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LastPass has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 173 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 37th position out of 1129 companies.


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Case in progress

On part of our problem is solved (found the part missing. The other problem is being resolved (in progress), Thank you Manon


We have been charge without ordering Lastpass

I've been trying every ways to speak to somebody in Canada, Quebec City, Qc. I can't find any phone numbers to do so. Our problem is that we have been charged $55.19 US for your software Lastpass. We are NOT using Lastpass and I don't recall ordering it neither. I've been told when at their 800 Number that this NOT refundable! We are asking for CANCELLATION and Refund and also calling our Bank for that transaction. And also have to contact my credit card to avoid being charge again. ** Tried to find a real human to be served, almost impossible. Their On line support (Chat) is so Poor, it cannot understand a simple request.



Just referred back to last pass site! I cant raise the issue of not being able to log in as I cant log in!!!


Customer Service needs to be fired

Theyre all rude. They ignored my concerned about my account, made a JOKE about the situation, and then lied and said I was using verbal abuse. Pitiful employees that don't need a job. The owner is loosing business keeping them around. I will no longer do business with LastPass. Just because of their employees. A few names are (Casey & Robert).


Locke out of account for 3 weeks

Locked out of account for 3 weeks, no support from customer service other than to ask for ISP validation which was supplied multiple times



No service No chance to reach someone No telephone support There is nothing more to say because of bad service Also no foreign language service



Never get support.. Terrible to reach and get to a person. Online support never solves anything. Don't understand why companies hide from their customers the moment you pay for the product. Biggest mistake companies make.


Upgrading to Premium

I cannot get anyone to help me. There is nothing on their website explaining why I cannot upgrade. I have attempted multiple times. It charges, then refunds, then resumes free status.


Trouble logging in

The customer service representative stayed with me on the phone for over an hour! To say her customer service is exceptional, is an understatement! I wish EVERY customer service rep was like her!!!


Kündigung des Abos

Die Telefonnummern die im Kontakt genannt sind, sind nicht erreichbar bzw. nicht bekannt. Kontakt nicht mögich.


No customer service whatsoever when all login and account reset attempts FAILED

LastPass is the absolutely worst. After the security breach, I was trying to log in to see what passwords I had stored so I knew which ones to change and was unable to log in. I tried to reset my account (which would erase all my data on lastpass) but even after account reset, I was still unable to log in. Because they have no customer service line, there is no way to escalate this issue. This is one of the WORST platforms I have ever used and will never recommend it to anyone.


Need help!! LastPass customer service is non existent

My faceID login bugged and didnt work. I forgot my master password and I cant reset my Master password. Im stuck and LastPass customer service is non existent, cannot talk to anyone any suggestions? Thank you


Cannot get problem fixed

I cannot log in to my business account. I have tried repeatedly and I just keep getting kicked out. I have gone through the recovery process numerous times but the new password I set does not work, nor the old one. I am beyond frustrated as it has been more than a week now. I have tweeted to no effect. Would appreciate a response ASAP.


Password recovery not working

So apparently Last Pass was hacked & accounts were compromised. I called customer service and got disconnected three times. They cant help with account recovery for my own account. WTH. I am concerned about all my passwords that someone has and I cannot even get into my account! Stupid service if you cant even trust their service.


Deleted Account

I just spoke with billing and will finish this note when my BP hopefully returns to normal. OK. Billing tried switch my free account master password to yesterday's fully paid premium account by deleting the free account first. She then had me log into lastpass/delete_account.php. which came up error message so she sent me to another site that would send me an email from lastpass - which never arrived. I told her my BP was going up rapidly because of my frustration from this phone call plus 10-12 hours yesterday + today trying to find the correct "how to" on the convoluted last pass web site. I said "please cancel both sites now and I will start over later when I can calm down" When she said no refunds and that I should call back when calm... Do you get the idea? I want my money back and BOTH lastpass removed FROM MY COMPUTER!


No way to talk to an actual person unless you pay for it

I can't login. This has happened multiple times. People share their passwords with me for work and their password just doesn't show up. I tried logging out and logging back in again. I tried restarting my computer. Nothing works. And the only "customer support" they have is a FAQ that *doesn't answer my question*. Hate this stupid site.

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