builder Sunrise Homes Through Sunrise we have a 4 &11 month follow up for any issues throughout our home. It was noted that we never received a screen slider at closing to include lot of our windows were hard to open. Sunrise scheduled for them to come out for our issues and to date have not seen anyone from Lawson. We moved in last April 2021


Question regarding warranty a simple phone call

Spoke with "I'm just here to answer the phones" receptionist and was treated inhumanely because she doesn't know how to do anything but answer a phone. Not sure why this was even told to me when she is the rudest person ever. She represents this company in the worst way. Sure wish there was a way to get a hold of someone that does care


Worst Quality Windows We Have Encountered

We bought an eleven year old home in Florida with Lawson 7500 single hung windows. To date 8 of the twelve widows have failed operating mechanisms with the other 4 hanging on by the skin of their teeth. This cheap junk is falling apart like a Chinese hover board. Pieces fall out onto the floor on a daily basis. Lawson won't even return phone calls. Repairman says 40.00-70.00 per window to fix. "Made In America"??? This company is an embarrassment to the US. I can see why Lawson is not Better Business Bureau certified.


Lawson Industries Windows Review from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Do not get Lawson Windows. We purchased Lawson industries impact windows over 2 months ago. We spent a fortune and 3 out of 14 windows are allowing water to infiltrate our home. We collected close to 2 cups of water. Terrible customer service, Lawson doesn't take responsibility for their product, lacks integrity or they would work with us to resolve this issue. I was under the impression the new technology not only withstood hurricane force winds, provided better insulation and was water resistant too. Video shows how much water came into our home.

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