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Kroger has a 2.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1500 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 12th position out of 289 companies.


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Want my rewards

Lost my rewards how much more plain is that. I don't know how to explain it any better than I already have CT


Nasty Restrooms

I went to the Kroger yesterday. On Gwienett street in Savannah, Georgia. The toilet paper was all over the floor the toilet paper holders was broken . When toilet paper roll Was on the floor has *** On the side of the toilet paper, the other role that was used. I guess for the bar to hold on to at also had *** on it. This is a bio hazard situation. Also, they never have enough customer service help. When it's time for people to get their checks. 1 person. Then it's on, it's on the customer service desk, the lines are Very, very long, 1 person can't do it all they Need to do better than this and the other. Other Kroger on victory drive there. Customer service is barely anyone there. Most of the time is siconnect, but when you go to other krogers and the palachill areas, you don't encounter this stuff. It's ridiculous, and the prices just seem to keep going up more and more even.


Kroger is my grocery store of choice because of the freshness and quality of foods.

my June and July fuel fuel points have disappeared from my card. i was told to obtain a new card with a new phone number and the points would be back on my card. I had over $2.00 worth of fuel points and always look forward too using them.


Incompetent driver

I placed an order for delivery for Saturday, July 29 between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM. For over a year Kroger kept posting on their website that the driver will contact you when they arrive. But Kroger customer service representatives, supervisors and corporate office personnel kept telling me that it's not their policy. But they ignored my question why they had it on their website. I have to keep going back and forth in my apartment building looking for the delivery truck. This morning about 15 minutes to 6:00 I thought I heard a truck pulling into the complex. I opened the front door of the building and thought I heard an engine running. But it was dark outside and I didn't know if I heard the air conditioners of the other residents. Turned out the driver turned off every light on the truck. Normally I could see the flashers and the lights on the corners of the box. Since it had just rained and I was in my stocking feet I ran up the two flights of stairs and slipped on my shoes. At the same time my doorbell rang. I immediately went down the stairs. As soon as I reached the second flight I saw my groceries laying on the filthy sidewalk. I asked the driver why he dumped my groceries on the ground. He rudely responded that he had the RIGHT to leave the groceries on the ground if I didn't answer the door. He either put the bags on the ground right before or immediately after ringing the doorbell. He was too lazy and incompetent to wait 10-15 seconds for me to get to the door. Also he was 10 minutes before the scheduled delivery window. He had no intention to be professional and hand me the bags. He needs to be terminated.


Kroger on Frederica Street Owensboro KY. Employee Elizabeth

More than once when I'm having a issue with a cashier, this particular employee comes over and gets up in my face and says things loudly so several others can hear. She asks if I need help. I say no. She continues to instigate a confrontation with me. Getting louder with each sentence. She continues as I walk away. Recently I heard a customer saying that this specific cashier who normally works customer service desk was trying to get several people to complain about me so she can get me banned from the store. Mr. Larry Warren gave me his cell phone number a couple years ago and told me if I had anymore problems at this store to contact him. I had an issue with the manager regarding the limit on toilet paper. Mr. Warren talked to her and told me she regrets the way she treated me. Well now Elizabeth is hounding me and instigates confrontation. If she sees me in check out line, she makes a bee line from customer service desk to where I am and tries to start up a confrontation. There's no reason for her to leave the customer service desk and come over to where I am. She's watching me like a hawk and trying to get me banned from the store. She's not being respectful of my choice to ignore her. I refuse to engage in a confrontation with her. If she doesn't stop, other customers and staff can SEE and HEAR how she treats me. She doesn't need to be around customers. Stocking would better suited her.


Overcharged 3 times in a row

The last 3 visits to my local Krogers store, I have been overcharged on 2 to 4 different items totaling a refund of 12 to 20 dollars! This is ridiculous 3 times in a row! I would advise everyone to check your receipt carefully for overcharges! Groceries are high enough without being overcharged! Makes me wonder how many overcharges I have missed in the past!


Not satisfied with kroger product recipe

I bought a kroger (product) net wt 6oz (170g) of premium dried cranberries sweetened dried cranberries with a recipe on back for cranberry orange walnut muffins. This recipe i tried really (sucks).,because it doesnt even have any item on there for milk,water,etc. I was excited to give it a try.They came out so dry,even the mixture before baking them. The inside of these muffins were doughy. Thought i should let you know about this recipe. Not a good one to put on your package. I am very disappointed !!! I went outof my way buying all that was needed, Really expensive. Would like to hear your response. Sincerly Julia Gaskins


Low stock wouldn’t not restock

Hello I visited the store location at 26400 ford rd in Dearborn MI. And I drove all the way there were the sales they had none of the sales restocked. I told the store manager and she was not helpful at all so I had to stand there and wait. Another employee went to the back brought some boxes out instead of restocking the shelves for other people to get the deals they just handed me the packages I am never visiting this location again the manager needs to be fired because they should make sure that the shelves are stocked fully.


I need immediate assistance and compensation..

My name is Anna Padilla. I live in Tucson, AZ. My alternate ID is 520272****. My case number is 5824****. I am contacting you to ask for help. After reading the information on the case I hope you have an understanding of the issue. On 7/8/23, I made a delivery order. Somehow the shopper was able to get out of the store with over a thousand dollars of merchandise. At the time my debit card was not charged. After speaking to an associate, they reassured me the order was cancelled and I would not be charged. Yesterday, 7/9/2023 I received a notification from my bank that my frys purchase was updated to 1,026.85. This transaction has wiped out my bank account. I have spoken to numerous agents who say there is nothing that can be done and I have to wait the 7-10 business days for the refund to be processed. I have zero means to pay bills, feed my family. I will incur numerous overdraft and returned fees on automatic payment I have preset. My direct deposit of my paycheck cannot be stopped for this Wednesday and my paycheck will be eaten up by the negative balance in my account. Agents have said their hands are tied and cannot help me at all. There has to be something more that can be done. I am a long time customer and spend plenty of money in Frys. I need to be reimbursed for my financial burden this is causing and the stress. Please, get back to me as soon as possible.


Screen shot your delivery order totals!

I had made a delivery purchase with my boost and the total paid from EBT was $69 and change. The next day I got an alert email from my bank that Kroger had charged me $11.60 for something that wasn't food. There was nothing but food on the order. I had already paid the order the night before. They changed the total charging me prices for the next week which was what that was from. They can't do that! Once an order is paid it's paid. You can't go in and change prices to suit you! I worked for them for 5 yrs so I know how this works. I'm having difficulty getting that extra they charged me back to my bank card. So I will probably keep shopping there but I canceled the Boost delivery. It's not worth it, the produce is always bad, substitutions aren't even close to what was in the order as this all comes from a warehouse, not your preferred store. I'll just go back to picking up the order at my favorite store. I'm going to start taking screenshots of my orders from now on so I don't have to spend 4 hrs on the phone trying to get money back they shouldn't have taken to start with! I would suggest everyone do that! Rodney must be broke again!


Rude employees

I bought the 5 items to get the discount and jeri said it wasnt on the price. I went to the isle and pulled the price off the shelf and gave to her. She refused to give it for the price. jeri said the system was messing up and she didnt know why it didnt ring up but I would have to wait on someone to come explain it cause she didnt know. She has worked here a long time and was very rude. IT is about the way I was treated and why put the price on the shelf if you are going to charge more.


Scam on weight of chicken

I decided to test the weight of their packaged chicken breast. I was charged for 2.92# of chicken at $4.99. The chicken weighed 2.47#. The tray and chicken juices were 7.33 oz. Equivalent to the 2.92# total weight on the package. That means I paid $2.29 for the tray and juices. WHAT A SCAM!


Worst service ever yesterday

Updated by user May 27, 2023
Maybe I will give Kroger another chance but not the Kroger that I spoke about in the review…Indian Hills Kroger on John F Kennedy Blvd in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Original review May 25, 2023
Hi, I went to the Indian Hills Kroger off of John F Kennedy Blvd in North Little Rock, Arkansas yesterday. I was on a schedule as I had a meeting. I spent over an hour filling 2 shopping carts with food as I have a busy schedule and can only go to the store once a month. I left my carts in the front to run and grab a couple of things I had forgotten and came back to my carts being gone. I finally tracked down the lady who took them and ask why. She didnt speak English well and Im sure she saw the frustrated look on my face. She said, I found them. Then, she ran away. I had to go get all of my food again and when I got home discovered a had forgotten a couple of things in my rush to finish so I could make it to my meeting on time. Another delay was I was limited on the drinks I could buy because they said I could only have so many for the sale price. I told them I had never had that happen before. There was a guy named Caleb who called the manager. The manager came and wouldnt even look me in the eye. All he said was they have been limiting soft drinks since before Covid. I told him they had never limited me in the past. He told me I was wrong that they had. Then, he turned and walked away before the issue was solved. When he walked up I was explaining my carts being taken to Caleb and neither of them cared about that. It was a horrible experience and no one cared. Made me see why my friends have stopped going to Kroger and I will never go to that one again which means I will go less since its the one closest to my house and I dont shop often because of time constraints. Anyway, since none of them really cared and the manager was the worst at not caring, thought I would let you know how customers are being treated at your stores which is why you may have less customers and in turn, you may be closing stores in the future. Hope this reaches someone who cares. Kind Regards, Rhonda Hall


Resolved: Out $300 and no groceries!

Updated by user May 03, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. I was provided an expedited refund anda small but enough money on my Kruger card to get through until hopefully the full refund hits my account in 3-5 days instead of ten days. Thank you, Kroger.

Original review May 01, 2023
Kroger on Thompson Road blames instacart and Instacart says to ask Kroger! We did not get our groceries. They were supposed to arrive at 3:50 p.m. We live paycheck to paycheck and my husband is disabled. We were on the phone with customer service for kroger who was communicating with Instacart for over 3 hours starting around 4:30 p.m. We not only don't have groceries but are now out almost $300 for ten days because instacart decided to cancel our order at 7 p.m. after we have been trying to find the status of our groceries for hours and been hung up on several times after hours of being on hold. We even got text messages that they were in route. We cannot wait for 10 days for our $300 to arrive in our bank account to get groceries. They said it would be 10 days!! WE have no food. I even said I would wait until 9 or 10 p.m. to get another delivery driver BEFORE instacart cancelled the order well before 7 p.m.. How can they take our money and leave us broke with no groceries for over a week! This is the second time we have had issues with several hours late. But this is ridiculous! I will never use this service again! I want my groceries or my money tonight! Case No. 5641**** We were so looking forward to payday to get groceries. Instacart is now saying Kroger told them to cancel it that we no longer wanted the order. What a bunch of lies. I even said i would wait until 9 or 10 at night when it was due at 3:50 p.m. I was told it was cancelled at 7 p.m. and I was on the phone with kroger who was communicating with instacart at that time!


Due to the 24 Billion dollar merger the employees have gone crazy...Scary Crazy!

David CraigMr. Rodney McMullen: For starters many years ago back in the early 80s I worked at one of the very first Fred Meyer stores on 82nd and Division in SE Portland OR. Which the manager Chuck Gibbins, whom, Im sure helped me set my own corporate culture that my employees follow and live by even today! Chuck was a real pro and knew how to fairly treat all peoples including customers and employees!. I loved the job but hated the location being I was born and raised in Washington near Seattle, so I moved back to Seattle. That being said I have since then always shopped at my favorite store for more than just food and fuel for all these years, I would say I spend close to and some times more with fuel etc. over $2000.00 plus, per month at the Fred Meyer store in one of your two locations one on 164th ST. Lynnwood WA. 98087 and the other on 196th ST. SW. Lynnwood WA. 98036 which happens to be the store Im writing about today. So here is what happenedI was purchasing groceries just like I do almost every day when Im in town. Ever since August your company seems to make up its own laws regarding age verification even thought the state of Washington laws only state customers purchasing alcohol must be 21 years of age if there is any doubt about their age then any picture ID is required for verification purposes! Im 62 years old and even a blind person can see that Im clearly over 21 years old! Im used to your store asking for ID each time I purchase my Non-alcoholic beer even though absolutely no other store asks for my ID! Bad PR on your part! Anyway just like every day since Aug 2022 I showed my ID and your cashier freaked out said it was fake, because it has clear tape on the very left bottom corner which has been there for almost a year! He then indicated I was a crazy, poor, homeless, person with fake ID! And he refused to sell me the Non alcoholic beer! I said look Im 62 years old I come here every day and have been for 40 years in fact I used to work for Fred Meyers years ago! I said clearly you can see Im over 21 as defined by Washington State law for the purchase of Alcohol!, common man think outside the box! Then I said look there is my login to your register with my name and phone number that has been in your system for well over 21 years! Look at me and the picture on my ID clearly its me and clearly Im over 21 cant you think outside the box? He said its fake ID and Im crazy!! So then I asked for management and I was so upset that one of your employees referred to me as being a crazy, homeless, person and that I had fake Id when in reality I used that very ID yesterday and every day since August of 2022 when you guys initiated your own laws requiring a senior citizen of 62 years old to show they are over 21 which yes, is a state law but like I said, no law exists that require your employees to ask for the ID of the customers whom obviously look over the age of 21! I was so upset I left with no groceries and went to your other Lynnwood location where they accepted as usual my ID in its current condition! It only shows you train your employees to have ZERO ability to think on their own! WOW! From your corporate point of view Are they all ignorant? Thats what it looks like from your customers point of view! Shame on you! The fact that your employees accused me of being poor, homeless, and having fake ID is just crazy!! When in fact I drove to your store in my very expensive Mercedes Benz SLK Roaster and I was wearing a very expensive Rolex watch and I even showed your demanding employee about 10 credit cards including my Debit card with a private/blue chip account! He was adamant that I should be poor, homeless and possess fake ID! He said my ID must be fake all because it had a tiny piece of clear tape on the bottom left corner he made a theatrical production over a tiny piece of clear tape that was clearly just holding the visible worn corner together! I said Hey look at me... do I look over 21?? And look.. Im 62 years old why would I have fake ID?? FYI: Your store is the only store that ever asks me for ID!! Then I said the corner has come loose on my ID so I put a tiny piece of clear tape on it until my license expires its worn because its 4 or 5 years old give me a break buddy! It is 100% valid and looks just fine! I come here many times a week and you guys check my ID every time for which he just dismissed everything I said, and treated me like a complete piece of *** in front of 20 or more customers and employees of which I see and interact with almost on a daily basis because I frequently shop there! !! TALK ABOUT EMBARESSING! So I asked for the manager and he was even worse!! I then told your threatening assistant manager (he kept clinching his fists as if he was going to hit me while he turned beat red and was clearly pissed to have to deal with your customer!! Scary!! This guys needs to be fired) I said that I will never spend another dime in this store again, this after I even offered them to call Lynnwood police for them to come and prove who I was and he just didnt care he has absolutely zero, retail, customer service relation, skills whatsoever! It simply was pathetic, scary and completely unnerving, to be treated like a worthless piece of furniture in a store I frequent almost daily! That guy is costing you money and future customers he needs to be fired immediately! Hes the reason people will come back to your store (like in Wal-Mart stores you want that happing at Kroger too?) with a gun and start shooting everyone! Your employee is clearly inviting and instigating violence against not only me but potentially all those customers including older and younger men, women, and even little children in your store! I may also be adding to my suit against Kroger safety concerns and issues including your lack of security and safety for your all of your customers and employees. When I got home I contacted one of my two attorneys I have on call for my corporate needs to discuss what can be done and Im that close to giving them whatever it takes if necessary to go after Kroger INC. Including each and every employee involved in this case! (3) My attorneys thoughts were for a stipulated dollar amount of say100 million dollars in a suit to gain traction for the way I and others are treated at your stores and for the safety of customers and employees that you must not care about as well! Part of suit proceeds will also fund my social media posts and updated announcements regarding Kroger responses for this entire unfortunate situation that occurred in a Kroger store not mention the safety issues and the scary atmosphere created by corporate lack of leadership along with the shameful, embarrassing way, I was treated! For which my attorney indicated may certainly stall or kink your merger deal to some extent! For which I said wow, they cant even control the toxic employees they currently have. now they want even more employees! This could be very dangerous to the public as a whole! I think we should proceed if Krogers response is going to as reprehensible as I anticipate! My suit will not only be covered all over social media to alert customers but also I can arrange my employees to protest outside of each Fred Meyers store fronts with huge signs to make everybody aware of your unfair, demeaning, deceptive, racists, threatening, corporate business practices! Shame on your company! We will most likely be adding the following charges and offences for the reprehensive actions from your company and your staff to the suit as well: Defamation of character, tort and civil wrong doing, Racism meaningfully and harmfully directed at and against me and including the elderly in general, Racism against the hard of hearing. False accusations against me. Disorderly conduct in a public place instigated and drawn upon by your employees! Verbal assault. Threat of physical violence and motioning of assault from your Assistant manager! Demeaning and Derogatory Abusive verbal Abuse in a public setting with full and complete intent to publicly humiliate and shame a private individual and/or citizen in a public forum causing unnecessary and meaningful shame and embarrassment, Threatening assault and battery from your assistant manager who clearly has a hot head and constantly kept clinching his fists as if to strike me, which scared the *** out of me!. Your asst. Manager kept telling me to shut up and stop yelling for which I told him Im not yelling at all and I said man, Im 62 years old and I have 65% hearing loss in my left ear so I speak a bit louder so take a chill buddy! Then he went over the line by threatening me when he got within inches of my face screaming when I pointed at him and said wow you cant think outside the box in order to take care of a customer! He kept yelling are you pointing at me!!! Well are you??? For which I responded withlook all Im saying is it seems you guys cant think outside the box! Im your customer for 40 years now so how dare you embarrass me and treat me like a criminal thug! Remember without me and all your customers money youre out of business! You need to chill if you want to keep customers! I added, I would never treat my customers like you guys are doing to me!, Shame on you, and he just kept saying shut up! All I could think was WOW is this for real?! I also wondered if any of my clients were there at that time watching this entire ordeal unfold! How Embarrassing! Im still in shock! And I am totally flabbergasted; this entire situation is absolutely unacceptable on every level!! Its just amazing! I think you may need to have at the very least a companywide employees meeting to cool your employees down, clearly theres a reason for their outward total frustration and animosity towards your paying customers, which is cause for concern they are afraid of losing their jobs due to the impending merger! Im pretty sure its seriously affecting your bottom line you need to calm them down and keep them in the loop because as of now wellIt's not at all good guys! I own several businesses myself and I know in the Lynnwood area there is a homeless crisis that is almost getting out of hand affecting all the businesses but for your employees to assume Im a homeless person??? Who is wearing a Rolex watch???! I'm pretty sure the homeless don't own Rolex watches..I mean come on! Not to mention they see me when Im there almost every day!!! I have never had any negative interaction with anybody at any of your stores ever in 50 plus years! Clearly these days your employees behavior is just unbelievable and more than flat out RUDE and scary! Its certainly 100% unacceptable! I herby demand an apology and hope the assist manger is terminated! I need to know what your intentions are to make me whole again! Its not so much about the money its about not only the principal but also the defamation of character coupled with the total Embarrassment I suffered and also, frankly my concerns for everybodys in store safety! Your prompt response to this letter determines my next move to either sustain or move forward with litigation including several charges brought up against your employees individually and together collectively! I assure you my outspoken Social Media presence can and will be heard at every outlet and every level imaginable! This is 2023 and events like this are so unacceptable and in excusable and extremely hard to comprehend!Not to mention its all just so wrong for business on every level! As we all know when your customers that you spend millions on RD and Advertising dollars to gain your customers then for them to see the video of the events that occurred on 01/02 2023 at 4:55PM at Fred Meyers Shopping Center (self checkout stand at the 196th SW. location in Lynnwood WA. 98036) The public will make its judgment call regarding Fred Meyers with their corporate culture that allows for distasteful, disrespectful, dangerous and a outright scary atmosphere! Possibly causing proceedings for the piercing of the corporate shield which as we both know would be devastating to Kroger Inc. and its Shareholders of which I am also a Shareholder! It seems as if a few bad or worried, scared, employees have created an atmosphere where families including with little innocent children go to shop in what was once thought to be a safe environment which as the video shows is clearly anyplace but safe these days Period! I believe we will make the general public think Is it worth shopping in such a hostel and dangerous environment I think most would stay away just when you want to add even more stores as a share holder I have to say this isn't going to be good! With thousands of correctly presented social statements negative reviews, and copies of Krogers response posts etc. circulated all over every branch of social media, newspapers and if necessary, billboard signage! Not to mention the FTC response and rules regarding pending or impending law suits. I think social media can and will warn and alert the general public and all rational thinking peoples to stay away from any stores that may harbor and encourage such a dangerous and hostel atmosphere which may encourage employees to act out in a dangerous manor towards a comprised customer base of any age customers let alone the Elderly, men and women, including with their Grand children! Especially when Kroger's management and corporate culture clearly shows and allows and possibly encourages such poor behavior in a public forum on public accessed premises! Letting employees run rampant with such absurd antics which as we all know is and has never been accepted by any corporation no matter how many stores you may own and operate! As we both know any suit can have a big impact (especially on say a 24 billion dollar acquisition) one would suspect! A copy of this letter may also be going to the SEC and FTC as well depending on Krogers responses! The way I was treated is inexcusable and your Kroger entity needs to address the above many, mentioned issues. Also, Kroger needs to also make me whole again as I did not ask for this situation to occur in any way, shape or form! I am a customer in good standing and have done absolutely nothing wrong, nor did I provoke or insight any such deplorable behavior from your establishment including your employees whatsoever! Your time and consideration in this matter is genuinely appreciated. Once a great customer, Its now up to you Sincerely David Craig

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